Calling The Shots

"Wish me luck!" Castle says, beaming.

"Good luck," Martha replies in a sing-song voice.

Alexis smiles at them as she takes the last few steps inside, dropping her bag on the floor on the way. "What's this about?"

"Your father has some very exciting news! He's got a date tonight!"

"Who with? Beckett?"

"What?" Castle says. "Why do you automatically assume it's-"

"It's Beckett," Martha grins.

"Beckett?" Castle finishes.

"Kate, dad. If you're dating her now you should call her Kate."

"Yes, well," he says. "In time. She has a gun so she can call the shots. No pun intended. Okay, maybe a little intended."

Alexis rolls her eyes and heads for the kitchen. "Have a good night, dad."

Castle grins and pats her on the shoulder as he passes her by. "Oh, I will. Tonight is going to be amazing."