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14-year-old Ichigo Honda sat at her computer desk with her laptop set up in front of her as she then turns on the webcam that's built into the top of the portable computer. She then grabs her headset complete with mic and sets it on top of her head, careful not to mess up her blazing red hair that's been pulled up in pigtails.

Tapping the mic with her index finger, she's cautiously asks "Hello? Testing, is everyone here and accounted for?" A small screen popped up in the top left hand corner of the laptop as a black-haired boy with sly-looking blue eyes and a big grin was shown sporting the same headset gear as Ichigo appeared on the screen with a small "DING!" and replied "I'm here el cap-i-tan-o!" with a salute. Soon afterwards 3 more DING's were heard as the other 3 corners were filled with faces that were more than familiar to Ichigo.

On the top right corner was her bestest best friend in the whole world Beebee, with her round face and sweet-looking smile that could give anyone a toothache at a glance, along with her other prominent traits of her Angelina Jolie-shaped brown eyes, her beauty mark perfectly positioned at the corner of her left eye, her long light-brown hair pulled up in a ponytail and held in place with a cute headband, and of course (as no girl can compete with nor any guy could resist) her -uhum- slighty larger than average chest which can barely fit t-shirts her size to which she attempts to cover with a pillow to avoid comments during webcam sessions with the boys. "I'm here~" Beebee chirped cheerfully as she gave her infamous "smile-and-wave" motion.

On the bottom left corner we have random and neko-crazed Ginny with her equally crazed-black pixe-cut and purple highlights, her punk make-up and clothes on that she sews herself (because no one but slightly richer kids than us could actually buy the clothes from Hot Topic, which reminded Ichigo to ask her for sewing lessons). "You know I'm always here and ready to go Red" she grins

Finally on the bottom right corner we have Mr. Intellectual of the Year and winner of the Most Patient Man Alive award for being best friends with Mark, this amazing person is Ash. Glasses reflecting the light off his computer screen, they cover his striking green eyes and his somewhat spiked brown hair all neat and in place (as usual). "Present" he replied calmly as he flashed a small and sincere smile.

Ichigo's P.O.V.

"Alrighty then!" I smiled as our roll call came to an end, "Let's get this meeting started!" I called out and I threw a punch in the air. "Hai!" the others replied as they threw punches of their own. "So don't keep us waiting any longer, what's the big surprise Strawbetty? Mark asked as he threw another one of his teasing smirks that could come off as a flirtatious smile if anyone else didn't know him as well as we did. "Please Ichigo-san, tells us what it is" Ash added in, he's always had the need to speak so politely with him, as I always feel with him in return. "Yes Ichi-chan, please tell us darling" Beebee asked sweetly when Ginny pitched in as well "Yes, the suspense is KILLING ME! Spill the beans, NOW!"

I coudn't help but laugh at my friends' curiousity. "Ok, calm down, I'll tell you what the surprise is, but we first have to set up a date for when all of you guys can come over to work on our Vocaloid cosplays". That statement soon shortly was followed by a choir of "AWWW", but with Ash being the most mature one of the group, he was the first to speak up. "I propose we go shopping for clothes to modify on our own tomorrow and then we start day 1 of work Monday, is everyone free Monday at 3pm?" "That'd be fine with my parents, so long and it's no earlier than 1pm for ya'll's arrival" I commented. "Heck you know me, I've got nothing better to do at home," Mark added bluntly "I'm there for sure dude". "I can make it, so long as I finish my piano lesson quickly, I'll be able to be there on time" Beebee added in. "Yeah me too!" quickly followed the ever alive Ginny "I was supposed to have a baby-sitting job that day but they just called to cancel a few minutes ago, so I'm just in luck!" she excitedly squealed as we all clapped and cheered happily for the incredible luck we had with her availability, because believe it or not Ginny was becoming famous for her mad baby-sitting skills and a lot of parents around the block are eager to pay big money for her service. "Ok, so the cosplay work day is set for Monday at 3pm, if everyone is in agreement then say 'Hai!'"

"Hai!" everyone shouted in complete agreement. "So it's settled, Mondy at 3pm it is, I'll be sure to set up some japanese mochi for us to snack on while we work ok? It's at my place, which means it's my turn to serve you guys some snacks while we're working. "Thank you very much" Ash said graciously with a slight bow of his head. "Alright! I love you're mochi!" Ginny squealed in delight of the thought (she tends to do that a lot). "Sounds lovely Ichi-chan" Beebee smiled softly with radiating happiness, I thought my teeth would grow cavities at the mere sight of it. As my mind started to wander towards all of the preperations I would need to make for the mochi, they got interuptted when Ginny startled me with her hyper and loud voice "We've set the day already, NOW STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH AND TELL US OUR SURPRISE ALREADY!" I couldn't help but giggle a bit and in my best british accent I reply "Ok ok, don't get your knickers in a knot love," as I then reach for a paper that I printed before the cybermeet "well you all know how we're currently working on the Vocaloid cosplay right?" There were replies of "Of course" and "No duh, that's why we're here" and such as I continued building up towards the point. "Well since this is going to be the first cosplay that we're working on as an official cosplay group, I had found these online at an awesomely sweet price and ordered them a while back, and they should be coming in the mail by Monday!" I pratically screeched as I showed them the picture I printed of what looked like chibi dolls of all our favourite Vocaloids that we were to cosplay soon: a Gakupo doll for Ash, Kaito for Mark, Luka for Beebee, Miku for Ginny, and of course, Len and Rin Kagamine all for myself. "That's so adorable!" Ginny and Beebee sang in unsion as they stared adoringly at the picture through their computer screens. "Very nice Ichigo, thanks" Mark smiled with pure sincerity. "Thank you very much Ichigo-san, this is such a wonderful gift, I'm not sure what I should do to be quite honest" Ash blushed with such humility as if he's never allowed himself to recieve a gift from someone before. "It's really nothing though, really, just please accept it since I had all of you guys in mind" I replied as politely and humbly to Ash as he does as I bowed my head slightly in order to convince him to take and keep the gift, which of course worked.

Mark then decided to pipe in "Well~ it's already about 10ish already so I suggest we all get some rest since we have a lot of work cut our for us, we need to keep focused and save up as much energy as possible. That means I don't wanna catch you up all night working on another song again Itchi, got it?" as he finished his sentence with a point and wink gesture. I just rolled my eyes "yeah yeah, I know Mark" I retorted as I stuck my tounge out at him, which just made him laugh in turn. "Yosh! Meeting adjourned!" I concluded with determination as everyone said their goodnights and logged off the computer. I take my headset off and carefully pull off the hairbands that are hold up my pigtails up and take one good glance at myself in the mirror. "This is gonna be our first cosplay and it's going to be awesome!" I thought in my mind as I made one last punch in the air, fist held up high only to be brought back down, examine myself one last time, and fall fast asleep comfortably in my bed. My last thoughts before my trip to dreamland was what it would be like to be a Vocaloid myself, how funny would that have been?