Chapter 1

Reba sighed as she sat at her desk at her office downtown. She has been so bored since Van left. She was surprised by how much she missed his antics here at the office. They kept her entertained. She had finished all her work and she had nothing really to do. She didn't realize how much time Van took up most of her day, not that that was a bad thing. She really did miss him, their girl talks in the morning, and his goofiness. She smiled at the thought. He has been gone for a couple of months. She doesn't know why she is still thinking how much she misses her son-in-law at the office. Oh well, he was on to bigger and better things.

Her whole family was on to bigger and better things. Kyra's last year of high school was going by faster than anyone expected and that made Reba a little sad because Kyra mentioned she was going to be moving in with a couple of band mates once she graduated. Reba decided to support her on this because she didn't want their relationship to get messed up again. Kyra had actually wanted to go to the movies with her mother a couple of times and they had fun. Why would she want to ruin it by an argument she knew she wouldn't win? Kyra was eighteen and Reba knew she couldn't keep her at home forever. A mother could only dream.

When Kyra mentioned leaving it made her think that once she was gone it would be just her and Jake but Jake was growing up so fast that he didn't want to be in the house much anymore. He was always with his friends. He would be in high school soon and then he would graduate and she would be all alone. She wanted to spend as much time with Jake and Kyra as possible because the last great moments she would have a chance to have with them would soon pass right on by.

Barbara Jean and Brock were still around. Even though they really had no reason to be there, they still came around a lot. Reba thinks a lot of it had to do with them feeling bad because Reba was left home alone a lot. She did like the company but it did get annoying when they would just barge in like that. She sighed as she thought about what would happen once Jake left. She would really be truly alone. She didn't want to think about how alone she would be because it just made her think of how much of a life she didn't have. She would wake up, make breakfast, and drop Jake off at school, then go to work. She would then come home and cook dinner and fall asleep watching the ten o'clock news. That was her day.

She sighed and turned her head to the side as something caught her eye. She then immediately rolled her eyes and turned her face back to her computer screen. It was Victor Mariano. (I don't know if that is a name on any TV show or anything but it just came to my head. It seems familiar but I don't know where.) He was a new guy. He was going to be her partner to replace Van but her boss decided they were both better off on their own…because they argued too much. It wasn't like the arguments like her and Van had in the past. These arguments were different. She didn't know why but they were different. Vic Marino was tall, broad shoulders, black hair, green eyes, beautiful smile...he was hot. She had noticed of course because she was only human after all but he had such a big ego. He seemed to love to torture her. He was such a big flirt too and it drove her nuts how he would always ask her when she would run away with him. He was such a…man.

Reba shook her head to clear her mind of Vic. She really didn't want to think of him. She decided to log on to her computer and check her e-mail. She smiled when she saw the e-mail from Van. She laughed when she read he said he still missed their girl talks but things were going great with his work. She was truly happy for him. She had a couple from co-workers, one from Cheyenne, and a few from Barbara Jean. Reba rolled her eyes but smiled that Barbara Jean always sent her a few e-mails a day. After reading and replying to all she was about to log off when she got an instant message. That was weird because she didn't remember logging on to the instant message.

SexyBeast: How you doing sweetheart

Reba had no clue who it was from until the next message came up.

SexyBeast: When are you going to run away with me?

Reba rolled her eyes and looked over at Vic who was giving her his sweet smile. She glared.

RamblinRedRose: You know I could report a harassment charge on you right?

SexyBeast: You won't because you know you love me darling.

RamblinRedRose: What did I ever do to you?

SexyBeast: You haven't done anything to me honey. I am only messing with you. You can't take a joke can you?

RamblinRedRose: Sometimes you can go a little too far.

SexyBeast: I'm sorry. I'll stop. I won't bug you anymore.

RamblinRedRose: Is this a sincere apology?

SexyBeast: Of course it is

RamblinRedRose: Good.

Reba stopped there and stared at the screen waiting for a respond, little did she know he was concentrating on her, not on typing a message. She looked sad to him.

SexyBeast: Why so sad?

RamblinRedRose: What? I am not sad.

SexyBeast: Come on Red. Who do you think you're fooling?

RamblinRedRose: I was just thinking of my family, ok. They are all growing up and going away. My youngest will soon be going to high school and then to college. After he leaves I'll be alone. I am divorced and I am not even dating anyone, who's going to want some old divorcee…

Reba paused when she realized she had spilled her guts to a man she ha…strongly disliked.

RamblinRedRose: Wait, why am I telling you this?

SexyBeast: You needed to tell someone. You won't be truly alone. They will be around and as far as dating goes…I don't think you will have a problem because if you don't mind me saying…you look d*** good honey.

Reba stared at the screen and for a moment she forgot that he could see her, she blushed.

SexyBeast: You look even cuter when you blush.

She looked over at him and glared as he continued to smile at her.

RamblinRedRose: You know, I am going to go now.

SexyBeast: Don't leave! I was only giving you a compliment.

