E/O Challenge: Lunge

Sorry this is late – am currently on vacation and have restricted access to the internet. Watched a medieval jousting tournament at Lulworth Castle during the week and this little drabble popped into my head. Hope it doesn't suck!

Night In A Museum

"I don't fricking believe this," Dean yelled as the possessed suit of armour marched towards him, sword raised, "Sam ... would ya hurry up."

"Hold on," Sam called back. "Just give me a minute."

"I think ...King Arthur here's got other ideas, "Dean gasped lunging to his right, attempting to avoid the descending weapon.

Moments later he was frantically covering his head as metal crashed around him; the younger Winchester's completed incantation had destroyed the medieval spirit.

Sam picked up the discarded sword and grinned - gently he tapped it against his brother's shoulder.

"Arise Sir Jerk," he smirked.