Chapter 12

Reba's jaw dropped. "You knew!"

Stacy nodded. "Who do you think sent the wedding announcement to the papers?" Stacy expected Reba to blow up but Reba just laughed. She laughed and she hugged her. "This is new. Why are you hugging me?"

Reba pulled away. "Thank you."

"I don't know what I did but you're welcome."

Reba giggled and wiped away the tears. "I don't know what is wrong with me. I am just so afraid."

Stacy scoffed. "Afraid of what? Afraid of spending there rest of your life with that gorgeous man! Getting to sleep with that gorgeous man! He loves you Reba and I don't know how he could be clearer? He does all these things for you and you just crap all over him." Stacy shook her head and stood up. "I don't' know what is wrong with you girl but you need to get your priorities straight because they are seriously screwed up!"

Stacy walked away and left a dumbfounded Reba at her desk. Reba suddenly knew what the woman was talking about. Vic had shown her everything she ever wanted it a man. He was gorgeous, educated, rich (although that wasn't necessary but it was a big plus), and to top it off he had a cute butt! What was she waiting for?

Reba went into her boss's office to see if he knew where Vic was. "Mr. Slaton?"

"Yes." He said looking up from his work.

"Where is Vic?"

Her boss looked confused. "He quit Reba."

Reba's eyes widen. "What?"

"I thought he would talk to you about it of all people but he quit."

Reba ran her hand through her hair. He could be at his apartment. "You don't know where he would be would you?"

"He said something about catching a flight to Italy at three o'clock?"

Reba eyes widen and ran out of her boss's office. She grabbed her purse as she ran by her desk and headed straight for the door. "Where are you going?" Stacy yelled as she flew past her.

Reba smiled. "To get my husband."

Stacy laughed. "Go get him…and make up for you're stubbornness."

Reba shook her head and darted out of the building and to her car. She hoped in and her tires squealed as she sped out of the parking lot and onto the street. She honked her horn and darted through traffic. Why was there traffic? Why now? It was in the middle of the afternoon. She was honked at and she ignored them as she sped past cars. Her jaw dropped as she was flipped off by an old lady. She ignored the old lady and remembered why she was speeding through traffic.

She finally arrived at the airport and tossed her keys to the man working valet. She stopped in and looked at the screens looking for three o'clock to Italy. She found it and headed to gate 50. (I don't know how airports work or anything.) She groaned. It would be one far away. She ran and she was sure she knocked over a few people and one little old lady that she helped up but once she said she was ok she ran off again.

She arrived at gate 50 and there was a tone of people. She sighed and looked around. Where was he? She had to step on a chair and her heart leaped when she saw his tall self by the windows. "Vic!" She saw him turn and he seemed quite surprised to see her there. "Vic…" she continued to yell as she crawled through the people. "Sorry…ooo…sorry….didn't mean to….excuse me….I'll pay for that, Reba Hart real estate agent, look me up." Reba finally stopped in front of Vic and smiled. He wasn't smiling though. "Hi." She said in a cheery voice.

He looked at the people who were glaring at her and rubbing their feet or trying to fix their luggage. "Let's go over here." He said bringing her into an open yet private spot. "What are you doing here?" he asked

Reba shrugged and smiled. "I was just in the neighborhood." Reba saw Vic's stare. "Right, no time to joke, look, it's my turn to say this." She paused and smiled before continuing, "I'm not going through with the annulment."

Vic shook his head. "Reba…I don't want you in a marriage you don't…"

Reba shook her head. "You have it all wrong ok. I am in a marriage I want."

Vic sighed and saw they were boarding. "Their boarding now."

Reba tried stopping him from leaving. "Please don't leave. Look, I was afraid. I am not exactly lucky when it comes to relationships ok. My first boyfriend left me because I wouldn't sleep with him, my second boyfriend I left for Brock because I was afraid of commitment, I thought the curse was broken with Brock but then he left after twenty years, then Brian, then Jack…I understand that Bobby is just a friend. I just overreacted to the small peck ok. I get easily jealous, that's another problem that I have to work on besides my temper and my need to be in control. I was…" she paused for a moment to catch her breath, "just so afraid because of my past relationships that this wouldn't work between us. I told you before I didn't believe in romance and I don't…or didn't really. I just felt you would get bored with me one day just like Brock did. I wasn't sure if you could handle my controlling nature and my temper. I thought Brock and I were forever but when he left I just was so depressed and sometimes I didn't even want to get out of bed. I don't want to go through that again. I just…"

Vic stopped her. "I get it but I'm not like those guys. I can handle you're temper." Vic chuckled for a moment. "I love you're temper. Your nostrils flare, your cheeks get flushed, your eyes get this fire in them, and I swear your hair turns a darker shade of red. You look adorable and let me tell you I have a bad temper as well. As far as controlling goes, I can handle that too. I will let you know if you go too far and sometimes…" he said smirking and raising some suggestive eyebrows. "I will let you have complete control." Reba laughed and her smiled turned big. Vic was suddenly serious too. "I can't guarantee forever because let's face it who can but I can guarantee that I love you and I guarantee happiness, some fun." He smirked. "Great se…"

Reba held up her hand. "I don't need to hear you bragging about how great you are." She paused and smirked. "I already know."

Vic chuckled. "I was going to say great seats to the opera but thanks for the compliment anyway."

Reba smacked him and chuckled. "Shut up."

"Last call for flight 151 to Rome." The loud intercom announced.

They heard the flight call over the intercom and Vic moved away from Reba a bit. "I have to go."

Reba couldn't believe this. "After everything we said to each you're still going to leave."

"I have to." He said walking to the counter.

Reba followed him. "You can't leave me!" She said as she felt tears welding up in the back of her eyes. How could he do this? After all she had said to him, after all that he had said to her? He was just going to leave. Why?

Vic handed his ticket to the stewardess. "I'll be back in a week."

"But…what?" she asked confused. "I thought you quit."

Vic nodded as he stood at the entrance that led to the long walkway to the plane. "I did. I am taking over my father's company because he is retiring, whether I like it or not he says. I figured I might as well do some good if I absolutely have to take over the company, turn it around."

Reba suddenly felt very stupid. "Then why Italy?" she asked

"I visit my grandmother every year around this time. I check up on her. I make sure she's ok and has everything she needs." He said with a smile.

Reba blushed a violent red. "Oh" she said quietly.

Vic smirked. "You look cuter when you blush."

Reba smiled. "Shut up."

Vic chuckled. "I'll see you when I get back." He started walking backwards down the hall. "I'll call you while I'm on the trip."

Reba nodded. "Bye." She waved. She turned but then remembered something and turned back around quickly. "Vic!" He turned back to her smiling. She gave him the biggest smile and said, "I love you."

"Love you too sweetheart." She blew him a kiss and then the stewardess shut the door. Reba walked to the window and she didn't leave until his plane was nothing but a small speck in the distance.

End of Chapter