Chapter 3:

Psy-War...Tau'ri Style! (...After a Fashion)

SG-1 Procedure-

Stage 1: Plan it out...

It would take at least a week before Jack O'Neill and SG-1's scheming could be fully finalized but that didn't it mean that friendlies were immune...

Jennifer recognized a specific chill running down her spine...Dad was up to his usual childish/insane, I'm-going-to-pawn-their-brains-out-of-their-skulls schemes again...then a sudden…and different…chill ran down her spine, engaging the neural interface, she finds her dad AND Teal'c...heading straight for the armory!


Meanwhile, SG-1 have taken their scheming or in this case, their head-scratching as this was a tough assignment to plan and iron out, to their favorite locales aboard the Achilles, specifically the firing range, laboratory and library, keeping connected via a private conference channel even as they shoot, tinker and research...

Jack and Teal'c take aim from their respective firing stations as holographic targets in the shape of their old 'friends' Anubis, Baal and Ra, though technically Ra got 'nuked' from the get-go, more-or-less, by Jack's team in the initial mission to Abydos; it was Ra after who started the whole damn mess in the first place.

A storm of laser fire pour out from both weapons, finger-thin for Jack's Battle Rifle, two-fingers-thick for Teal'c's GPMG, the targets snap on and off as the bolts of energy hit straight and true, a high-pitch whine fills the air of the firing range but no one is bothered by it as it was mandatory to wear helmets when in the armory area as there was a multitude of weapons being fired, often for practice, testing, competition or just for the fun of it. Jack taps a control on the nearby holo-panel with his elbow, causing his targets to move in random directions, flicking a control lever, Jack switches from auto to burst fire mode, tracking and hit each target with the skill of long experience, then the rifle beeps insistently, a quick look was all that was need...with the flick of his thumb, Jack ejects the empty magazine, the suit's built-in micro-transporter beaming empty magazine away, and engages the release of the rifle's housing as he begins the process of changing out the rifle energy weapon assembly for the projectile weapon assembly, taking only 30 seconds to swap the necessary components, finishing the process by snapping the housing back into place, slapping a 60 round magazine into the receiver and cocking it, the action slamming the first trinium-tipped tungsten-carbide into the firing chamber, the system automatically charging the magnetic firing assembly, drawing power from the micro-fusion reactor built into the rifle's stock, Jack takes aim again and fires a three-round burst, which the weapon's default setting, followed by the 'krak-krak-krak' sounds of the plasma-sheathed rounds breaking the hypersonic barrier, with literally no recoil due to the very nature of magnetic acceleration. After expending half the clip, Jack switches to full-auto and floods the area with 'lead'…with a broad grin, before reloading and repeating the process yet again.

Teal'c, on the other hand, maintains his typically stoic demeanor but those who knew him best could tell that he was enjoying himself, then upon expending the entirety of the GPMG's energy cartridge, he puts it aside and walks over to the armory's weapon selection board, noticing several new entries, he selects one that interests him with a tap on the holo-panel and the selected weapon materializes, revealing one of the Tau'ri Federation's newest weapon for its infantry forces, the X-3000 Personal Gatling Ion Cannon, essentially an improved miniaturized gatling version of the Tollan Ion Cannon, equipped with a small anti-gravity module to compensate for its weight, powered by a back-pack naquadah reactor that was rated to be good for over a million 'standard'-set rounds and/or 250,000 'turbo-charged' rounds. Snapping the back-pack reactor on to his suit's attachment points, Teal'c picks up the PGIC with a mild grunt, the weapon's weight could be felt even through the armor's augmentations and material construction, retakes his place in the firing range and let's the PGIC loose...

A sharp whining sound pierces the air of the firing range as the PGIC as the weapon starts to energize its multiple firing chambers, the barrels starts to spin around its axis and then...


A veritable torrent of brilliant blue-white energy tears down the firing lane, going through the target holo and striking the shield protecting the wall, dissipating in a rapid fire rippling of energy and light. Looking down at his new weapon with approval, Teal'c flicks open a red safety cover with his thumb and holds down on the button underneath, the reactor on his back hums with power as the center barrel starts to glow and a very high-pitched whine could be heard coming from the weapon, Teal'c releases the button, only for the PGIC to abruptly recoil as a massive bolt of ionized energy arcs down the lane, pierces the target and hits the shield...the firing lane's containment shield easily holds back the massive amount of energy the PGIC's secondary fire mode dishes out though enough energy bleeds through the shield and scorches the armor plating behind as well as sending a mild tremor through the deck plates.

