Artistic Inspiration

Rating: T

Notes: Rated for implications of sex, and minor/adult relationship.

Summary: Spencer was worried that Carly had been into his room the morning she asked for his help with drawing a bunny. Sam was the reason why. Spam.

Carly was sitting on the couch watching a re-run of Girly Cow, when the elevator opened up on the bottom floor of the Shay's apartment.

"Hey kiddo, you have a good time with Melanie and Sam?"

"Yeah, movie was great. They're back home now, something about meeting their Mom's new boyfriend." Spencer placed his bag of groceries gently on the counter, pulled out a couple cans of Preppy Cola, and flopped down on the couch beside his sister.

"Freddie figure out Melanie was real yet?"

"Actually, Sam told him that she was fake."

"She did?"

"Yeah well, he wouldn't shut up about it. I still don't know why though. I think Sam was just tired of his jabbering. I kept telling him she was real, but he wouldn't believe me, went on and on about Sam kissing him. I guess it's out fault with the whole clown day thing."

"Ya think?"

Carly ignored her brother and continued, "He really didn't like the idea that he kissed Sam. He sent me a text about washing his mouth out with bleach. It's kinda sad, Melanie is a little.. um.. forward with guys she likes. He probably missed out on some fun."

"Whaddya mean?"

"It's nothing really. Nevermind."

"Best album ever!"

"What?" Carly looked at him like he was mad, then turned around. They sat in silence, before Carly piped up again, "It's like.. she'll make out with a guy before she gets to know them." Carly sipped her cola, and went back to watching the tv.

"Sure.. little Miss Carly 'make out with Griffin after knowing him for 15 minutes' Shay."

"Oh. Yeah. Hmm." Carly opened her mouth to argue some, but closed it when she realized she didn't have a valid response. She decided it was pretty unfair of her to think of Melanie that way, when she'd done the exact same thing as well! Plus Freddie was a way nicer guy than Griffin.

"That's what I thought lipsy." Carly reached over and playfully whacked him in the shoulder.

"By the way, Socko called, he said that painting you gave him just sold. You got $50 for it. Whoever bought that must be a real big spender hey?"

Spencer nodded his head. He only gave it to Socko yesterday. The noise from the TV slipped out of his consciousness, as he thought back to the day it was painted.

AN: This is the prologue of a short, 3 chapter fic, written for a Spam prompt on Live Journal. This first and the last chapters will be about 400 words, with the middle roughly 1600. This chapter (and the 3rd) takes place after iTwins.

For those who are concerned about my other story, I've been really sick over the last week and a half and it made it nearly impossible to sleep, constant headaches etc and anything I'd have written would've been complete garbage. I'm better now, so I'll be getting stuck into the next chapter very soon :)

No beta on this, if you spot any errors please tell me.