Rays of sunlight stabbed through the curtains. The soft gleam of sunshine danced across Zexion Snow's face. Ice blue eyes fluttered open as his alarm clock began to sing. The first day of school had arrived and he was definitely not ready.

Summer vacation had been amazing. He got to get away from all the bullies and creeps that annoyed him during school. He was surrounded by people that actually wanted him there and he was with the people he loved, but that beautiful utopia was gone now and hell had risen again.

Unwillingly, he got out of bed and dragged himself to the closet. Vexen, his adoptive father, had already picked out his outfit for the first day of school. Of course the blond haired man picked something out that didn't symbolize Zexions personality at all. That was probably for the better. Maybe he wouldn't be bullied as much if he didn't express himself.

He completely ignored the outfit that Vexen had picked out for him and pulled out his black skinny jeans, short sleeved black t-shirt, a black jacket and his fingerless black gloves. He quickly slipped them on and searched for his black converse shoes. He was always losing them in his extremely messy room. After searching for about ten minutes he finally found them in the bathroom and slipped them on.

He headed downstairs where he was greeted by his sister, Larxene. She was really Vexen's biological sister, but Zexion had always thought of her as a sister ever since Vexen had adopted him.

"Hey Zex ready for school?" Larxene asked.

"No, but I have no choice," Zexion replied, putting some waffles in the toaster.

"Look on the bright side Zex, Vexen was transferred to your school and you kinda made some friends last year," she said, patting him on the shoulder.

"Vexen will be too busy working to talk and those 'friends' I made last year were nothing but stupid teenagers that were mocking me."

"Not all of them were mocking you."

"Whatever. Either way I don't intend on befriending them this year."

"Fine do what you want."

"I will." He grabbed his waffles and took a triumphant bite before sitting down at the kitchen table. Larxene rolled her eyes and continued applying her make up, waiting for Vexen to come running down the stairs.

Seconds later a very frantic blond came running down the stairs. He was dropping papers and his dress shirt had a few buttons open. That could only mean one thing. Vexen's boyfriend slept over last night.

"Hey Vex!" Larxene said, "did you boooyfriend come over last night?"

"Yes he did and he kept me up all night!" Vexen said, trying to catch the falling papers while buttoning up his shirt.

"Ooo did you have fun?"

"Shut up and help me!"

"Fine geez!"

Larxene went over to her brother and crouched down to pick up the falling papers. She gathered them up and neatly put them in a perfect pile before handing them to Vexen.

"So what DID you and your boyfriend do last night and when are we going to meet this guy! We don't even know his name!" Larxene barked at her brother.

"We talked and watched a movie. You'll meet him when I decide you meet him and his name is Marluxia. Happy now?" Vexen said.

"Is he cute? Is he funny? C'mon Vex details!"

"Larxene this isn't the time for this! We're all going to be late!"

"But Vexen I gotten make sure this guy is not some creepy rapist!"

"For the love of god! You and Zexion get into the car and wait for me!"

"Can I drive today?"

"NO! GO!"

"Sheesh! Fine no need to be cranky."

Larxene dragged Zexion towards the car and waited impatiently for Vexen. She kept beeping the horn every few seconds, which was driving Vexen crazy. If there was one thing he couldn't stand it was his sister. She was the most annoying and irritating girl he had ever met, but he loved her...kind of.

He quickly gathered the rest of his things and headed out to the car. Larxene had the music blasted to a volume that not even Vexen could endure. He quickly turned it down as he sat in the driver's seat.

"You alright back there Zexion?" Vexen asked, adjusting his mirrors and starting the car.

"I'm fine," the bluenette said, opening up his favorite book and slipping on his black plastic framed glasses.


They pulled out of the driveway and began their journey to what Zexion liked to call 'hell on Earth'.


When they got out of the car, they all scattered to their classes. Vexen headed to the principal's office to get a map of the school, Larxene went to meet up with her friends and Zexion was left alone in the hallway. He decided to sit down in the hallway next to his class and continue reading.

Everything was alright so far. No bullies had come up to him yet and no one was bothering him. No one even noticed him there. He didn't move until the bell rang, signaling the students to run to their classes before they were late.

The classroom was the same as last year. Same white walls and same blue tiled floors. Nothing ever changed in this poor excuse of a school. He couldn't wait to leave this hell hole forever.

"Alright students take your seats," the teacher said as the final bell rang, "I'm Mr. Lexeuas Dou and I'm you're Earth Science teacher. Don't fool around in my classroom and we'll get along just fine."

"Aww we actually have to be good? That's no fun," the voice a seat behind Zexion said.

"Well if you don't want to fail my class Axel Kagi then you'll have to be good."

"Tch. That's not fun at all," Axel said, looking bored.

"Sometimes we must do things that aren't fun in order to succeed in life. Now please be quiet and get your feet off the desk next to you."

"Fine whatever you say teach."

Zexion was in shock. He had never seen a student be so disrespect to a teacher before. Everyone in Twilight High was perfect angels towards the teachers. Well...everyone except for a group of gothic and emo kids. Zexion had never met or seen any of them, but he had heard stories about them from Larxene. Apparently they were a group of kids that got into trouble on a regular basis and they're parents weren't super rich like the rest of the parents of the other students.

Suddenly the name Axel Kagi rang a bell. He definitely remembered Larxene mentioning him when she was talking about that group. Axel was definitely a part of that group and he was the one who had gone to jail countless times. He was also the one who liked to pray on innocent younger teens.

Zexion shuddered at the thought of being his victim. He felt bad for the poor soul that fell victim to Axel's shenanigans.