Not one to outdone, Jack lays his Battle Rifle on the table, goes to the holo-panel, makes HIS selection and shoulders a missile launcher but not just any missile launcher, this is the X-5500 Hellbuster Micro-missile Launcher, a jack-of-all-situations weapon that can be loaded with shaped 50 MT nuclear or 'traditional' HEAT micro-missiles that can be dumb-fired, laser-guided or locked on to any target, in fact, it comes with a guarantee that you could even take out a destroyer if you hit it in the right spot with the nuclear warhead...and unfortunately it was loaded with said warhead, but before Jack could even aim...the PA speakers roar out...



Meanwhile Sam is in the scientific laboratory section of the Achilles, studying the data the Yolu pass to the Tau'ri about the technologies of the local races when she feels an odd tremor pass through the deck plates...and a veritable roar of "DAD! DON'T YOU DARE USE ANY HEAVY ORDNANCE ON MY SHIP!" from her daughter, she instantly knew that her husband and Teal'c were making trouble at the armory again; what interested her most was the slicer beam weapon and semi-organic crystalline armor of the Shadows, the 'lightning-cannon' weapon and living bio-tech ships of the Vorlons, the neutron cannon weapon of the Mimbari, the 'long range' laser cannons of the Hyach and the 'local' equivalent of the hyperspace called the jump space but her preliminary analysis has shown that jump space was significantly inferior in comparison to hyperspace for a number of reason; first, jump space is essentially a subspace layer underneath the 'real' universe, essentially a shadowy shrunk-down version of the universe but one where the lightspeed barrier does not apply; second, jump space is turbulent, much like an ocean with its currents and tides, except in this case, any form of large-scale disturbance in jump space create dangerous if not deadly ripples in the fabric of jump space thus making travel an impossibility; third, jump space is limited, extensively so, by the need of jump space beacons plus the jump space beacon network is also hobbled in itself by the lack of any form of back-up beacon or beacons should the primary beacon fail for any reason, then there is the lack of a 'midpoint' beacon to assist transiting ships in maintain their course towards their destination; and fourth, having sent a query to the Atlantis Ancient Database for any and all information regarding jump space; it was discovered that the creation of jump points, whether outgoing or incoming, can be inhibited or jammed unlike hyperspace, a weakness exploited by the Ancients in their war against the Vorlons and Shadows, the design of said device was found in the Atlantis Database and sent to the Achilles' nano-forges and Constructors to create a working prototype, which she found that it's more of an area effect device which made sense since jump points could be create just about anywhere except from within the gravity well of a planet, another weakness that can be exploited as all you need to drop out of hyperspace was an accurate set of coordinates, hell, it was even possible to enter hyperspace from within the atmospheric envelope of a planet as proven by Rodney and SGA-1 when they used what remaining energy the Orion had left in her batteries to her shields and hyperdrive to escape an erupting super-volcano.

Note: The jump point inhibitor comes from the series 'A Thin Veneer' by AlbertG so technically this isn't my equipment, the only difference is in size, the inhibitor in ATV requires it to be installed in a station, my version can be fitted to any ship of any class except of the corvette-class...and besides this IS Sam were talking here, she'll figure a way to shrink it down to size...and then some...

And they say SG-1's nuts…

In regards to weapons and protection, Vorlons and Shadows are the biggest threat in both categories, however, they also a significant weakness, their ships have to be grown, literally! Both the Drakh and the Mimbari also have this weakness but not in an exact manner, their ships are both constructed and grown; by constructed, the inner hull was built in a similar manner as all the other races, and by grown, the outer hull and protective armor are literally grown into place, much like their masters.

The Federation's prior experience with bio-tech warships in the Laurentian Galaxy would give them a definitive edge against the Vorlons and the Shadows.

Judging from the information and 'technical' designs as well as technology, at least in comparison to the Laurentian Galaxy aliens, the Laurentian Galaxy aliens had far superior ships and technology than either the Shadows or Vorlons, this could be demonstrated by the fact that an entire ship could be regrown in a matter of weeks with just one somewhat intact section of a ship and it would come back tougher and stronger, in fact, the conflict in the Laurentian Galaxy took longer than it should have because of this unique capability, many ships kept coming back for more, often playing havoc with Intelligence and pissing off a lot of officers who have to reclaim their 'kills' as it were, the only problem was that the 'resurrected' ships had 'learned' from the experience and were much harder to kill.

