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Zoe grabbed the padlock that Takuya gave her when they were in Thailand.

"I bought a souvenir," Takuya pulled a bolt from his pocket.

"Ha!" Zoe's voice whipped, and then Takuya was right behind her, his hands curling over Zoe's, loosening the lock into her hand. "What is this?" she demanded, chuckling,

He turned his face away from Zoe, then back to hers and grabbed the lock. "I want it to make it simple so here it is," he introduced. "This is where our happy, sad and embarrassing moments locked."

Zoe giggled as she pulled back the lock from him. "You are full of crazy ideas."

He pulled another things from his pocket. This time, it was a key. "This is a key to our world. Only you and I can use this." Takuya turned to open the window and threw the key out of the window.

"What the heck was that for?" Zoe's head twisted around, her eyes locking on the outside, her expression confused. She realized at once that he's really ready.

"What did you see?" Takuya said—and there was no question in his flat, uncaring voice.

Zoe looked at him sharply. He kept his expression vacant and waited. Her eyes confused as she flickered swiftly between their faces, feeling the chaos…for she could guess what Takuya's been doing.

He felt a tranquil atmosphere settle around him. He welcomed it, using it to keep his emotions disciplined, under control.

Zoe, too, recovered herself.

"You gave me a lock and threw the key away," she answered finally, her voice remarkably calm and convincing.

"If we ever find the key, it means we're meant for each other."

They looked at each other, her expression smooth and withdrawn. "I'll be waiting for that."

Pansin mo ba ang pagbabago?
Di matitigan ang iyong mga mata
Tila di na nananabik
Sa iyong yakap at halik

Takuya was walking back to his room then he had a flashback.

"I'm in love with you!" He's heart can't stop beating loudly.

Zoe stepped back automatically from Takuya. "Takuya…I have…I gotta go," she grabbed her backpack and shoes and ran away from Takuya.

Her mind swirling her dizzily, full of images she couldn't' understand, and some she fought to repress. Nothing seemed clear to her

Takuya smiled to himself thinking if he was crazy.

Zoe lied her head back down on her bed, tears running on her face like razor blades. She raised the padlock and smiled to herself.

He frowned. "What's the difference between those who can and cannot see?"


"Those who can see never know when or what they can see or cannot see."


Sana'y malaman mo
Hindi sinasadya
Kung ang nais ko ay maging Malaya

Zoe stood a hugged herself on the couch just like what Takuya's doing in his room only his daydreaming without hugging himself. He looked to his side like Zoe did, as if they were looking into someone.

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan
Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nababahala
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan
Ngunit puso ko ay kailangan kang iwan

When Zoe was drowning, Zoe saw Takuya. That's the reason she had no will to fight. Her subconscious had stored Takuya away in flawless detail, saving him for that final moment. She saw his perfect face as if he were really there at the bottom of the ocean; the exact shade of his skin, the shape of his lips, the line of his jaw, the gold glinting in his furious eyes. He was angry, naturally, that she was giving up. His teeth were clenched and his nostrils flared with rage.

Pansin mo ba ang nararamdaman
Di na tayo magkaintindihan
Tila hindi na maibabalik
Tamis ng yakap at halik

"Keep swimming!" Takuya begged as if he wasn't under the water urgently.

Zoe smiled. Where?

"Stop that!" he ordered. "Don't you dare give up! Fight!" he yelled. "Damn it, Zoe, keep fighting."


"No! Zoe, no!"

Maaring tama ka lumalamig ang pagsinta
Sana'y malaman mong di ko sinasadya

"Leave me alone. There's nothing more to say, I've already told you everything I wanted to."

He gaped. "There's everything more to say! You haven't said anything yet!"

"You're the one who haven't said anything yet!" She yelled back at him.

"I'm sorry, Zoe," Takuya said each word distinctly in a cold voice that didn't seem to belong him.

"You broke your promise, Takuya. You lied to me!" The blank emptiness of her life before—before Takuya brought some semblance of reason back into it—reared up confronted her. Loneliness choked in her throat. "Stay away from me. I don't wanna ever talk to you again."

The silly, inconsequential hurt was incredibly potent. Zoe's tears welled up again. "Are you…breaking up with me?" The words were all wrong, but they were the best way he could think to phrase what he was asking.

