It was like heaven for Mrs Weasley. No children. Term time and they were all at Hogwarts minus Percy, but she never saw him, apart from at breakfast, dinner and at the weekends (sometimes and usually for only about five minutes), when he came downstairs to find something that no doubt the twins had hidden.

Mrs Weasley was still puzzling over the mystery of Percy when a large, official looking owl flew through the open window and sat on the for once only quite messy kitchen counter. She walked over to the owl, pulled the letter from its leg and sighed as she spotted the Hogwarts Crest on it. "Fred and George." She muttered under her breath wondering how they could manage to do something wrong enough to have a letter sent home, in the first week of term. Mind you, Ronald's second year...

She paused as she pulled out a bowl from the cupboard put it on the side board and lazily pointed her wand at it. Mindlessly mumbling "Aguamenti" at the bowl, the owl hopped forward and hooted gratefully as it gulped down the water.

"Yeah alright." She said turning to the owl. She slipped a silver sickle into the pouch dangling around the owl's legs and the owl turned and flew away. She turned back to the envelope and sighed as she decided putting off opening the letter would only make everything worse. She pulled the seal from the envelope and began to read.

Percy sighed, as he finished the report on how to strengthen the bonds between the wizards and witches in South America and stretched. He was ready for work, and as he pulled his briefcase onto his desk he thought about writing to Charlie to ask him how he was. His mind then turned to the weather; he pushed his report into his briefcase and walked downstairs to see his Mother before he left. As he reached the bottom flight of steps he searched for her. She wasn't hard to find, and the minute he saw her he knew something was wrong. She was swaying on the spot and was slowly falling forwards. Percy sprinted down the last few steps, vaulted over the banister and ran to catch his Mother.

Molly Weasley was pale and had tears streaming down her cheeks. Percy sat her down on a kitchen chair and knelt next to her.

"Mum, what is it? What's happened?" Percy asked.

"It's, it's, its Ron. Ron's hurt." Percy picked up the letter that was lying on the floor where his Mother had dropped it. He scanned it quickly for key details and then dropped the letter back on the floor. He looked around the room for a spare piece of parchment, scribbled out a quick message to his Father and called for Errol. The minute Errol had pulled his half dead form from his perch; Percy pushed him out of the window.

"Errol, to the Ministry of Magic, to Dad, fast as you can." As he watched the old owl disappearing into the distance he sighed. He looked at his Mother. Percy's report was forgotten and now Percy was focusing on something a lot more important than his report. Ron.