But in comparison to their past adventures...and the new technologies the Federation have developed over the centuries, this campaign is going to be a, relatively, walk in the park...

Yet she had the feeling that both Murphy's Law and the O'Neill Principle was going to come up and bite them in the collective rear...

She shrugs indifferently and goes back to her work, for as long as Jack is by her side, she was not going to worry...she'll leave that to Jack.

Then a sharp cry from a nearby baby carrier interrupts her thoughts, she walks over and picks up the bundle into her arms, humming a soft tune and unzips the upper part of her uniform, baring a breast to feed the baby, a broad smile on her face as the little one…purrs?…in pleasure as it feeds...

Daniel looks up slightly from his reading of a translation of the sacred Narn Book of G'Quan as his ears register the roar from the PA, smirking slightly, he immerses himself back into the book, his archeology-trained mind instantly picking up and unraveling the details of the cryptic texts, though this wasn't as cryptic as Alteran; he was quick to piece together what the hell has been going in this patch of the Milky Way Galaxy...and he didn't like what he was reading, which in a way is a first for Daniel; effectively speaking, the Book of G'Quan verifies what the Yolu have been telling them, the Elder Races/Ancients bar the Shadows and Vorlons have left this area of space by either Ascension or literally leaving the area behind, the previous two races were meant to be shepherd and guardians to the rest of the younger race, instead both races abused this responsibility, all for their pathetic argument of order vs chaos, if he was understanding the book correctly, both sides used the younger races as pawns in their 'war' only to result in the extinction of dozens of races and species...

He sighs quietly, so much for a quiet read, Daniel thought to himself as he recognizes what he's currently feeling at the moment, anger and rage, and leaves his cabin to head for the armory to engage in what Jack loves to call 'demolition therapy' when his brain suddenly has a 'light-bulb' moment.

He suddenly realizes just how to 'psyche-out' the Shadow Alliance and the Vorlon Alliance…at least his part of it.

At the same time, the rest of SG-1 also have a similar 'moment'; at the same moment, the little one stops suckling and looks at Sam and cocks it head curiously, "Mrrow?"

Jack call out into the team's private channel, "Back to the conference room, group, we got a lot work to do and a lot of people to piss off..."

(How right he is…)

Stage 2: Initiate Operation Psy-War

Warmaster Jha'dur, sharply focused on analyzing the woefully inadequate data on the Tau'ri and their allies, is on the bridge of the Deathwalker as it orbits Omelos, in fact it was just crossing the terminus between the planet's dayside and nightside, when her communications officer interrupts her thoughts and ruminations, "Warmaster, we have an incoming priority transmission from Supreme Warmaster Gar'shan!"

She snaps back, "Put it up on the main view-screen."

The officer answers by completing the connection not even bothering to answer, Jha'dur had a reputation for action rather than words but even in field of politics, she was as sharp as the scalpels she uses and equally as deft in their use. She approves of the officer's efficiency, turning back look to the view-screen's camera and audio pick-up...

"Jha'dur," Gar'shan starts without preamble as the small 'family' never used titles between them...and the fact that his eldest son is Jha'dur's lover...and hopefully his mate, though who was the dominant one was anyone's guess..., "remember that you had our Intelligence division step up efforts to learn as much of the Tau'ri as possible...after Len'char 'disappeared' and was replaced by Warcaptain Sa'goth..., it would seem that it wasn't entirely necessary, it appears that the Abbai leadership have requested a live interview with the Tau'ri, most likely for morale and propaganda purposes, but given their much more advanced technologies and unknown tactics, the possibility exists that this is a sophisticated form of psychological warfare, one that is made more effective by the evidence of superior technology but nonetheless this will give us insight what technologies they have at their command as well as insight to their past though from what I have seen, it would appear that they have a professional military force much like ours."

Jha'dur nods, "Indeed, Gar'shan, that was my initial analysis as well but I feel that they have been professional soldiers longer than we have...and I also feel that they are a people that are, in a way, much like us...a distorted mirror of us."

"You believe that we share a parallel history of sorts but one with different outcomes?"

"Yes, Gar'shan, but how different...?" She shrugs in reply.

"Understood," Gar'shan grunts softly then he looks off to one side, "The broadcast has begun, I am relaying the channel to you now..." And Gar'shan's face is replaced by the view of a beach near the Abbai capital city where two female Abbai sit comfortably on well-padded seats while a couch large enough for five beings sits empty across from them..."

