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Chapter 62

Jack could only groan low in his throat as Mary's lips touched his own. His hands flew up to grasp her slippery arms before he proceeded to pull her to his chest. Her wet body drenched his shirt but he couldn't care less as he snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her up and out of the tub. She squealed against his mouth as he pulled her tightly against his body and her legs curled around his hips for support as he walked backwards blindly. He bumped against the desk and broke from her lips with a curse.

"Bloody hell, I hurt my rump!" he exclaimed and she laughed as she tightened her arms around his neck as he held her.

"Want me to kiss it better?" she asked as she kissed his nose while he glared up at her.

"Actually that's a bloody good idea." He murmured with a grin as he pulled away from the desk with a groan of pain and fell with her on the bunk.

"I'll get the sheets wet." She gasped as he attacked her neck with his lips.

"Well, we have to begin from somewhere, aye?" he chuckled and she blushed as she felt his hand trailing down her thigh. His fingers nudged her legs open and she closed her eyes as his lips brushed her breast. Her skin tingled as his mouth and fingers pressed against her and she moaned softly when his mouth left her breast to cover her lips again. Her hands fisted his shirt and with his help she pulled it over his head. His bare chest pressed against her own and his feet tangled with hers as his tongue tasted the inside of her mouth. Her hips bucked under his and he grunted before he brought one hand to his own breeches. He unfastened them quickly until he was able to push them aside.

"Touch me." He gasped against her lips before he added, "Please."

Mary's eyes widened a bit at the plead but she obliged and he slumped against her with a groan of contentment as his hips rocked against her hand.

"Mmm, you smell nice." He breathed as he nuzzled her neck and nipped at the skin. Mary arched her back as his hand trailed down her stomach before it snaked around her back. He brought her close to his chest while his hand touched and probed between her legs with skill. His lips found her lips once more and she tangled her free hand into his hair, anchoring him to her. Her leg found its way around his waist and he groaned happily into her mouth. Mary broke the kiss to breath and he leaned back so he could look at her. He smiled and reached down to stop the hand that was moving over his flesh.

"I love you too, you know." She breathed as he placed both of her hands on the mattress palms up and nestled between her thighs. His fingers intertwined with hers tightly as he gazed down at her for a while.

"Hmm. And you're about to love me more." He grinned before he pushed his hips forward and covered her lips with his own.

Jack resurfaced and shook water from his hair as he looked up at Mary who was smirking down at him.

"Care to tell me what happened?" she asked and Gibbs shook his head next to her.

"What happened? Me very polite first mate, decided it was funny to throw me hat, me good hat, in the bloody sea!" Jack replied indignantly and she shrugged.

"Maybe you deserved it." She said and he gaped at her.

"I did not! He thought he was being funny." He huffed with annoyance.

Gibbs actually did look a little bit guilty next to her.


"Aye! But I found it!" Jack waved his drenched hat over his head victoriously before he caught the rope they dropped him and started climbing.

Mary chuckled and Gibbs walked away hurriedly as his captain got closer.

"Old bugger." Jack muttered as he watched the retreating back of his first mate with irritation.

"Your good hat?" she asked once he had turned his attention to her, "I didn't know you had any other hats." She pointed out as he wrung water from his favorite hat.

"I don't. But, you can wear it all the time. To formal and…informal events." He winked and she flushed.

"Yes, I do recall that." She mumbled before a peculiar smell reached her nostrils.

"What's that smell?" she asked as she placed a hand over her stomach.

"Eh…fish? The cook's cooking." Jack shrugged as he placed his wet hat on top of his head, mindless of the droplets running down his already soaked face.

Mary stepped closer to him and her nose wrinkled. Her stomach gave a violent lurch and her hand flew to her mouth.

"Okay, I might smell a bit fishy as well since I was in the ocean and all…Love?" he called when she stormed towards the cabin. She flung the door open and she immediately leaned over the chamber pot to empty the contents of her stomach away from prying eyes. She panted and remained there for a few moments before she straightened. Jack went to her once she walked away from the pot and offered her his half empty rum bottle. She took it without a word and took a sip. She rinsed her mouth and then spat it into the chamber pot again.

"Alright?" he asked as his face lost all playfulness. His eyes searched her face before they moved down her body.

"Sorry for that." She murmured as she handed the bottle back and rubbed her stomach.

"What was that?" he asked and she shrugged.

"Perhaps it was something I ate."

"You haven't been eating that much the last couple of weeks." He observed and she swallowed.

"I must be coming down with something." She said quietly and he came closer to her.

"When was the last time you've been on the rug, Mary?" he asked as he locked eyes with her.

"Um…well…I don't remember." She stammered as his hands rubbed her shoulders before they slid down to her hips. His hands rested there for a while before they slipped further down to cover her stomach.

"You're not wearing a corset. Why?" he asked with narrowed eyes and she almost gulped.

"Um, it makes me uncomfortable?" she offered uncertainly as his fingers pressed against her belly.

"Since when?" he asked and she shrugged.

"Since the end of last month." She replied and his eyes blinked rapidly for a few moments.

"I think you're with child." He murmured and she stiffened.

"I…might not be." She quickly said but he was already looking at her funnily.

"I think you are…you are…" he trailed off as he touched her stomach gently.

"I am what?" she asked as she looked down at his hands.

"More rounded." He concluded and she swallowed.

