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Brotherly Chats and Belly Laughs

"Granma, why Johnny cry?" Gordon leaned his head over the side of the cart, watching his big brother. "Is him sad?" He waved his hand at his next oldest brother. It didn't matter or occur to him that Johnny couldn't see him as he was still walking behind Virgil with his head down. "Johnny, is you sad?"

Johnny only sniffled so Alan spoke for him. "Dohnny miss Mommy." Alan laid his head down on Grandma's hands and stuck his thumb in his mouth. "I mith Mommy, too." In his free hand, he continued to hold tight to his toy. Scott listened to his younger brothers and felt that all-too-familiar need to protect them from anything that hurt them. It didn't matter if it was a physical or mental pain; he felt it was his responsibility to protect them. He just didn't know how he could protect them from the pain they felt from their mother's death. He knew their pain because it was his as well. Just as he knew Johnny still suffered nightmares and sometimes cried out for their mother. The results were always the same as Johnny would crawl into bed with either Scott or Virgil. Either boy would willingly offer what comfort they could to their brother.

"But we gots Daddy and Granma and they's love us bunches. Right, Granma?" Gordon stared up innocently at their grandmother.

Grandma smiled down at her youngest grandsons. "Yes, your daddy and I love you boys very, very much."

Thinking for a moment, Gordon's expression grew worried. "Even when I's being naughty?"

Virgil snorted causing Scott to try and frown at him whilst not laughing himself. Their second youngest brother had plenty of experience with being naughty even if he didn't always mean to. He just had so much energy and a very unique way of looking at things.

"Even when you're being naughty." She glanced behind her to make sure that John was still with them. His small hand held tight to Virgil's jacket and his gaze trained on the heels of his brother's sneakers.

"Johnny…Hey, Johnny, is you still sad?" Gordon had noticed his grandmother checking on his big brother. "I don't wants you to be sad 'cause I really loves when you smiles."

"Me too, Dohnny. I loves you smiles." Alan stared down at his brother, grinning and waving his toy around. "To infimity and be on."

A small smile tugged at the blond boy's mouth when he heard his baby brothers. A stronger sense of security overcame him when he felt another brother's arm drape over his shoulder whilst a hand slightly larger than his own grasped his. Shyly, he peered up at his family. "It's to infinity and beyond, Allie."

Alan continued to smile down at his brother. "That's whats I said, Dohnny. To infimity and be on."

"No, no, no, Allie, it's to infamy and beyond." Gordon corrected.

Grandma laughed at Gordon's words. "My babies are slowly getting back to normal. Well, as normal as they can be with having lost their mother at such a young age." Her thoughts were silent but she watched her boys carefully, ready to referee if the arguing got louder than what she deemed acceptable.

Scott shook his head. "No, Gordy, it's not infamy. It's to infinity and beyond."

Putting his hands on his hips, Gordy stared down at his brother. "That's whats I said, Scotty. Maybe you needs to have Granma clean your ears out. Yous not hearing too good." To the surprise of his family, a snort of laughter pushed past John's lips. Before they could get over the shock, deep belly laughs from the quiet boy triggered their own laughter. Tightening his grip on Virgil's hand and leaning against Scotty's side, Johnny continued to laugh along with his family. The time to live and enjoy his childhood was again upon him. He'd never stop missing his mother – none of the Tracy brothers would – but somehow, he knew she was never far from them.

"That's right, my little star-gazer, I'm only a breath away." A slight scent of lilac brushed past the Tracys as they headed for the checkout.