This is the final chapter of You Can Lean on Me.



Several decades later

I stood in front of the window.

The big window where I saw Bella for the first time. 40 years had passed from the monumental day and we grew up together, learning together and loving each other. I was not young again and so did Bella, but every time I saw her I could feel my heart skipped a beat; just like the first time I saw her from this window.

After I graduated, I took my residency while Bella continued to work at a Psychology service. In the middle of my residency, I proposed to her and we got married just three months after. That was after the introduction with her family first. Her father was a little bit difficult, as I expected, but he finally learned I changed so much and could prove to him I was worthy for Bella. Even tough I still hadn't finished my residency, but I managed to provide ourselves from my personal account. My dad gave me and Emmett our personal accounts for us to be used when we turned 18 and finally I could use it to support me and my wife. Not that Bella couldn't provide by herself, but as a man I wanted to spoil her with gifts and things although Bella didn't want it.

Our son, Edward Thomas Cullen, was born in the end of my residency. Bella wanted to name him Edward against my protest. I wanted my children to have their own name, but Bella said the moment she saw Edward, she wanted to give him my name because she said she saw me on him. He had my eyes, but with Bella's brown hair and he was definitely the mix between me and Bella. Our second son, Zachary Anthony Cullen, was born five years after the birth of Edward. This time he had my hair and my eyes, but with Bella's face shaped. My life was complete.

We also had our ups and downs, but we could get through it as a family and as partner in marriage. Bella stopped working after the birth of Zachary and started to become a housewife while I was starting my job at a local hospital. When our boys turned to teens, Bella started to work as a permanent employee here in Our Hearts.


In the very first place I saw her.

Dr. Wills decided to retire and handed the place to my dad, but he also wanted to quit from his professional job in the hospital. I knew Emmett won't even interest to take over this place so the place was handed over to me.

We helped lots of kids after that, even Edward took his Psychology degree just like his mother and decided to handle this place when I was about to retire. As for my family, my parents passed away 5 years ago while Emmett still lived with Rosalie in New York. The finally tied the knot after having relationship turbulence for 5 years. They had two kids, Mary and Alex. As for the other side of the family, Jasper happily married with Alice and they had three kids, Nathan, Matthew and Sophie. Me and Bella still didn't bond very well with Rosalie, but she was my sister in law and also her brother married Bella's best friend so we both tried to be civil as long as she could behave. And so far she could behave herself.

As for my fellows in Our Hearts, I contacted them now and then. Some of them are already passed away. Those who still lived will come here in the last day of volunteer program every year. It was like a reunion for us.

And now, in the middle of my sixties I felt so happy.

With my beautiful wife, my two sons and soon to have daughter in law.

Edward planned to marry his girlfriend soon and we both already gave him our blessing. His girlfriend was a nice and smart girl and we both were happy for him.


I turned my head to see Edward stood not far from my spot. He looked so handsome and Bella said he was just like me. I smiled. "Yes, son?"

Edward walked closer and stood next to me in front of the window. "Are you alright?"

I sighed and looked around. "This place...nothing changed much."

He grinned and ran his hand on his hair. ", Dad. I don't want to change it. I mean..this is where you met Mom."

I nodded slowly and traced the window slightly. "I saw your Mom for the first time from this window."


I nodded. "She was standing over there," I pointed to the hall. "At the moment I knew my life won't ever be the same again."

Edward pursed his lips. "That's why I don't want to change this place, Dad. I know this place is old, but so many memories here." And then he looked at me. "Anyway I want to make sure you and Mom will be there for the dinner with Anne's parents."

I smiled again. "We'll be there. Congratulations, Edward."

He nodded and sighed.

I raised my eyebrows. "What is it?"

"I just want to have what you and Mom have, Dad. You both are so happy."

I looked at him curiously. "What do you mean by that?"

Edward bowed his head. "I'm afraid I can't do it with Anne, Dad."

I frowned and wrapped my arm on his shoulders. "Well...your Mom and I have our lives and so will you. It will be different, but if you and Anne loved each other, I'm sure everything will be fine."

He nodded and I patted his shoulder. "Come on. Your Mom will be worried if we won't go downstairs."

Edward nodded again and we both walked together to the main hall. Today was the first day of another volunteer program and I could see Bella prepared the venue along with other staffs. Edward quickly approached his Mom and the staffs to help them while I sat on one of the chairs. All the volunteers were already here too.

"Excuse me, sir. Are you expecting someone?"

I smiled when I recognized the voice and I turned to find a woman stood next to me. Her brown eyes sparkled and I sore my heart beat just increased. I cleared my throat. "Um...yeah, I'm here to see my wife."

Her eyebrows sot up. "Your wife?"

I grinned. "Yes."

She looked around. "Do you need any help to find her?"

I smirked. "No. But, let me kiss her." I quickly rose from my seat and enveloped her on my embrace. Before she could protest, I gave her a deep kiss.

She quickly leaned away and giggled. "Old habits die hard, Mr. Cullen?"

I chuckled. "For my wife, it will never die...I suppose."

We were both not young anymore. Bella's body was not changing much even after giving birth to two children. But, her face was older, wiser...and the same went for me too. We might be old, but our love was never old.

I held Bella's hand and we both took our seat. "How are the volunteers?" I asked her.

She shrugged. "Nothing I couldn't handle of. They were all young and some of them are easy to work with while others are totally just spending their time." And then she sighed. "I can't believe it's already 40 years and this place was never changed."

"Trust me, baby. Edward insisted to keep this place just as it is. Well, some renovation yes, but not reconstruction," I told her.

She turned to look at me and smiled. "Edward is just like you."

I raised my eyebrows. "So, that's why you named him Edward?"

Bella pursed her lips. "I have more reasons to name him Edward."

I smiled and leaned again for a kiss.

"Am I late?"

We heard a male's voice and saw our son, Zachary, sat next to Bella.

Bella rolled her eyes. "No, you're not. The ceremony will begin soon."

He grinned. "Okay, then."

I giggled and leaned over to her ear, "I guess he knows I was about to kiss you. Why don't we continue what we left off later?"

Bella smiled, "Sure, honey."

"Please, Mom, Dad. I'm trying to enjoy the ceremony here," we both heard Zachary whining.

Bella and I chuckled before I wrapped my arm on her shoulders and she leaned her head on mine.

Life couldn't get better than this.

The End

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