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Find Your Love

by A'isha Ishtar


I'm more than just an option

Hey, hey, hey

Hitomi honestly couldn't believe her luck. She really had to wonder how she, the woman who had little to no luck most days, had gotten such a deal on her new house. Well, someone had been living there before her, but it was technically new to her. And once she saw the house, she marveled over why the previous owner would sell such a wonderful place. It wasn't very big, and it was only one story, but she didn't need any more than that. It had a very pretty design, the bricks white with swirls of pastel pink, as well as black. There was also a barn, which had one horse in it, as the owner told her. Looking at the place, and remembering what a low price she'd gotten it for, she nearly laughed. It was funny, really… the last owner had been in some kind of a hurry to move, so he was willing to sell for a lower sum than he'd advertised. It was a good thing for Hitomi, too; the original price had been a few thousand too much for her to afford.

Hitomi waved to the moving van, signaling to the driver that she was finished getting all of her boxes. Most of them were now inside the house, but there was one that contained all of her shoes. "Yep," she grinned as she picked it up with a grunt. "Whoever said women have too many shoes was so not trying to form a stereotype… 'cause we totally do."

She lugged the box into the house and set it down through a door that led to her bedroom. Everything was pretty much bare, but the owner had left a stove in the kitchen and a couch and chair in the living room. She'd have to get her own bed and put all her stuff in the closet herself, though.

Deciding she could do all that later (and that it was time for lunch), she picked up her purse. She wanted to get to the supermarket before everybody flocked there and she had to wait in a huge line. However, she didn't have any mode of transportation yet. She had left her car to her younger sister, who was a ninja, for use if she had to travel a long way for a mission.

Shaking her head, Hitomi began to walk. She honestly didn't see why her sister wanted to be a ninja – after all, nobody else in their family was. Not even her uncle, and he was violent. In fact, she had moved away from Hananiwa to get away from all the ninja in that area. She wanted a life without all this conflict and constant war.

She figured a remote country place in the Village of Sound might be just the right change of pace for her. Maybe she could even learn how to ride a horse like she'd wanted to for most of her childhood. She giggled as she thought that perhaps she'd find a prince here to ride off into the sunset with. But then again, she probably wouldn't, considering her luck. She never really had luck when it came to anything, especially men. She was pushing thirty and she still wasn't married, engaged, or in a relationship. She'd had maybe… ten boyfriends in her entire life, starting shortly after she'd gotten out of school. Her first boyfriend was when she was nineteen, a year after she'd graduated. Since then, she'd had an average of one boyfriend per year. Her last one had been six months ago, and thankfully, she'd already forgotten his name. He was a jerk anyway, as were most of the guys she'd dated. Well, her first guy wasn't so bad… it had been her fault, actually, that they'd broken up. She'd made a fuss over the fact that he'd cut his long hair, and she didn't like it, and she just didn't find him attractive anymore… so they decided to go their separate ways.

She'd really struck out on him. She should have just kept her mouth shut about it. He was allowed to do whatever he wanted, after all. It was his head.

She honestly couldn't believe how huge the supermarket was. It was massive, and that was a word she didn't often use. She saw that in addition to the food aisles, there were a few aisles devoted to souvenir items like trading cards and jewelry. She glanced at the jewelry and debated about getting herself a sort of "Welcome!" gift. She decided against it, but then got another idea. She had seen a house next to hers – more like a mansion, really – and she assumed somebody lived there. Maybe if she made them some cookies or something, she'd get on their good side and she'd at least have one close friend.

She turned around to get all the necessary things for cookies (as well as something to eat for herself), but was shoved back. A hooligan with a skateboard (WTF?) was heading the other way. "Hey!" she shouted at him, stamping her high-heeled foot.

He glanced back. "Chill out, old lady!" He rode off through the store.

Hitomi tried desperately not to let him ruffle her feathers, but she turned and stalked away. "Thanks a lot, brat," she huffed. "Just what I needed." She hated being reminded of her age. She was twenty-nine years old, and she would be turning thirty in less than three months. Oh, how she loathed getting older.

"Now… where are the damn baking ingredients?"


As if it wasn't already hot enough today, having the oven on made the house stifling. Luckily, the cookies only took twelve minutes, during which time Hitomi was able to devour the instant ramen she'd gotten for her own lunch. When she checked the cookies, they were perfectly done. She cooled them for twenty minutes, then put them in an empty tin she'd found in one of her boxes and cleaned out.

She went to the house next door. It was about as big as the supermarket. She was practically sure the place was a maze of twisting hallways and quite possibly staircases on the inside. She took a breath, and stepped up to the door. She raised her hand and prepared to knock, bracing herself for whoever was inside.

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