"I was always more rounded." She defended and he smirked.

"You think I don't know that? But this is…different. Admit that you're pregnant."

"I am not sure. I could be…I mean, it's possible." She said as he took his hands away and grasped her fingers between his own.

"How long have you suspected and haven't told me, love?" he asked quietly and she shook her head at the accusation in his eyes.

"Not long. Just a few days." She said and he gazed at her in disbelief.

"Really? I have the suspicion that you've known and you have be afraid to tell me."

"I was not afraid! I wasn't sure…." She trailed off.

"Of how I'd take it."

"No! Yes…I mean I was hesitant. I still am." She sighed and he removed his hands from hers and took a step back.

"I don't want you to be afraid of me. I want you to tell me things." He said and she fidgeted nervously.

"I am not afraid of you…I just…I know you and this…" she fought to find the right words.

"You thought I'd be mad if I found out you were pregnant. Don't deny it." He warned and she could do nothing else but nod.

"Yes, but you've forgotten that I feel whatever you feel. I had sensed that something was wrong. You are right. I am mad but not for the reason you feared." He stated before he turned to walk to his desk.

"What?" she asked confused, "Why are you mad?"

"Because you didn't open up to me! What did you think I'd do? Remove the babe from your belly meself?" he threw his hands up in the air.

"No! I just didn't know you would be supportive. That's all. I can see that I was wrong."

"Yes, you were wrong! Just like you were wrong about my desire to keep searching for the Fountain, when I've specifically clarified to you that I no longer want to do so." He snapped and she covered her face with her hands.

"Okay." She relented quietly, "I am sorry." She murmured as she looked up at him.

"Yeah, well you should be. I'll be on watch." He muttered before he walked out of the cabin and shut the door behind him.

Mary collapsed in a heap on the bunk with a deep sigh.

Mary felt Jack lie on the bed next to her and she waited for him to settle down before she slowly turned to face him. She slid closer and placed a hand on his warm chest.

"Still mad at me?" she asked and he sighed.

"No…sad." He said as he placed his hand on top of hers on his chest.

"I'm sorry." She said again as he looked down at her. His mouth twitched as he lifted his hand to caress her nose with the tip of his finger.

"Who knew it'd come the day when you'd have to apologize to me." He chuckled and she smiled. She bit her lip as he turned onto his side so he could face her properly. He wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her closer as he pressed a kiss on her forehead.

"Are you sure it's mine?" he asked as he hid a grin against the top of her head.

"What?" she gasped and he fought hard not to laugh.

"The babe. You sure it's mine?"

"How dare you-…" she stopped when she noticed his grin, "You're awful. That was not funny." She nestled her head into the crook of his neck with a pout.

They remained there for a while until Mary started squirming. She groaned and placed a hand on her abdomen.

"What is it?" Jack asked alarmed and she frowned.

"Just…something hurt there for a minute." She murmured as she touched her stomach. Jack's hand joined her own on her stomach until she gasped.

"Ow!" she cried out in pain.

Jack's hand immediately went down and pushed her nightdress out of the way. He sat up and she parted her legs. Red had stained the sheets and her clothing.

"Bugger." Jack hissed as he looked at the droplets of blood that were staining the plain white sheet.

"Is it…?" Mary's eyes were wide as she looked at the blood.

"I am not sure. Wait. I'll call Gibbs. He'll know. Don't move!" Jack leaped from the bed and left the cabin, shirtless and barefoot.

Jack tucked the covers around Mary's sleeping form and looked at Gibbs.

"Are you sure she's fine?" he asked gruffly and the other man nodded.

"Just a bit of blood. I think she'll be just fine."

"Bloody hell…" Jack whispered as he walked to his desk, "I almost had a heart attack." He whispered as he sat down.

"That much, eh?" Gibbs asked with a smile and Jack looked up at him sharply.

"That much what?"

"That much you love her." Gibbs said plainly and Jack's eyes widened.

"Never use the L word! How many times must I tell you?" he said and Gibbs chuckled.

"She is fine. I've seen things like that before. She just needs to rest. Did you upset her in any way?"

"No!...I might have." He confessed with a sigh, "But I really want that babe." He said quietly.

"I can see that." Gibbs said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"So what…now? What do I do? Please don't tell me I have to feed her for the next eight months on that bed!"

"I think you might just have to. I'm off to bed!" Gibbs said cheerily as he turned and walked away.

Jack glared at his retreating back before he looked back at Mary who had her eyes open and was looking at him sleepily.

"Ah!" he yelped when he found her wide awake. She chuckled and he huffed.

"I thought you were asleep." He said and she shrugged.

"You said something about feeding me in bed?" she asked innocently and he sighed.

"You heard that." He pouted.

"Yes. I also heard that you want the baby."

"I do. I'll finally have me own heir! Captain Jack Sparrow's heir! Has a nice ring to it, has it not?" he asked as he stood up and sauntered over to her.

"It sure does." She smiled.

"I might just make me own pirate army. We can start with this one and then…" He grinned as he covered her body with his own and leaned to kiss her gently, "What says you to twins?" he smirked as he looked at her. She stared back at him before she burst into laughter at his suggestion.

"I say we'd have to do a lot of trying." She said and his eyes twinkled.

"No problem, kitten. No problem at all." He breathed before he pressed his lips against hers again.

The End.

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