Zexion looked around the room to see if he could figure out if any of the other people from that group were here. It shouldn't be that hard to figure it out. He looked around the room, observing everyone's outfits and behavior. He could only spot one other student that fit the description of a gothic or emo teenager.

He was a blond haired boy with blue eyes like the ocean. He seemed like he was the quiet type and looked as if he didn't want to be bothered by anyone. Zexion did notice the boy making small glances towards Axel.

Looks like Axel has his pray. Poor boy Zexion thought, eyes looking back towards the board. He wasn't even really paying attention to Mr. Dou's lesson. It was going into one ear and out the other. He just couldn't concentrate with Axel right behind him. Who knew what he would do in class? He had no boundaries. What if he randomly decided to assault someone in the middle of class?

Suddenly the bell rang. That wasn't right; the period didn't end for another 23 minutes. What was going on? Everyone in the class got up and followed Mr. Dou out into the hall and then outside. Zexion immediately put the hood to his jacket up once he was in the sun's view. His eyes were very sensitive to the sun and he burned very easily.

The moment that everyone reached the grass they sat down. Zexion glanced over towards Axel and the blond haired boy. Axel was already making a move on the poor blond teen. Zexion knew that was coming. The moment that the blond looked in Axel's direction he had sealed the deal.

"Hey! Zexion!" Axel called. The bluenette flinched and looks towards the redhead. What the hell does that weirdo want from me? He thought, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"What?" Zexion asked quietly, dreading what the freak had to say to him.

"C'mere," Axel said.


"Just come here."

Sighing, the emo walked over to the freak gothic kid. He looked at Axel, wondering if this was going to turn into a practical joke for his amusement.

"Sit," Axel said.


"Geez do you always gotta ask questions? Just sit!"


He looked around, suspecting that a whoopee cushion or some other childish play toy was somewhere near him. After examining the ground he finally sat down, looking at both him and the blond next to him.

"...So did you want me for something?" he finally asked after minutes of silence.

"Yeah I wanted you to sit with us," Axel simply explained, tearing at the grass beneath him.

"But why?"

"Do I really need a reason? Maybe I just wanted you to sit with us."

"But you only sit with...your kind."

"My kind?" Axel snorted, "You mean the Goths and emo's?"


"I don't know if you've noticed or not, but you're kinda emo."

"So? Doesn't mean I'm like you guys."

"Kinda does."

"How does dressing and acting like an emo make you like a group of students that disrespect teachers and do bad things?"

"Not ALL of us do bad things. We all disrespect teachers but that's just because teachers are douche bags that want to control everything."

"...my father is a science teacher."

"Oh...ehehe sorry. No offense to your dad...unless he IS a douche bag."

"No he is not a douche bag. He's actually really nice and fun."

"Good for you! Anyway I've noticed that you're ALWAYS alone."

"...not always..."

"You've been alone since freshman year. I've never seen you hang out with anyone"

"...how could you possibly know that I've been alone since freshman year?"

"I know for a fact that you don't have any friends except for that blond haired girl, Larxene."

"Ok so I don't have any friends except for Larxene. So what? Why do you care?"

"Want to start hanging with us?"

"...Why on Earth would I do that?"

"Because we're fun, cool and you'll never have a boring day ever again."

"You guys aren't cool and I doubt you're fun. From what I've heard you guys do nothing but get into trouble."

"Yeah, getting into trouble is fun. The rush of doing something bad is great."

"I highly doubt that."

"Did you ever get into trouble?"


"Then how do you know if it's good or not?"

"...I guess I don't..."

"Exactly. So how about you start hanging with us? You'll meet the rest of the group tomorrow."

"...Fine, but only because I'm curious to know what you guys do."

"Suuure. OH! By the way, wanna know why the fire alarm rang?"

"Let me guess. One of your friends pulled the alarm?"

"Yep. That's what happens when Demyx gets bored during class."

"Who's Demyx?"

"You'll find out tomorrow."


"Good. Now c'mon, looks like we're heading back inside."

Zexion got up, brushing off the back of his pants as he began to walk with Axel and his very quiet companion. The blond boy never spoke a word. It was as if he was afraid to speak.

"Um...excuse but what's your name?" Zexion asked the blond boy as they walked back to the building.

"Roxas," the blond said, smiling a little. For the first time Zexion felt like someone was actually happy to see him. The smile on Roxas' face was so genuine and welcoming.

"I'm Zexion...oh wait you already knew that."

"Yes, but it's still nice that you introduced yourself."

"Dad raised me to have good manners."

"I can tell. You're very polite to the teachers."

"Is that bad?"

"No. I'm polite to them too."

"But I thought all of you hated teachers."

"I'm only polite to the ones that are nice and fun. There aren't a lot of those kinds of teachers in this school."

"Yeah I know. Most of the teachers here are so dull and boring."

"Ha! I knew it! You DON'T like the teachers here!" Axel said, going in between the two teens.

"I never said I DID like them," Zexion said.

"He's right Axel," Roxas said, blushing as the redhead wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Ah whatever, doesn't matter if he admitted it or not," Axel said, pulling Roxas closer, "all that matters is that he doesn't like most of the teachers. The group will like him."

"I'm sure they will. Demyx will definitely like teasing him," Roxas stated.

"Who IS Demyx?" Zexion asked again.

"Geez Zex, impatient much? You'll find out tomorrow!" Axel said, "Right now just try and survive the school day."

"Easier said than done," Zexion said, walking back into the classroom.

"I like him already," Axel said, following the bluenette and dragging Roxas along with him.

what did I just get myself into? Zexion thought.