Mystery at Boddy Manor # 5


All the guests and Mr. Boddy start off in the Lounge. There we discover that Ms. Scarlet likes romantic comedies; Col. Mustard likes westerns and has the Lead Pipe; Mr. Green likes suspense films; Mrs. Peacock likes classics; Prof. Plum likes documentaries; and that none of the guests like any of the movies that the other guests enjoy.

Then the guest who hadn't yet spoken (Mrs. White), who possesses the Rope, goes to the Kitchen and picks up the Knife. Scarlet goes to the Library and picks up the Wrench. Plum goes to the Conservatory with the Revolver. Mustard goes to the Billiard Room with the Lead Pipe. Mrs. Peacock goes to an unnamed room (that we later discover is the Ball Room) with the remaining unmentioned weapon (the Candlestick). Mr. Green and Mr. Boddy go to the Hall.

The lights go out, and Mr. Boddy leaves the Hall, while Mr. Green stays.

The only guest with two weapons (Mrs. White) enters the Ball Room, where she sees Mrs. Peacock leaving (here we find out Mrs. Peacock went to the Ball Room after she left the Lounge, since none of the other guests went to the Ball Room).

The guest in the Library (Scarlet) goes to the Study.

"The guest with the Revolver entered the room that the guest with two weapons had entered first after leaving the Lounge." Prof. Plum enters the Kitchen.

Peacock enters the Lounge.

"The guests in the Kitchen and Study traded rooms via the Secret Passage; and in the Secret Passage they ran into each other, trading weapons by mistake."
Plum enters the Study and Scarlet enters the Kitchen. Scarlet now has Revolver,
Plum now has Wrench.

Mr. Green is knocked out and dragged to the closet by a guest who reveals herself as Mrs. Peacock by saying, "That's for not liking classics."

Mrs. White (the guest with two weapons) begins to follow Mr. Boddy in the Ball Room. In the Kitchen, White crashes into Scarlet. Scarlet steals a weapon and they all go through the secret passage.

The lights come on. The three guests surrounding Boddy are Plum (who was already in the Study), White, and Scarlet. Scarlet and Plum crash into each other. White drops her weapon and picks up what we later determine is the Revolver (from Scarlet). White then goes to the Lounge.

The guest with the Candlestick (Peacock) fights with Mustard in the Billiard Room and steals his Lead Pipe. (The victor doesn't like westerns,
so it's not Mustard.) Peacock enters the Ball Room.

"One of the guests who didn't like documentaries regained consciousness, picked up the Rope, and entered the Library, where Mr. Boddy was hiding in the shadows. She did not see him and left the room." The Rope is in the Study with Scarlet and Plum; Scarlet (who didn't like documentaries) awakes and takes it.

"Then a guest (guest x) caught the light of the Candlestick (from guest y) as she walked by the Ball Room. Waiting outside the Ball Room door, guest x strangled guest y when guest y exited the room. Taking only the lit Candlestick, guest x entered the Conservatory." guest x is Ms. Scarlet, because guest x STRANGLES guest y.
guest y is obviously Peacock. Although Peacock has both the Candlestick and Pipe,
Scarlet only takes the Candlestick.

"Another guest also regained consciousness, but remained conscious and went to find a weapon. Out of sheer luck he entered the Study and discovered the two weapons which remained there. He took them, left the Study via the Secret Passage, and entered the Kitchen." This has to be Mustard, since Plum is already in the Study, and it has to be male ("he" entered...). Mustard takes the only weapons left (the Wrench and Knife).
Mustard then enters the Kitchen.

Mr. Boddy then outsmarts Mrs. White (who has the Revolver) and goes to the Ball Room (the first room Peacock entered after the Lounge).

Mr. Boddy is murdered in the Ball Room. Ms. Scarlet is the culprit, since she has a blunt weapon (Candlestick). The other two guests with blunt weapons are Peacock and Mustard; Peacock is unconscious and Mustard likes westerns, which the murderer doesn't.