She barked out a bitter laugh. "Hardly. I think I am."

"Zoe…why? I know I've hurt you but I didn't mean to. Please, Zoe. I almost broke my promise to you. I need you!" The blank emptiness of her life before—Takuya brought semblance of reason back into it—reared up and confronted him. Loneliness choked in their throat. "I'm sorry, Zoe," Takuya said each word distinctly in a cold voice that didn't seem to belong to him.

"Almost? You just did!"

Zoe heard her voice escaping in a whisper.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't…before…" she was desperate, reaching, stretching the truth so far that it curved nearly into a shape of a lie. "Maybe…you and I changed," she whispered. "I gave you time…you quit on me when I gave you time, Takuya. I can't take that."

His face went from anger to agony in a second. One shaking hand reached toward her and she slapped it away from her.

"No. Don't think like that, Zoe, please. I blame myself for this, this is my entire fault. This one isallme. I swear I'll make it up to you."

"It's not you, it's me," she whispered. "There won't be a next time."

"I mean it, Zoe. Don't do this…" he struggled, his voice going even huskier as he fought to control his emotion. His eyes were tortured. "Am I not good enough to be your boyfriend anymore? I'm good."

"Youweregood. But not anymore to me." She stared at him, confused and appalled. "What are yousaying?Youweremuch better than I am, Takuya. Youweregood. Now, I'm telling you that you aren't anymore. Takuya. It's not a vicious lie, Takuya! Let me tell you that!" She was suddenly yelling again.

Takuya's face went hard a flat. "No one had to tell me anything. I know what I am."

"Good to know, because what I think is what you are! Takuya—liar, cheater, what else? Does liar and cheater make a difference?"

She was backing away from him.

"I'm sorry, Zoe," he said again; this time it was a broken mumble.

"Sorry. Sorry. Sorry." She repeated. "Sorry won't change anything—from now on, Takuya doesn't exist in my world anymore."

Zoe turned and almost ran away from him.

Takuya absentmindedly bumped his head to his window several times as he remembered that.

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan
Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nababahala
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan
Ngunit puso ko ay kailangan kang iwan

She saw a piece of paper on the table beside her bed.

She picked it up, her hand was shaking:

I love you. I am so sorry. I am so very, very sorry.

Don't be angry with my friends even though you're already not. Thank you for everything.

I came in your room, hoping to talk with you, turns out you fall asleep on your couch.

And please, please next time don't forget to lock your door. Please, don't think I did something to you, I only carried you in your bed, nothing else.

I love you.

Forgive me.


Zoe grumbled the letter carefully, and threw it away from her. Eventually she will find it. She only hoped she would understand him, and he would understand her, and they listened to each other just once.

Di hahayaang habang buhay kang saktan
Di sasayangin ang iyong panahon
Ikaw ay magiging Masaya
Sa yakap at sa piling ng iba

Takuya brought Zoe to the park. Zoe sat at the swing. Shivered.

"Are you cold?" Zoe hasn't given him an answer and Takuya was shrugging out of his jacket. He was removing a light red leather jacket now; underneath he wore an ivory turtleneck sweater. It fit him snugly, emphasizing how muscular his chest was.

He handed her the jacket.

"Thanks" she said, sliding her arms into his jacket. It was hot—she stopped shivering. It smelled amazing. She inhaled, trying to identify the delicious scent. The sleeves were much too long; she shoved it back so she could free her hands.

"That color red looks lovely with your skin, he said, as he sat at the swing, watching her. She was surprised; she looked down.

"Why'd you brought me here?" Zoe asked.

"I love parks."

"So am I. I hang out here every time there are no classes. I especially love swinging!" As she moved back and forth on the swing.

"I'm sorry...and thank you very much."

"For what?"

"I'm sorry because I acted like you never existed from the first time I saw you. And thank you, for everything."

"I haven't given you anything yet."

"For still being my friend even though I've been rude around ya since the day we've met."

Zoe didn't reply instead she smiled. She looked up at the sky. Both of them watching the stars shining.

Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan
Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nababahala
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan
Ngunit puso ko ay kailangan kang iwan

Zoe wiped off of the tears angrily and hugged the pillow on her bed.

"I'm sorry," over and over until she drifted to sleep.

Based on 'I am Your Life'

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