"Greeting gentlebeings," one of the Abbai reporters start to comment, "to this live and special interview with the newest arrivals to the galactic scene, they call themselves the Tau'ri, which means 'people of the first world' or 'the first people' in their language, now we are awaiting the arrival of their flagship team, SG-1...wait! What going on?"

Both Abbai jump to their feet in fear as four golden columns of light appear in front of them...then in a bright flash of light, four beings stood in place, clad in dark green coveralls that practically screamed MILITARY yet their body language spoke differently, confidence and a readiness to act, should anything negative happen but to Jha'dur, all she saw was the technology, she was utterly shocked, the Tau'ri had matter-transporter technology! Only the Vree had something similar but from what she could see the Tau'ri's version was much more advanced and had superior range to the Vree's. The group was comprised of three males and one female though she instantly recognizes General O'Neill from their previous 'engagement', she did not recognize the other three though she does recall seeing the slightly shorter fair-skinned female and the tall dark-skinned male on the bridge of the Prometheus, the fourth member of the team, slightly taller than the female but not as tall as his two other male companions, had the look of a field researcher or a doctor of sorts, in fact, she is reminded of the old fools in the Dilgar Science Council, only this one carries that distinctive aura of one used to potentially violent situations, if the holster strapped to his leg was of any indication, this was a researcher who knew how to fight, at least with a ranged weapon; this raised her level of respect for someone not so physically intimidating…somewhat.

This short male makes a short bow in respect to their hosts thus starting off the interview, "Greeting, daughters of the Abbai, I am Doctor Daniel Jackson; archeological, cultural, linguistics and First Contact specialist of SG-1 of the Tau'ri."

Jha'dur raises an eyebrow in surprise, it was rare for a field researcher to be so specialized in so many fields plus it sounded like he meant that he had more skills left to be seen...

The tall dark-skinned male follows, "Daughters of the Abbai, I bring you the greetings of the Jaffa people, I am Teal'c, son of Ronac, of Chulak, I am the heavy weapons specialist and representative of the Jaffa to the Tau'ri."

The blond haired female continues, "Hello, I am Colonel Samantha Carter O'Neill," Jha'dur raises an eyebrow at this, "I am the technology analyst and combat engineer specialist of SG-1 of the Tau'ri." Jha'dur notices that she is wearing some kind of backpack.

General O'Neill finishes the introductions, "Howdy, greetings from the people of Earth and of the Tau'ri Federation, I'm Brigadier-General Jonathan O'Neill, mate to Sam over here," jerking at thumb at Sam for emphasis, "combat specialist and commander of SG-1."

A somewhat indignant "Mreow!" from behind Sam's back causes Jack to add, "Oh, right!" He reaches into the pack and pulls out...a small black-based and gray-stripped creature...and turns it around with a broad grin, "And our adopted daughter, "Vale'rnia O'Neill formerly of House Battlestorm." The little cub has a typically smug feline expression of satisfaction on her muzzle but purrs deeply as her adopted father snuggles her neck...

This surprises the two Abbai, one of the them asks, "I beg your pardon, General O'Neill, but why would you adopt a child, much less one outside your species, would not a child of your own flesh and blood be...better?"

"Let me answer that," Sam cuts in as she exposes a trio of scars on her belly but it was obvious that the scar when deeper than it looked, "it was roughly 20 years ago, about a year after the birth of my second child, SG-1 was out on a mission in support of an exploration task force to a new system, we were on the ground establishing a base when one of the portable reactors malfunctioned and exploded, unfortunately it was surrounded by construction materials which meant that lethal amounts of shrapnel was blasted about in every direction, my personal energy shield took the brunt of the blast, completely depleting them then three long spikes of titanium were driven through my armor and into my lower abdomen...I later found out that both my ovaries were ruptured and my womb was pierced through, enough that..." Sam left that unsaid.

"I'm sorry for bringing up painful memories, Colonel," one of the Abbai quietly adds, Jha'dur shudders and rubs her own abdomen in sympathy, "but why would adopt a child outside your species?"

Jack answers, "One reason is because she is our god-daughter; second is because her parents were killed in action; third is because most of her clan is lost in space, we still have forces looking for them so for the time being, we took them all in; and was the right thing to do. Isn't that right, fuzzy?" He finishes nuzzling the little cub on the neck who curled up tighter in pleasure, purring happily all the while.

