Chapter 3

Rosalie POV

I had finally managed to calm down by time I heard Esme walking up the stairs.

"You can turn around now. I'm calm." I obeyed and faced her, but stayed silent.

She motioned for me to sit on the bed and I sat down beside her.

"Rosalie, I am very sorry that I slapped you." I was about to interrupt but she put her index finger up, warning me to stay silent. "However, you have to understand, that despite how close we are in age, or how lax we seem, Carlisle and I are your parents, and you are our child. Talking back, especially in the manner in which you took it, is not allowed."

"I don't know what came over me," I could feel my throat tightening and my eyes watering again. "I was just angry cause it didn't seem like you were taking my side, and I know that-"

"Rosalie, stop. Carlisle may have gone a little overboard. And so did I. You are our daughter and we love you very much. In fact we love you all very much and sometimes we need a few hours to ourselves. And I think we were more than a little embarrassed that we had to go down to your school and have a talk with the principle." At that, that she gave me a playfully stern look.

"I know that love me mom. And I'm sorry. I had a good long time in the corner to think about what I said. And I'm sorry. It was uncalled for, and rude, and disrespectful…"

"I accept your apology. However, behavior today, both at school and at home, will not be tolerated. You will be punished. You're grounded. Two months. You are allowed only home and at school. You will go hunting with either me or your father. You will lose your car privileges," I blanched at that one, "and you will only be allowed to work on them if completely necessary. You will accept the zero that you got, and give Mrs. Turner both a written and verbal apology signed by me and with me present."

"But mom-" I tried to whine. She gave me another look.

"You will hand over your credit card, and will have to survive on a weekly twenty dollar allowance." My eyes widened in protest but I kept my mouth shut. "You will only be allowed out of the house with me or your father."

"Okay." I said after a few minutes. "I am really sorry mom."

"I know. But that's not it. Over me knee, Rosalie."

"Mom?" My eyes began to tear as she gave me her new demand.

"Rosalie you know the rules. And you know the consequences to disobeying them." She said this as laid by rear end over her knees. The spanks were short but hard. By time she was done with twenty five, I was in tears, almost full on sobbing. When she was done, she pulled me up and into a hug.

I cried into her chest and whispered apologies as she shushed me. When I'd stopped crying, she gave me a smile.

"Come downstairs when you're ready and go talk to your father." I nodded silently as she kissed my forehead.

A few minutes after she left, I laughed at my thoughts. When did Esme get so strict?