Who Are These People?

"Relax, Captain. This is supposed to be fun." Kaylee grins at the perplexed look on Mal's face. "One would think you've never been at a party before."

He recovers enough to form an answer. "Not like this one, I haven't." He gapes some more at the crowd in Serenity's cargo bay. A brown haired man in a white dress shirt and socks – nothing else – rubs up against a woman who looks oddly like one of the whores Mal saw earlier in the day.

"Who are these people, anyhaps?" he asks.

Kaylee grins even wider, a thing that amazes him further. "Not a clue. They seemed like a nice enough bunch and I thought they'd like a party. Needed someone to live it up, didn't we?" She prods him in the chest. "Ain't like anyone else is able to loosen up an' have a good time."

"Is that a Reaver?" His hand goes to his gun.

"Could be." Kaylee grins.

Mal stares at her for a long moment and then at the wild gathering. "Get these people outta... You know what? Forget that. Just... don't blow the ship up or get her stole, okay?"

She nods.

"I'll be in my bunk when your crazy time is over with."