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Bold means a change in location and/ or time or time period. Italics are thoughts or Sesshomaru's inner demon talking, or flashbacks. ** Movements in songs

The Rocker and the Businessman

Chapter 1: Trouble Ahead.


"What is it, dad?"

"You have been betrothed!"

"DAD! Why can't I choose?"

"Because, it's my job to choose. And my best friend's older daughter is a perfect match."

"Dad, this is stupid."

"Sesshomaru, son. You have to do this."

"I know dad, I know."

*the Higurashi Household*

"Mom! This sucks! You can't just go around arranging marriages!"

"I can and I will", Syria said," you have no right to tell me what I can and can't do, Kagome."

"What-Ever mother." Kagome groaned, shrugging her leather jacket covered shoulders

"Now, Kagome, you need to get decent. We are having an engagement party in 2 hours. You'll meet him then.

"God mom, I am decent." Kagome argued, looking down at her black shorts and band t-shirt.

"You are in inappropriate clothing for this event."

"Wow mom, wow. You're starting to sound like the ice prick. Are you sick?" Kagome said, feeling her mother's forehead.

"Kagome!" a man said, looking somewhat familiar, coming in.

"Well hey there stranger. Nice of you to visit little old me." Kagome laughed.

"Don't be like that. Dad and Ice prick sent me away."

"Oh! Poor Inu!" kagome said sarcastically.

"Yeah. Poor Inu…" Inuyasha said, his doggie ears drooping.

Kagome laughed and hugged him; she hadn't seen Inuyasha in about 2 years, when his father sent him to America to go to business school.

"Okay, little rebel in training; I have come to see you get decent." He playfully scolded.

"Fine!" Kagome sighed. As she walked upstairs she heard him make his favorite food, Ramen. She came down the stairs wearing a deep red floor length corseted strapless dress; she brought black peep toe heels and silver hoops down with her. Inuyasha was shocked to see that the skater girl he left grew up into a beautiful woman.

"What? This is fancy, right?"

Kagome's mother came up and said, "You might want pants, its cold."

"Okay, fine then." Kagome huffed; she went back upstairs and came back hotter, if that was even possible. She was in black skinny jeans and just to make her mother mad, a red tank top that stayed just above her pierced belly button and tattooed hip. She was holding a leather jacket and keys.

"I'll meet you there mom! I'm riding the bike!"

"Kagome!" Kagome's mom scolded.

"I have my helmet Ma!"

"no. bike." Kagome's mom said, curtly.

Kagome ignored her mother, "Bye mom! Bye Inu!" she yelled as she started up her bike and drove away. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru walked outside the restaurant called Olive Grove with his father and cousin, Kouga.

"So where is this chick?" Kouga asked.

"My imbecile of a half brother has gone to get her."

"Son. Just be aware the she is a lot different from you." Inutashio said.

"Father, how bad could she be?"

Just then a black and red Harley Davidson roared up. The rider pulled off her helmet and shook out her long black hair. A silver Volvo pulled up pulled after and parked next to it. The girl on the bike walked up to them.

"So…my mom told me that 2 men and a boy would be waiting for us here. Glad I found them."

"I'm Inutashio Takahashi. This is my son, Sesshomaru and my nephew, Kouga."

Kagome smiled, "hi." She said, looking at Kouga and Inutashio. Sesshomaru raised his eyebrow. Suddenly Kagome's mom and Inuyasha got out of the car.

"Sakura! Glad that you could make it!" Inutashio said, bursting forward.

"Oh Tashio. So am I, but not before my daughter." She replied.

Inuyasha left Sakura's side to join his cousin, brother and renewed crush on the other side of his father. He saw normal expressions for Sesshomaru and Kagome. Boredom. Missing the slight lust and confusion in his brother's eyes, Inuyasha turned his eyes on Kouga. He was looking at Kagome, his eyes wide and lust full, his mouth was open, as he stared at Kagome's body.

"Okay, junior." Kagome said, looking at Kouga, "maybe when you get a little bigger 'Kay? Maybe when I'm bored or something."

"Yes, mistress." He said, dazed.

"Oh you must think you're so hot, right?"

Kouga was so mesmerized, that he said things that you could never say to Kagome. He replied, "Yeah. My muscles are my best feature."

"Oh?" Kagome asked, trying not to laugh.

"Yeah, and my package." He said, winking.

"HA!" Kagome laughed, "I'm sure any girl would love to be your tighty whities!"

Inuyasha snickered. It was the same old Kagome, smart, cunning, and armed with great comebacks and snarky wit. She was strong, physically and mentally. She wasn't his rebel-in-training anymore, she was a full on rebel. Like Joan Jett. A runaway at heart. He remembered how it was before he left; they were always getting into trouble. And laughing about it. Sneaking out to raves, or just hanging out at the park. She'd gotten her first illegal tattoo with him. The small heart with a dagger going through it was on her left hip; just above the bone. Then her second tattoo, out of the 5, she'd gotten while with him too. The three stars around her wrist matched the stars on his left and if they put their wrists next to each other the half star on either side would be completed. They were close, and tried to stay close when he went to America. They loved each other. Most of their firsts', they had together. They told each other everything.

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