They had just gotten back to the apartment after wrapping up another case that involved resorting to plan C; the one where Eliot took a beating to ensure the safety of his teammates as Hardison and Parker finished the heist and Sophie entertained the mark.

"Are you okay?" Nate asked Eliot as he threw him an ice pack.

Eliot grumbled as he caught it and slouched back on the couch.

Nate knew enough to take that as a yes. "Tomorrow Sophie and I have a consult downtown. Rest up, and we'll meet back here at 10am."

"Are you serious?" Eliot shot up in disgust.

"Yeah, man, I'm with him." Hardison spoke up. "Look, I'm all about righting the wrongs of this world, but we have not had the time to kick back since before Juarez."

Nate took a sip from his coffee mug. "I know. I know, and I'm sorry, but this is important."

"They're all important." Eliot rolled his eyes.

"Nate, you are getting pretty obsessive about this." Sophie acted as the voice of reason.

"And even creepier than normal." Parker added.

"Just this one more, and then I promise you will get some vacation time."

"Fine." Eliot huffed and got up. He felt his body dragging more than it should after a five on one attack from rent-a-cop security officers. He figured even if he only slept his typical 90 minutes he might as well go home and rest up as advised.

"Where are you going?" Parker followed him to the door.

"Out." He answered simply.

"Do you want to repel from a rooftop with me?" She asked with a crazy grin as her adrenaline was still pumping.

"There's something wrong with you." Eliot shook his head and opened the door.

"See ya tomorrow, man." Hardison held up his hand. Eliot responded with a brief wave.

"Would you like to take the harness for a test drive?" Parker asked Hardison instead.

"No." Hardison laughed. "But if you're still buzzing we can hit a flick or something."

Parker gave an indifferent shrug and followed him to his van. "There's not going to be any aliens in this one, are there?"

"I'm not sure." Hardison lied.

"They're not real, right?" Parker inquired. Their voices faded; Nate and Sophie were left alone in the apartment.

"You don't really think I'm obsessed…?" Nate posed to her.

"I think you've traded one addiction for another." Sophie confessed.

"They would tell me if it was too much." Nate stated for his own benefit more than anything else.

"I believe they just did." Sophie responded and felt it best to leave him to his own contemplation. "I'll see you tomorrow."