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Profitable Affairs

Chapter 1

June 1765, Caribbean Sea

Tanned, ringed fingers brushed over the mahogany desk of the well decorated cabin and dark brown eyes studied the large bed of the room. A slow, appreciative smirk spread upon the pirate's lips at the sight of the beautiful young woman sitting atop the bed, the satin covers of the bed tightly clutched to her naked chest.

"My, my, love. What were you doing with that old bat?" Jack Sparrow asked as he stole a glance to the shaking man who was currently held by two members of his crew.

The woman didn't speak; she only looked at the sword that was pointed at the captive man's neck with fear in her bright blue eyes.

"Captain! Orders." Gibbs said as he entered the cabin, his pistol held tightly in his hand.

"Gather the crew in a boat and take everything that is worth of something onto the Pearl. Then burn the rest." Jack said as he finally removed his hand from the expensive furniture and with a last look at the woman on the bed turned to leave the cabin.

The old man's voice caused him to halt though.

"No! Wait! Please stop!" came the fearful voice and to Jack it resembled the voice of a frog. He slowly turned and regarded the sixty year old man with a raised eyebrow.

"You were going to say something, mate?" he asked impatiently and the man frantically searched his mind for something to say, anything to save his ship from being burned to ashes.

"I am rich! I can give you anything you want!" the man finally stuttered and Jack grinned.

"Is that right? Something as worthy as this?" he asked as he waved his hand around the cabin.

"Yes!" the man blurted and Jack's eyes narrowed in interest.

"What could you possibly have that I might want?" he asked as he took a few steps closer to the shaking man.

"I know who you are." The man said and Jack rolled his eyes.

"Do you now?"

"Yes. You're the one who's been searching for the Fountain of Youth. Jack Sparrow." The man said more confidently and Jack sighed.

"Your point?" Jack asked through gritted teeth.

"I know the map you have doesn't work." The older man said and the woman on the bed watched with wide eyes.

Jack froze momentarily before he took a few steps closer to the man.

"Your name?" Jack hissed as he motioned for his crew members to release the man.

"Spencer Vilmort." The man said as he straightened his robe and looked into Jack's eyes.

"Aren't you the one with that…goods trading business?" Jack said with a raised eyebrow and the man nodded.

"And I suppose that there is your mistress?" Jack said with a smirk and the man's face became red.

"I don't see what that has anything to do with our conversation." Vilmort snapped and Jack shrugged.

"Was just wondering if she was free for the taking, mate." Jack said and the woman gasped loudly. Jack turned towards her with a sneer.

"Do not flatter yourself, love. It's just that I can see that you'd be willing." He said and the woman's eyes widened at his bold words.

Jack chuckled and returned his attention back to the man.

"So? What do you have to offer me in exchange of letting you and your ship be?" the pirate asked and the man swallowed hard.

"The real map to the Fountain." Vilmort said reluctantly and Jack blinked.

"What? Is this kind of a rich man's joke? How could you possibly have the map to the Fountain? And if so how come you've not found it yourself?" Sparrow hissed as he cocked his pistol and pointed to the man's temple.

"I can't!" the man hissed back and Jack's brow furrowed.

"What do you mean you can't?"

"I can't use it! It's not mine to use." Vilmort gasped as Jack pressed the pistol harder against his temple.

"Explain.' He said with impatience.

"The map belonged to my dead wife. Her entire fortune and the map have been passed over to my daughter. My daughter will be able to use everything her mother owned once she's married." The man explained with a scowl and Jack grinned with his head cocked to the side.

"Daughter you say?" he said with a lascivious twitch of his lips.

"Yes." The man said with irritation.

"And that daughter of yours, why is she not married?" Jack asked curiously, half believing the old man's words.

"She's too plain for the suitors' tastes." Vilmort said with a grimace.

"Ah…Not kind enough to compliment your own offspring I see." Jack commented and the man looked at him offended, "However, I do wonder why you're telling me this. From what I figured the map is off limits, isn't it?" he asked.

"Not if you married her." The man blurted out and Jack looked at him impassively for a few seconds later he burst into laughter. He pulled the gun away from the man's head and took a few steps back as his laughter continued.

"I think you've misjudged me for a fool, mate. Why should I ever believe your daft mumblings?" he asked amused.

"Because it's true!" the man said loudly.

"All this for a ship and a few chests of gold? Let's suppose that I do believe you about the map, you'd be willing enough to hand your daughter over to a pirate?" Jack asked thoughtfully and the man nodded.

