Chapter Name: Prologue

Notes: This chapter takes place the day before Chapter 1, around the same time as iTwins.

Across town, Sam stood on a chair in her room. In her hand was a brown bag. She had waited a while, until the day Socko had come over to pick up the painting. Her painting. After borrowing her mother's beat up Toyota, Sam had carefully tracked Spencer's friend across town.

Waiting a suitable period of time, she'd crunched across the soft gravel carpark. The old wooden door creaked open, the bell attached above jangling loudly. Sam nodded to the man sitting behind the cashier's desk, presumably the owner who had been convinced to hold the paintings by the friend of Socko.

The first thing to hit her was how incredibly dusty the shop was, and she held back a sneeze before she started to breathe in and out properly. Careful navigation was required to avoid bumping any of the the items on the shelves. They could be worth thousands. Or worth nothing. Sam estimated about half the products on display had no price tag, and a prominent sign on the wall across from the entrance indicated 'Make an Offer!'

An offer she made. The picture hung in a simple wooden frame, she offered $50. It wasn't the only painting on display, but to her it was the best by far.

The owner looked her over, deciding he'd take the money for jam. By the look of the car she'd arrived in, it was unlikely he'd make much more anyway. A quick and easy sale. "That piece just came in, hey, come to think of it, it looks a lot like you hah. Anyway, I'll get you a bag miss."

"Thanks." Sam walked out the door, painting in hand, and returned home.

Carefully, she opened up the sliding cupboard way up above her dresser.

Opening the bag, she took the painting out. Sam studied it for a moment, smiling as she saw the SS signature in the bottom corner, before putting it back inside the bag.

Reaching up, she slid the painting up inside the cupboard, and closed it shut with a bang. Satisfied, Sam jumped off the chair, leaving the painting behind as she left the room, looking forward to seeing Carly and Spencer. Sam was in love with her artist, even if couldn't be together for the moment.

Sam was happy just being his artistic inspiration.


AN: So the end. I hope you liked it :D