Not a sound echoed in the dark room as the blue haired teen quietly sat on his bed, the mattress hissing at him as he did. He stared at the box on his lap, gently stroking a thumb over the decorative wooden box.

He lifted the top and looked inside, a small smile painted on his face as he let memories overflow his mind and wipe out any other thoughts. He carefully picked up a photo of a man and lovingly touched his smiling face.

"You were most likely fooling me from the beginning...," the teen spoke aloud, "On some level I knew...and yet...I still fell for you."

He placed the photo next to him and brought his attention back to the box. Digging through the many papers, he fished out a laminated ID and lanyard. He gazed in disgust at the ID that was supposed to open the doors to many opportunities. At the time he had been a naïve intern and had no knowledge of the evils of this world.

He set the ID next to the photo and continued digging through papers. Most of them had been old reports, notes and theories, but they meant nothing to him now. The only papers he did care about were the ones at the very bottom of the box, underneath a secret compartment.

He lifted the false bottom and carefully picked up the crinkled papers. Tears began to fill his eyes as he stared at them. They were old love letters. Love letters that were written by Xemnas.

Wiping his eyes, he smoothed out the papers and began to read every word.

Dear Saïx,

It appears that you have been killing any logical and rational thought and replacing them with thoughts of you. Every day I find myself staring into space and just thinking about you and your smile. It makes me kind of happy to think about you (mostly because I get to think of someone who is truly beautiful), but at the same time it frightens me. The feelings that you make me feel are something that I have never experienced before and I don't know how to deal with them. I really hope you know what you have done to me...wait that sounded kind of mean. Don't read that line. Anyway…I hope you're doing well. This is probably the worst love letter ever so you can go ahead and burn it if you want.

Love Xemnas.
….I think I might love you….

New tears formed and slowly fell down Saïx's cheeks as he re-read the words over and over again. Although he was crying, he couldn't help but smile at Xemnas' words. At the time they seemed so genuine, but now those words were coated in poison because of the image of Xemnas that was burned into Saïx's mind.

Although he didn't want to, he knew he had to burn this letter. It would bring too much pain to him and would only keep him from moving on. So why couldn't he bring himself to do? He couldn't do anything but stare at the letter and the others just like it. He couldn't burn these. It was all he had left of Xemnas besides the photo he had placed on his bed.

"...I hate you..." Saïx said to the letter. More tears began to brim in his golden eyes. Gripping the paper he choked out a sob, "I fucking hate you! How DARE you write such sweet words! How fucking dare you! You did nothing but bring me pain from the very beginning! I was nothing to you and yet you were everything to me! I loved you...I fucking loved you!"

Burying his face in his hand, he sobbed and let the tears flow freely. The letters scattered to the ground as he brushed them off in anger and banged his fist into the mattress.

"This isn't fair! I don't understand anything anymore! You're gone! I should be happy and yet you've managed to take my whole world with you!" He slowly hugged himself around the waist and rocked back and forth, trying to tame his emotions. He sobbed hard as the words from the letters echoed in his head.

Looking back now he wished he had never became an intern at that horrid place. He wished he had never met Xemnas during that internship. He wished that he had never fallen for his empty sweet words. He wished that he had never been chosen to be strapped down to a table while some sick scientists turned him into the very things they were trying to destroy.

His whole body ached. It shook with frustration, sorrow and anger and no matter what he did he couldn't stop the sobbing and crying. He almost wished he would die right there, but there was still too much to live for.

He glared at the items on the ground and bed and then proceeded to scooping them up and slamming them into the trash bin. He walked back over to the box and kicked it as hard as he could towards the wall. The once beautifully decorative box shattered into small woodchips on impact and left behind a small black notebook.

Confused and curious, Saïx walked over and picked up the book. It was leather and bore the name 'Xemnas' in golden script letters. He had never seen the book in his entire life and didn't have the slightest idea of how it got into that box.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he slowly opened the book and began to read.


Thank you for loving me.


Saïx stared at the words for what felt like hours. It was such a simple and short letter and yet it was probably the one that meant the most. Even though Xemnas was a horrific person and he had caused him so much pain, he still knew how Saïx felt and thanked him. It was at that moment that Saïx realized how sad, lonely and empty Xemnas must have felt. Had he not been driven to insanity, perhaps life could've provided them with a happy ending.

He held the book close and stood there in silence, letting the last of his tears fall and letting the last of his sorry, hatred and pain go with those tears. Xemnas was gone. Their story was over and now it was time to start a new one.


The moment everyone saw Zexion they jumped out of their chairs and got into battle formation, but when the young teen didn't attack they slowly put their guards down and stared at him.

"...Zex? Are you done being bat shit insane?" Axel slowly asked.

"Yeah, he's back to normal," Demyx explained.

"Oh...well that's great! How?" Xigbar asked.

"We were hoping you could tell us that," Zexion said.

Crossing his arms in his chair, Xigbar sighed and kicked over a chair to Zexion, "Sit down vampire boy. Time for some friendly interrogation. Everyone else but Demyx, get the fuck out."

The group reluctantly scurried out of the room and left the three of them alone. Xigbar took a long hard look at Zexion; it was almost as if he were trying to see through a mask that wasn't there.

"...So do I even have to ask what happened last night?" Xigbar asked, looking at the two of them. A slight blush coated Zexion's cheeks as he stared at the ground. Xigbar smirked and gave a wink at Demyx, "So you two had sex last night. Did you bite each other?"