This clearly surprises the Abbai as well as Jha'dur, an attitude like this simply did not exist between many of the races in this region of space plus to be made the godparents of a child, especially if the godparents were from another species, meant that both sides had a great deal of trust between them...

Jha'dur became more and more worried, the public declaration of their adoption was clearly meant to show the other races that the Tau'ri Federation were tightly bonded and trusted each other intimately, any attempt to break their alliance would probably be too time-consuming and too costly before any appreciable effect could be detected or seen.

"So how long have you known her family?"

Jack grins, "We've known her family ever since our First Contact with them as the family was in charge of First Contact as well."

"How long ago was this?"

"Oh...about 280 years ago."

This takes both Abbai aback, "But that's..."

"Cryo-stasis does wonders for your complexion," Jack answers abruptly with a broad grin.

"So how did your races meet?"

Finally, a sensible question, Jha'dur thought to herself.

Daniel answers, "Our two races met 280 years ago when we, the Tau'ri, dialed the Stargate address for their homeworld, Raksha..."

One of the reporters interrupts, "I beg your pardon, Dr. Jackson but what is a Stargate?"

Sam answers that, "A Stargate is an advanced piece of technology left behind by the Ancients, it is perhaps one of the technological highlights of their civilization. A Stargate is effectively a controlled wormhole through which interstellar travel is made possible without the need or use of spacecraft, literally allowing one to simply walk from planet to planet. The Ancients left a network of Stargates throughout the galaxy literally allowing anyone to simply walk from one end of the galaxy to the other; we would later discover as one of many in our vast inheritance from our Alteran ancestors; several of which you and the Dilgar have already seen, our shielding, matter-transporter, FTL, weapons and energy production which includes zero-point energy technology."

Jha'dur recoils in shock and surprise, ZERO-POINT ENERGY? The holy relic of physics? Gods above and below, if the Tau'ri are indeed telling the truth...and they have little need to lie about their technology...this meant that the Tau'ri Federation are a conglomeration of First Ones and middle-born level races and civilizations...and that meant that any attack on one would bring down the wrath of the others into the fray.

This apparently passed through the minds of the Abbai as well, "How much territory does the Federation encompass?"

Sam pulls out an oval-shaped device and activates it, projecting a large holographic image for all to see, "This is the territory under the protection and control of the Tau'ri Federation, encompassing four galaxies, of which two galaxies, the Pegasus Irregular and Ida Galaxies, on the left and right, are under our complete control while of the Laurentian Galaxy, we control roughly 75% of its territory, and finally of the Milky Way Galaxy, our mutual home galaxy, we control roughly 85% of its territory. We observe and protect developing cultures and civilizations that have yet to develop spaceflight and FTL technology, never interfering in their affairs unless the situation warrants it; we are a united coalition of dozens of human cultures, over 90 alien races including our old allies, the Asgard," highlighting the images as she runs through her explanation, showing each individual races though they lingered with the Asgard as it was obvious that their alliance with this older Vree like race was much longer than the others, personally she was more interested with the feline races, especially the Katharians or Kats, for short, for their powerful natural psionic talents.

Dr. Jackson then proceeds to tell the history of the Tau'ri and their gradual rise to intergalactic power status, he spoke of the history of their civilization, the multitude of differing races, beliefs and culture, their World Wars, the eras of peace and development, and the horrors they have inflicted on themselves; of the Goa'uld, their role in the history of the Tau'ri, their megalomania, their need for human hosts in order to survive and the destruction of their world; the discovery of the Stargate, the attempts to activate and explore what it did, the revelation that they lived in a hostile universe, their explorations, adventures, misadventures, triumphs and defeats as the flagship team, SG-1 and their gradual bonding to the numerous cultures taken from their homeworld; of their encounters with strangely familiar yet alien races, the discovery that many of the alien races were, in fact, the evolved versions of the wild creatures of Earth, the kinship and instinctive trust they have of the Tau'ri and of the truly alien races that grew and evolved on their own, protected by the lack of a Stargate; the horror of the Wraith and their vampiric ways; the Ori and their megalomania; of the desperate and insane ideas and inventions that both succeeded and failed in equal measure; in all, it painted a picture, a picture that humanity was, in their own unique way, a mirror to the universe at large, that humanity was a race that did not simple bow to the inevitable but, like a distorted mirror of the Dilgar, fought with cunning, superior battle tactics forged and tested by their own wars, adaptability and innovation, a touch of insanity, strong allies and a good deal of luck.

