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The Rocker and the Businessman.

Chapter 5: Talks

"Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

"It's okay, Inu. I'll talk to him." Kagome whispered.

"Okay." Inuyasha said, kissing her head. As he got up to go, Sesshomaru couldn't take it anymore. Right as Inuyasha reached the door, Sesshomaru burst in.

"Sorry, I'm a little impatient. This is really important." He said, ushering Inuyasha out of the room.

Kagome wiped her eyes and spoke, "what did you need Sesshomaru?"

"to talk to you. My father….this plan…it's-"

"Don't say it.", Kagome interrupted, "I get it. You've always wanted to prove something. That you could get, what your brother could. Not necessarily me but anything."

Sesshomaru sighed. She was right, after being the oldest his life was pretty meaningless. Though he felt for his brother, he longed for the things he had. Inuyasha had great friends, a mother, and a chance to do whatever he wanted; be a risk taker. Most of all, he had Kagome. Kagome was the best thing that had happened to the both of them. He had to pretend that he wasn't interested. Then his father came up with this plan. It made him sick, to have to trick her. Kagome turned to him, and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Sesshomaru, I forgive you." She whispered.

"Why?" Sesshomaru said quietly.

"Because. I've really gotten to know you over these years. I can see what you're thinking now. We're friends, Sessh. I'm sorting out other things that may be forming. I don't know why father did this to us, but we'll be okay." Kagome reasoned, laying her head on his chest. It was silent for a while.

"Hmm, I miss this. Just us, together, not saying anything." Kagome sighed.

"yeah?" Sesshomaru replied, wondering where this was going.

"yeah. But you know what I would like better?"

"No, what?" Sesshomaru asked.

"This." Kagome said, promptly kissing him. She went to pull away when Sesshomaru lifted her up a little bit, so they had better access to each other. Kagome moaned in his mouth when their tongues battled for dominance. They broke apart panting.

"you know, I think you are right," Sesshomaru said, taking in Kagome's hooded eyes and swollen lips, "that is much better."

"mmmm, see I told you." Kagome replied.

"how right you were, Kagome, how right you were."

Kagome sighed an laid on her futon. Sesshomaru went to join her when there was a voice at the door.

"Awe, how very sweet." The voice said.

"weren't you ever taught that its rude to linger in doorways, Bankotsu?" Sesshomaru asked, pulling Kagome up.

"Well well well; look at what we've got here. Kagome's forgiving the one person who doesn't deserve it?

"I'm not forgiving you, am i?" Kagome shot back.

"What a witty whore you are, Kagome," Bankotsu sneered, "Beautiful."

Sesshomaru opened hi mouth but Kagome beat him to it.

"Can you get the hell out of my face? We're over and now I see who you really are!"

"And what's that?"

"A monster. Who used a 14 year old girl in her hardest time! I needed someone to hold me and tell me it was going to be okay so I could be strong for my 10 year old brother." Kagome said calmly, squeezing Sesshomaru's hand tightly. He squeezed back, just as hard, reassuring her.

"I see. This isn't over, Kagome, your gonna want me back. I know it. You are mine." Bankotsu sneered, leaving the room.

"Kagome are you alright?" Sesshomaru asked, turning to her.

"yes, I'm alright. I just realized what a huge mistake I made when I was younger. You were there. You're the one who didn't push me to talk after my father died. You're the one who didn't push me to do anything. You just held me, told me it was going to be okay, and made me strong for Souta. It was all you."

"No Kagome. You were already strong, I just helped you see it."

Kagome smiled, "Thank you Sesshomaru."

"I'm going to protect you, Kagome. If you will let me."

"Are you asking me out?" Kagome laughed

"Only if you want to I mean-"Sesshomaru said nervously.

"Calm down, of course I'll go out with you, be your girlfriend and all that."

Sesshomaru smiled.

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