"Uh...yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?" Demyx asked.

"...Well It has to do with everything actually. The reason why Zexion isn't going all Kill Bill on us anymore is because you performed a mating ritual."
"...A what?" Zexion asked.

"A mating ritual. It's pretty rare for that to happen actually. Not a lot of vampires find their 'soul mate'," The one-eyed man scratched the back of his head and leaned back in his chair, "So let me explain this to you. When a vampire is made they have a master, in this case Xemnas was Zexion's master. When we killed him, Zexion responded to that with anger, hatred and the thirst for revenge. When you perform a mating ritual the loyalty for your master goes right out the window and is focused on your mate instead. By doing the mating ritual you basically saved Zexion from living his whole life worshipping Xemnas."

"'s over?" Zexion asked.

Xigbar leaned forward towards Zexion and smiled at him, "It's over buddy. You don't have to worry about Xemnas anymore. You don't have to worry about vampire hunters coming to get you and your friends and now you have a mate that will stand by your side forever. Pretty damn good deal if you ask me."

Zexion stared at the man in disbelief. The craziness was finally over. Yes he was a vampire now, but he could finally start living a somewhat normal life again. He didn't have to worry about being kidnapped and tortured or worry about his loved ones being killed. He was finally free.


"Oh for the love of god Vexen! Get out of the boy's way and let him go graduate!" Marluxia shouted, pulling his husband away from the teenager.

"Wait! The tassel isn't on the right side!" Vexen shouted.

"I think he can handle it! Run Zex! Go now before he tries to fix your tie!" Marluxia warned him, hugging the blond around the waist tightly and dragging him to their seats.

Zexion rushed off towards the chairs filled with the other graduates. His stomach bubbled with an uncontrollable excitement and nervousness. It was the day of graduation and he was the valedictorian. For the past week he had written speech after speech after speech, but none of them felt write. He finally decided to take a page out of Axel's book and say 'fuck it! I'll wing it'.

After finding his friends he ran down the row and found an empty chair. He wasn't surprised to see that Axel had his gown unzipped and his hat worn askew. He looked at the others and noticed that they all looked pretty nice. He had half expected them to come in all gothic attire and not wear their cap and gown.

"You ready?" Roxas asked with a smile.

"Y-Yeah," Zexion replied.

"Nervous?" The blond asked, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"A little."
"You'll do great."
"...Thanks Roxas."

"Roxy stop flirting with my boyfriend!" Demyx shouted.

"Oh shut up Demyx. No one wants to flirt with your nerd," Axel replied.

"How could you say such hurtful things Axel!?" Zexion shouted, feigning hurt.

The teachers glared at the group and shushed at them; it only made them laugh louder, but eventually they did settle down when the ceremony started. The grey haired teen did nothing throughout the beginning, but squirm in his chair impatiently. After what felt like years, they announced him and he made his way to the stage. He couldn't help but notice Marluxia and Vexen with the video camera.

"...Welcome! I am going to be one hundred percent honest. I did not write a speech nor did I memorize one. I tried many times to write one, but all of them didn't feel right. So I decided to forget the formalities and just speak from the heart." The teen paused and took a moment to collect his thoughts and control his breathing, "In freshmen year I was constantly bullied and had no friends. I was the weird nerd in the corner reading a book while everyone else hung out with their friends. This continued until one day I was put into a classroom with an idiotic teenager named Axel. He was a disrespectful, cocky teenager that will always hold a special place in my heart because he was my first friend."

He glanced at the fiery redhead and smirked at him. Of course the teen replied with a middle finger, but Zexion knew it was out of love.

"Axel then introduced me to a whole group of people who I would have never even looked at before. At the time I had no idea how amazing and special they would all be to me. Every day I learned something new about them and every day I grew to love them more. Especially a specific one. I'm sure you all know who it is. It isn't exactly a secret."

The chorus of laughter coming from the audience caused the teen to slightly relax and take a breather. He couldn't believe he was telling them all this.

"...Unfortunately the happiness and laughter didn't last of our dear friends went missing and although she did come back to us...her sister unfortunately died. After that everything went wrong at once. It literally fell like hell on Earth, but even though we went through all the pain and the sorrow and the anger, we are still okay and we are still here. I guess what I'm trying to say is always remember that whenever times are bad and you feel like the world is ending and you feel like you are in the darkness, there were will always be light. You just have to keep walking to get to it. So before I say congratulations to our class, I would like to just say thank you. Thank you Uncle Vexen, Aunt Larxene, Marluxia, my dear friends and Demyx, for pulling me out of that darkness and bringing me towards the light. Congratulations!"

With those words Zexion headed back to his seat and was greeted by his supportive friends. Some were crying, others were teasing him for being a sensitive nerd, but the only thing he was focused on was how far he had come. It felt like he was a little kid only yesterday and now he was graduating. Everything that had happened felt like it was just a dream, but he knew it wasn't. This was real. He was really here. He was really with an amazing group of friends and he was really in love with his amazing boyfriend.

If his former self could look in the future and see him now, he would ask what he had gotten himself into, but that Zexion was dead and was reborn into a better one. He will never forget the tears and horrors he had experienced, but he will also never forget the amazing times he had. He had decided a while ago that he is going to live his life to the fullest, even though it'll most likely last centuries, and everything that had happened to him will just be everyone's dark secret.

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