RamblinRedRose: Thank you for the compliment but I am leaving anyway. I am finished with my work and there is no point to waiting around here all day. I am going to ask if I can get the rest of the day off.

SexyBeast: You should go out and enjoy the afternoon. You do work hard.

SexyBeast: Hey, what do you say to going out with me tonight…as friends?

RamblinRedRose: I don't think so

SexyBeast: No wait…you could use a break. You work hard for your family and for this company and its Friday. Hang out with me tonight…please?

RamblinRedRose: That's the first time I heard you say please.

Reba thought about for a moment and looked over to Vic. He was staring at her with a pouting lip, begging her. Reba rolled her eyes.

RamblingRedRose: All right but just as friends

SexyBeast: All right! Party!

Reba couldn't help but laugh and smile.

RamblingRedRose: No partying ok, just good clean fun.

SexyBeast: All right. No wild parties. I'll see you tonight, eight o'clock and wear something fun.

Reba smiled and before she could say goodbye a little box in the corner popped up that said SexyBeast had signed off. She frowned and looked over to his desk to find it empty. She shrugged and gathered her stuff up before heading to her boss's office to ask if she could leave.

After she had permission to leave Reba let her hair down, literally, and walked to her car with a spring in her step. She was kind of glad she said yes to Vic. Sure he was annoying but he did say please and she did deserve to hang out, even with the egotistical pig Vic. She was tired of waiting on her family so much. She was determined to start having a life. She was going to go a little wild and carefree tonight but first she needed to find something to wear.

She went straight home and she was happy she came home to an empty house. She could relax for a while before she went out with Vic. As she was lying down on her bed she looked over at her closet. What should she wear? He said something fun so she figured jeans and a nice top would suffice. She didn't know why she just suddenly told him everything she was feeling, it wasn't like they were great friends. They never got along well. She didn't know why she said yes to hanging out with him tonight. She did need to get out but why with him? She shrugged and closed her eyes as she snuggled up to her pillow, ready to fall asleep.

She awoke a few hours later to a slamming of doors. She shot up in bed and groaned as she realized that some of her family was home. Maybe she shouldn't be so worried about being alone once Jake left. She walked down the stairs and saw her whole family in the living room. "Hey mom." Cheyenne said smiling.

Kyra was standing by the door getting some stuff together. She looked up when she saw her mother. "Mom, no need to worry about dinner, I have a gig tonight and on the way I am dropping off Jake at a friend's."

Reba couldn't believe what she was hearing. She walks downstairs and instead of getting a 'Hey mom how was your day?' they told her not to worry about dinner. How could they just assume that she had nothing to do at night but make them dinner? Cheyenne smiled and then handed over Elizabeth to her. Reba was confused as Cheyenne started going off about Elizabeth's bed time and such, like she didn't know when her bedtime was. Besides her parents, Reba was the only other person Elizabeth seen everyday. "Wait a second." Reba said stopping her daughter. "Did you even ask if I would watch Elizabeth tonight?"

Cheyenne shrugged. "I just assumed you would. Van and I are going out with dad and Barbara Jean tonight. They have a babysitter for Henry. We knew you would have nothing to do tonight."

Reba's felt her blood beginning to boil as she listened to her daughter just assuming she had nothing to do. Reba smiled sweetly and handed Elizabeth back to her daughter. "What if I did have plans tonight?"

Cheyenne glanced at everyone and they all laughed. Cheyenne shook her head and handed Elizabeth back to her mother. "Yeah right, good one mom, she hasn't been fed dinner so…"

Reba didn't let her finish as she quickly handed Elizabeth back again. "I'm sorry but I can't watch her tonight. I do have plans and you're just going to have to find someone else." Reba walked into the kitchen to get some water and everyone seemed to follow.

Cheyenne looked sad. "Who will watch Elizabeth?"

Reba shrugged and stared at her daughter. "You should have thought about that before you just assumed that I am going to watch her."

Reba took her bottle of water and walked out of the kitchen. The clock chimed seven and she couldn't believe she had slept that long. She had only an hour to get ready and she wanted to shower. She was walking up the stairs when her daughter started again. "I get it mom. Good lesson, I learned well and I will never assume again. Now will you please watch Elizabeth?"

Reba turned around and stood at the top of the stairs. "I'm serious. I have plans tonight and you know what I don't know when I'll be home. For once I am going to let you guys worry where I will be. I am so sick of doing nothing but babysitting, cleaning, and cooking. I thought when Cheyenne and Van left I would have a life but I don't. You guys can take care of yourselves for the night and figure out who will be taking care of your daughter. Now if you will excuse me I have to go shower and change."

Reba stomped up the rest of the stairs and slammed the door to her bedroom once inside. It just made her so angry that they assumed she would do everything for them. Tonight it stops, she is going to have fun and she meant it when she said she didn't know when she would be home. She was going to have as much fun as possible tonight. She stomped to the bathroom and turned on the shower to start to get ready. Little did Reba know was that she might have a little too much fun tonight.

End of Chapter