In Jha'dur's mind, she quickly cataloged all the information SG-1 has revealed thus far:

The word 'Tau'ri' translates to 'of the first world' or 'people of the first world'.

The Tau'ri is the founding race, and heart, of the Federation.

They are a middle-born race, descendants of the Alterans, the strongest and eldest of the First Ones, protégé to the Asgard, another First One race, in preparation for their rise as the Fifth Great Race.

The history of their world is both violent and peaceful yet this encouraged innovation on every level, affecting both civilian and military aspects alike, truly a distorted mirror of the Dilgar.

They have a long-established professional military with traditions, practices and battle-tactics drawn from long experiences in both war and peacetime as well as set rules of warfare, again a distorted mirror of the Dilgar

They have faced several technologically superior races and cultures, facing annihilation and extinction every time and simple spat in its face, triumphing against impossible odds.

To sum it all up, to cross the Tau'ri Federation was to effectively sign the death warrant of their race as they simply had everything in their favor, whether economic, scientific or military, none of the other races had a chance in standing up to the Tau'ri in open battle...or a covert one for that matter.

Jha'dur realizes that the Tau'ri Federation could have easily crushed every single race and power in the region with terrifying ease but instead they choose to inform every race just who they are dealing with, in every sense of the word, the Tau'ri are engaged in a war of intimidation...of the psychological kind, reinforced by presence of their compact yet immensely powerful warships...

Her thoughts are interrupted when one of the Abbai asks, "What are your intentions now, General?"

Jack replies with a broad grin as he cuddles his feline daughter, "Easy, our military mission here is to act as a peace-keeping/intervention force between the local races as well as search and destroy any pockets of remaining Ori forces that may have found their way here while our civilian mission to repair and/or terraform any devastated world back to full health, diplomatically assist with settling disputes and/or conflicts between the local races, study and record each of the local race's history, customs and the like, and finally, to see if any of the local races are ready to be part of the greater galactic community."

"Are there any candidates?" One asks hopefully.

"To a certain degree," Daniel answers. "We already have extended an invitation to the Yolu to join the Federation but it was declined as they liked their independence, however, they have agreed to trade and cultural exchange treaties."

"What are the benefits of joining the Tau'ri Federation?"

"Oh, many. One, you effectively connecting your world or worlds to the Stargate Network, effectively opening yourselves to the galaxy at large; second, the entire galaxy effectively becomes your trading partner as you will have access to literally thousands of worlds to trade with; third, you gain access to common-place Federation technologies such civilian-grade energy shielding and FTL systems, artificial gravity systems, long-range subspace communications, advanced sensors and the like; fourth, you also have the option of remaining independent by choosing to be allied or affiliated to the Federation, unsubjected to its laws and regulations."

"What of your armed forces?"

Jack answers that, "The Federation Armed Forces is a professional military group, in a way much like the Dilgar but unlike the Dilgar, we have established rules of warfare that have been refined over the centuries. In total military strength, the Federation has twelve active fleets, five of which are stationed here in the Milky Way, supported by sixteen Rapid Reaction Groups with a single fleet comprised of roughly 750 warships of varying classes while the RRGs roughly have 420 warships...and that's just for our naval forces; for ground forces, we have roughly 16 active army groups and 12 Marine Expeditionary Groups as the initial assault forces.

This tidbit of information shocks the leadership of every local race listening and watching the broadcast as most have only one to two fleets worth of ships at any given time with the exception of the Dilgar who have nine but this was scant comfort as the leaders of both sides realize that they have yet to feel the full might of the Tau'ri Federation; the force over Tiree was only the tip of a much, much larger blade...

But for the Vorlons and Shadows, this threw all of their carefully laid plans out the airlock…

But the local races receive another shock when Daniel makes his own input, "We would also like to invite all of the local races to a conference in the Epsilon Verdanus system, which I believe is unclaimed space by any of the local races, in ten planetary cycles. The Federation will be waiting for you there; feel free to bring an honor guard, how large or small is fully up to your leaders…"

Jha'dur could sense the unspoken challenge hidden in those words…

"You can never threaten us with force of arms...we have faced races more powerful than you and have beat them with less than a handful of ships; we have looked into the abyss and have not flinched from our duties and responsibilities; we are both explorers and soldiers at heart, we will not start a war but we will finish it; cross us at your own peril..."

Jha'dur murmurs to herself, "Message received, Tau'ri, received loud and clear."

But unfortunately for the most of the local races, this message was not received…

To Be Continued...