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"You and Axel are on heart collection in Wonderland today." Saix told me. "Go as soon as you're ready."

I nodded and turned around just in time to see Xaldin enter the room, with his usual scowl on his face. The one thing that I really noticed as he walked past me were the three cuts on the side of his face, the blood dried. He growled when he saw me staring at him.

"What do you want?"

"Where...did you get those?"

"There are many lessons in life," He began. "and one of them is learning to stay out of other peoples' lives."

With that he walked away.

"You didn't have to snap at me." I mumble. "Gosh,"

"Hey, Roxas," Axel greeted. "Come on, let's go."

"Axel...is everything alright?"

He frowned, as if puzzled by my question. "Yeah, just fine, why?"

"You're limping,"

"What?" He glances down at his ankle. "Oh, you mean this. I tripped on Chester on my way out of my room this morning."*

"Okay," Well that didn't explain much.

The mission took a little longer because of Axel's injury. Somehow, I felt bad for him. Well, I didn't really because of the 'no heart' thing, but you get my point.

Axel won't be leaving his room tonight, I figure. Not with a limp like that. Maybe I should check just in case. I peer from my room down the hallway.

"No way!" I whisper to myself. Axel was leaving his room. He was still limping, but it wasn't as bad as earlier. With that, I left my room, quietly closing the door behind me, and following him for the second night in a row.

I trailed him to the woods again. Remembering the other night made me have second thoughts, but tonight, I couldn't loose him. He was slower, his hurt ankle really holding him back. I was able to get reasonably close to him from behind. Bad move on my part. There was nowhere for me to go this time when he turned around.

"Roxas?" Axel gasped. He scowled. "Roxas! What the hell do you think you're-?"

"axelpleasedon'''" I said in one breath.

"Roxas, have you completely lost your mind? I can't believe you'd..." He stopped right there and stared into the distance, as if he sensed something.


"Roxas, get down."


"Just do it!" Axel hissed.

I got as close to the ground as I could and closed my eyes. When I opened them, Axel was gone, but in the clearing ahead, there was a hill...and on that hill stood three wolves, all around the same size as the two the night before.

The one that stood in the center had grey fur and brilliant golden eyes.

The one to the left of the grey wolf was a black and grey wolf. It was slightly smaller than the grey wolf, but looked just as strong. There was a huge scar across its right eye and another scar up the left side of its face.

The wolf to the right of the grey wolf was a blue-ish silver, gold eyes—like the grey wolf's—with an X-scar in between them.

The grey wolf snarled, bearing its teeth. I couldn't move. No matter how had I tried to, I just couldn't. The grey wolf stepped forward and barked. I fell on my butt as the orange wolf walked past me. It was still limping. It stops in front of the trio and lies on the ground, chin on its paws, and ears flat against its head. It whines. The black and grey wolf growls. The grey wolf steps forward, the orange wolf stands and begins to back up. I watched as the grey wolf lashed out at the orange wolf, biting and snapping and scratching and gouging. After what seemed hours, the grey wolf trotted back to the hill, leaving the orange wolf. It was covered in many deep cuts and blood. The grey wolf left along with the other two wolves.

I cautiously edged over to the injured creature. Its eyes were closed and it was breathing heavily. I crept over and sat down in front of it. I reached my hand out to pet the wolf but its eyes opened and I pulled my hand back. It looked at me and I looked at it. As I stared into those emerald eyes I realized what—or who—the wolf was.


The wolf whimpered and whined.


He barked and his long bushy tail whipped from side to side. I reached my hand out and stroked the top of his head and behind his ears.

"Are you going to be alright, Axel?"

He did nothing this time. He only looked at me. After a minute or so, the wolf stood, and vanished into the woods. A moment later, Axel appeared, leaning on a tree, his hand clutching a deep gash in his side. He was covered in blood and his coat was torn. Spitting a red liquid on the ground next to him, he groans, "That hurt,"


I rushed over to him.

"Hey, Roxas,"

"What was, I mean how did..."

"It's a long story," He told me. "Can we RTC please? I really need to sit down."


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