"If it'd help me get to the source of immortality, then yes." Vilmort answered and Jack's smile froze on his lips. He frowned deeply and took a few steps back.

"Would you now?" Jack murmured out loud as he rolled the idea in his head. Sure, the old man looked quite serious and would he dare risk his life for a ship if he didn't mean what he said? Quickly thinking over the man's offer, he made up his mind.

"Very well. If you prove me that this map does exist we can have an accord, if not well…let's just say that I don't take lies well." Jack said in a low voice as he turned to the woman on the bed.

"Get dressed, lass. You two will be coming with me." He smirked as he called for his first mate.

"Belay what I said before." Jack said once he was in front his first mate.

"We ain't taking the gold?" Gibbs asked confused.

"No, mate. We are taking the gold. Do not destroy the ship. Leave the crew be but tie the ships together. The…gentleman and the lady," Jack said with a smirk as the couple appeared on deck, "will be accompanying us to the Pearl. We have to discuss a few matters." Jack said with a knowing wink and Gibbs nodded.

"Aye, Captain." He said before he started shouting orders to the crew.

"After you." Jack said with a small bow and Vilmort and the girl started walking the plank to get to the Pearl.

Jack placed his pistol in his belt and followed after them, greatly intrigued and satisfied at the surprising turn of events.

"Bloody hell, Jack!" Gibbs exclaimed as he looked at his captain as if he was insane, "Are you out of your mind?" he said and Jack smirked as he sat in his chair, feet outstretched and resting onto the table in front of him.

"I already thought you knew that, mate." He drawled as he took a bite from the apple he held between his fingers.

"You can't trust him! He's lying." Gibbs insisted and Jack sighed.

"I guess we'll have to wait and see if that's so, Gibbs." He muttered and Gibbs' eyes widened.

"You're actually thinking of agreeing to his plan?" he asked shocked.

"Why not? It's the Fountain we want, right? If he's right, we'll be able to find it and use it, mate. He only wants to share. Why deny him?" Jack said with a shrug.

"And what about the girl? How do you know she will agree in a forced marriage with the likes of you?" Gibbs asked, pitying the man's child.

"For what I gather she's not that rebellious. Vilmort described her as sickenly obedient." Jack said with a chuckle.

"Oh, then she's the perfect match for you!" Gibbs said with incredulity and Jack glared at him.

"I do not care about finding me match, Gibbs. I only care about me profit. Romancing is the last thing in me mind at the moment." Jack hissed as he took another vicious bite from the apple.

"I know. You only save romancing for the wrong lasses. More specifically deceitful governors' daughters." Gibbs said with a raised eyebrow, "Everyone knows you're smitten with Turner's lass. You-…"

"That's enough." Jack cut him off angrily as he stood up and glared at him.

"Mention her again and you'll be swabbing the deck for a year, Gibbs." He threatened and Gibbs sighed.

"All I am saying is that agreeing is a completely daft idea." His first mate muttered.

"Let me be the judge of that." Jack snapped as he started pacing his cabin.

"And how will you convince the lass to marry you?" Gibbs asked as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Jack challengingly.

"I can still charm women, Gibbs. I can't only shag whores you know." Jack said with a snarl and Gibbs lowered his head.

"Good Lord…" the older man breathed while shaking his head.

"It's not going to be that difficult…She's almost twenty four and unmarried. How difficult could it be?" Jack asked with a grin and Gibbs already felt sorry for the girl even though he hadn't even met her yet.

"I have to admit that I do feel sorry for her…Her father is willing to sell her out to anyone if it's for his benefit." Jack murmured with his brow creased.

"And yet you're willing to do his bidding." Gibbs said and Jack stopped pacing.

"I am not doing his bidding." He said through gritted teeth, "I am merely making sure that we'll get what we want. Haven't you and the crew been complaining about me inability to care about your piracy needs? Deceiving others is part of a pirate's life and if that girl's father is willing to lie and betray her why should I care, Gibbs?" he asked in a low voice, his bitterness and anger for his own betrayal breaking through the surface at his words.

Gibbs sighed and nodded his head with great reluctance.

"Fine…What you want me to do?" he asked.

"Set a course for Port au Prince." Jack muttered as he grabbed the half empty bottle of rum that was on his desk and took a long sip.

"Aye, Captain." Gibbs said quietly before he turned and exited the cabin, leaving Jack alone with his thoughts along with his bottle of precious rum.

End of chapter 1

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