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I better find your lovin'

Once Torami had woken up to the point that she wasn't constantly trying to smack Kimimaro across the face again, the three of them headed into the living room to see if the karaoke program Hitomi had forced Kabuto to install had any good songs. What they found was Kidomaru messing with the boombox, Tayuya (who had come back) yelling at him to fix the damn skip, Jirobo trying to figure out which button would give the television captions, and Ukon lying lazily on the couch, contentedly licking another lollipop and just watching everyone make fools of themselves.

Hitomi rolled her eyes. "Okay, how I hate doing this but for extreme measures..." She took her first two fingers of her right hand, inserted them into her mouth, and whistled loud enough to be heard from Suna. "Okay! All this stops now! I want everybody to shut their ever-lovin' pieholes and listen up!"

Everyone glanced at her for all of two seconds before Kidomaru abandoned the boombox, Tayuya smacked him over the head, Jirobo handed Hitomi the TV remote, and Ukon sat up to make more room on the couch. Hitomi messed around with the remote and the giant TV screen came down a little more. "Now we change it to video..." She pressed a button, being more technologically advanced than the rest of them, probably because they were ninjas. Ninjas didn't have to have a good understanding of technology. "And we hit this button for the karaoke program..."

Music began to blare out, and she immediately turned it down a few notches. "Okay. Well..." She grabbed the two wireless microphones, turned them on, and handed one to Torami. She also handed off the remote to her sister. "You wanna choose the first song?"

"Yaaaaay!" She began to scroll through the songs. "Watch me sing, Kimimaro-chan! Hitomi-nee and I are really good, especially together!"

Hitomi was singing first. "Random acts of mindlessness

Commonplace occurrences..."

Now it was Torami's turn. "Chances of surprises

Another state of consciousness..."

Hitomi again. "Tell me nothing ever counts

Lashing out or breaking down..."

Torami again. "Still somebody loses

'Cause there's no way to turn around..."

Hitomi's turn. "Tell me how you've never felt

Delicate or innocent..."

Torami's turn. "Do you still have doubts

That us having faith makes any sense?"

Hitomi's turn. "You play games, I play tricks..."

Torami's turn. "Girls and girls, but you're the one..."

And then together... "Like a game of pick-up sticks

Played by fuckin' lunatics!

Show me love, show me love

Show me love, show me love

Show me love

Till you open the door

Show me love, show me love

Show me love, show me love

Show me love

Till I'm up off the floor

Show me love, show me love

Show me love, show me love

Show me love

Till it's inside my pores

Show me love, show me love

Show me love, show me love

Show me love

Till I'm screaming for more!"

Everyone was having fun doing the karaoke, except Ukon who was still on the couch. Those who weren't playing were cheering for those who were. Well, everyone had been having fun... until they had spun the Twister card and made Hitomi and Kimimaro sing "Everlasting Love" together. Then it was just kind of... awkward.

After Hitomi and Torami finished their version of "Show Me Love", Torami practically hurled herself into Kimimaro's arms. "Did you hear me, Kimi-chan? Waaaaai, I was so good!"

"Yes, you were." Kimimaro smiled, lightly pushing her off of him. He was trying to respect her personal space and not get himself into more trouble with whoever Miko was. If Torami's girlfriend wasn't as sweet as she was, he could be in trouble being with her like this and - Lord help him - having a crush on her.

"I'm really glad someone as awesome as you is my nee-chan's bestie," Torami commented, snatching the remote from her aforementioned nee-chan. "A lot of guys would just like call her 'old lady' or something."

Kimimaro shrugged. "With age comes wisdom. I think it is a good thing, because Lady Hitomi is very wise."

"You is awesome, Kimi-kun."

"I... thank you."

Meanwhile, Hitomi was waving her mic around. "Who wants next turn, guys?"

"Yo, Lady Hito!" Kidomaru rushed forward, grabbing one of her arms with all six of his hands. "Ukon just threw up."

"Serious?" Hitomi tossed her mic anywhere and hurried back to the couch.

She found Ukon sitting up on the couch, bent over the trash can, coughing dryly. He looked miserable, his eyes darker and sweat beading down his face. If she had to guess what was going to happen to him next, she would have said he was about to pass out.

"Oh, Ukon." She sat down beside him and reached over, placing her hand palm-down on his forehead. "You look terrible. But you're not warm... maybe it's food poisoning?"

"Well, if that were the case," Kimimaro commented, "then Jirobo would be ill, as well."

Ukon coughed more, and spit in the trash can. "It's not food poisoning, and I'm not contagious," he wheezed out, resting the wastebasket on the floor. "This happens every time I'm away from Sakon for too long."

Hitomi shook her head, her hand still over his forehead. "But it's only been, like, two hours. Does it always kick in this fast?"

"It usually happens sometime after the first hour... and..." He turned green, gagging. "I'm gonna puke again!" He grabbed the trash can and retched; this time something actually came up.

"That's it," Tayuya said, running out of the area. "I'm going in my room and never coming out."

"Ditto!" Kidomaru called, following.

Hitomi sighed, rubbing Ukon's back lightly. "Okay, I think that's pretty much the end of the party." She looked up. "Jirobo-kun, why don't you go to your room? Kimimaro, make sure Torami gets to her car safely."

"But..." Kimimaro pointed to Torami, who was trying to turn the karaoke off. "She is still intoxicated, Lady Hitomi. Are you sure it's wise for her to drive herself home?"

"Well, you can't drive. And I've gotta stay with Ukon." She winced as the blue-haired boy gagged again. "I dunno, call her a ninja cab or something and I'll bring her car to her before Orochimaru gets back."

Kimimaro nodded. "I will call the merchant down the street, he should have a cart he can get her home in."

"Pfft." Hitomi let out a suppressed snicker. "Isn't he the guy that does nothing but yell 'CABBAGES!' all day?"

"Well... yes... but he has a cart. The only thing is that we will owe him a favor... but I'm sure Lord Orochimaru won't mind. He loves his people, after all."

Hitomi rolled her eyes as Kimimaro walked off to the kitchen for the phone. "Yeah. That's what he feels toward them - love. Put that in the next Bathroom Humor book, it'll be the best one yet."

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