This is the final episode of the trilogy which will be complete BEFORE I have finished 'When Was Your?' – that story will keep going until I run out of questions.

This is when Apollo and Ema realise who they are to each other…

"Is something wrong Apollo?" She felt herself being pulled through the streets towards Apollo's apartment.

"I need to show you something! Come on! It's important!"

He thought their answers about their first lovers were too coincidental to be different people. They both fell in love with a person of the same age (Ema got together with a fourteen year old – he a sixteen year old), they both remembered similar events, they both described the same people and both, embarrassingly, remembered getting caught by the girl's sister the first time they made love. Ema even remembered her boyfriend's sister had a baby when she just turned sixteen.

"Sit." Apollo offered to her. She took a seat on the couch in his surprisingly roomy apartment. He rushed to the back of an oak desk and began rooting through drawers.

"Wow, it's nice in here, does someone else live in here too?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, my foster sisters and my nephew." He replied. Ema's eyes were drawn to the large picture on the wall of the lounge.

In the middle of the picture Apollo was kneeling down with his arms over a little boy who was sat cross-legged on the floor in a white shirt and a pair of jeans. On either side of Apollo were two pretty women. On the right there was an older girl with black hair and perfect makeup, she wore a white dress. On the left was a younger girl, younger looking than Apollo with blonde hair and very little makeup. She wore a pair of black skinny jeans with chains hanging from belt loops and a purple Gavinners top.

"Pretty aren't they – my sisters." Apollo appeared behind her. She jumped forward in shock and hit an ornament on the shelf underneath the picture. Apollo reached out and caught it.

"Easy Ema. Don't break that, it's my sister's music award."


"Ok I found it."

He covered the person in the middle of the picture.

"This was taken in high school. Do you recognise any of the people?" She looked to the left of his fingers. She opened her mouth to speak but no sound came.

"T-that's my best friend! That's Clara!" Ema cried out. "She was my best friend at high school! I recognise her hair and natural beauty!"

"How about this one?" He pointed to the man at her side.

"That's Clara's boyfriend. I don't remember his name."

"How about this one?" He tapped the girl in front of Clara.

"Her sister – Tara."

She was shocked, how had he gotten this picture!

"How about the other side, this boy?" He pointed to the boy who was, in fact, his brother.

"That's a relative of my first boyfriend. He was really good at sports and physics and mechanics." Ema was getting more and more shocked by the second. "The girl next to him…is his girlfriend and the little girl was his sister."

"How about…this one?" He moved his fingers.

That was when she started crying, she snatched the picture from his hands.

"That's him! That's my boyfriend!" She felt the same tug she always felt when she was with this boy. "Why do you have this!"

"That boy Ema, t-that's me!"


"That's me and my brother and sister. That's my best friend Tara and my girlfriend's best friend Clara and her boyfriend Matt!"

"Your brother…Kai?"

"Uh-huh. There's one thing I have to ask you? Do you still have the ring?"

"Ring? How did you know about that?"

"I told you – that boy is me!"

She showed him the ring and the second his hand was wrapped around hers – twisting the white gold ring he'd given her all those years she knew it was that boy. The only boy she'd ever loved and it just felt right being with him. She threw herself into his arms, tears flooding from her eyes.


They both knew, just knew, they were the first people they ever loved.

"My god! I-I never thought I'd see you again… I know it's you. I don't know why, I just know." Ema whispered, mopping her tears on a tissue.

"Can I ask you something? How come you stopped talking to us all?"

"With all the trouble that went of in Europe…anyone who made a phone call to anywhere outside the EU was accused of being a spy."

After Ema had left, Europe had erupted in a series of violent wars. It was mostly and internal stuff, countries quarrelling with neighbouring countries. About a year after she left things got worst. Countries began targeting other areas of the world which supported other areas of Europe. What Ema said did make sense.

"Are you still friends with everyone?"

"Yeah…" Apollo nodded. "All of them helped me after you left. Helped me get over you, helped me write those letters to you…Clara will recognise you the instant she sees you, I know it." He fell silent. "Hey I'm sorry about the whole dragging you here thing."

"Yeah…it's fine – really." She looked at her cellphone. "Look, I have to return home, Lana's waiting for me."

"She still dating that guy? Edgeworth?"

"Hell no." Ema smiled. "Look gotta go."

"Bye." She gave him a strong hug before letting him go and rushing out the door.


About twenty minutes after she left Alyss, Apollo's younger sister returned home.

"What's up with you?" The nineteen year old asked as she placed her saxophone case on the floor and pulled her guitar from her back.

"I've just found my first girlfriend?"

"Really? For real?"

"Yeah. Ema Skye."

"That's the detective you work with isn't it?" She giggled. "My god, you are dumb some times, did you not realise before?"

"No. Why? Did you?"

"I…uh…hey! Leave me out of this!" She blushed. "Where's Leia?"

"Not home yet, it's only four."

"Oh well, want me to pick up Riley?"

"No…I'll go."

Apollo couldn't wait to tell Clara he'd found Ema.