One Thousand Words Cannot Describe Our Relationship Dino X Hibari

I would have leaded a perfect life, if fate did not play a fool on me… in knowing him.

Everything was still fresh in his mind, as if it had happened just yesterday. But the truth was that he had leaded his life, been well-hidden and lost, with him… for about 3 years. It is time, to leave him. That was what Hibari Kyouya thought, as he looks at the man whom was lying next to him.

Call me Dino, just Dino and nothing else.

That was his words when Hibari Kyouya had first perceived his face, when he was abducted by that man. He was only in his early twenties, with beautiful bright blond and those pretty yet manly features of his. His eyes were chocolate brown, with beaks of nothingness within the orb. His nose was fined, showing out the mannish of his features. His lips were beautifully cherry coloured. From his appearance, he looks like he is an honest, kind… just your average man.

Looking at the man's features, he thought of the reason why that man abducted him and yet being so good to him.

I just want someone to be with me.

That was his reason. Such a simple words, yet expressed much of the man's loneliness. Why did you choose me? You could capture someone else who are much better than me, but why. Why me. Everyday, that question always appears in his head without fail. Reaching out, his cold fingers touch the man's cheek. It's really the time, for me to leave.

You can leave any time you want. I will not stop you.

Why? Why don't you stop me? Darn. I can't bear to leave you. Clenching his fist, he quickly got up from the bed, grabbing his clothes and walked toward the door. The moment when his hand on the handle, just going to open the door; two strong arms stopped him. There's no need to turn around to know who it is.

"Who's the one who said that I'm free to leave? I'm tired, let me go."

There's only silence.

"… Let go of me."


"I will never be with you, forever."


"I will definitely leave," before you, from this world.


"Say something!" Please, say something. I'm getting uneasy, insecure. Tell me that you love me.

"… Don't leave me… Kyouya."


"I can't bear the fact that you will leave me…"


"Even though I know that you will definitely cast me away."


"Even though I kept lying to myself, that you loved me."



Silence, filled up the room and no one moved. Lowering his eyes, Hibari blurred out the three words.

"… I love you."




"But, one thousand words cannot describe our relationship."

"… No words can."

"... Yeah."