Kuruk glided on the surface of the frigid water on his board, constantly bending the water around him to drive ever faster forward. As he reached out with his senses, he could feel the chunks of ice floating all around him, each one ready to knock him from his board with the slightest contact. Even as his speed increased, Kuruk felt assured that he would be able to avoid the chunks of ice. He chose a path which would take him in the direction of an iceberg which had recently broken up. The chunks of ice became larger and more frequent, but Kuruk maintained his speed, shouting his excitement as the course became more treacherous.

Kuruk banked hard and scraped his board along the edge of a large chunk of ice. As he accelerated away from that piece of ice, more ice appeared in front of him. With no time to turn or waterbend, Kuruk hit the ice head on, shattering his board and getting pitched forward. Acting quickly, he drew the water up towards him into the shape of a board beneath his feet, solidifying the water as he brought it into position. He hit the water with his new ice-board, and surfed on through the icy field.

As he navigated the ice, Kuruk could feel his board breaking apart beneath him, despite his constant efforts to reform the ice under his feet. Kuruk decided that he needed to get out of this ice field quickly and with flair if he was going to salvage his boarding reputation. He reached out with his senses and felt the unfrozen water far beneath him on the bottom of the sea. Using his power, he reached out to the water and began to freeze the water under him. Having increased in size and buoyancy, the water he had frozen suddenly began to surge upward beneath his feet, building speed as he added more ice to the frozen mass. The large mass of ice erupted from the surface under his feet, propelling him through the air and towards the crowd of Northern Water Tribe teenagers who had gathered to watch him show off.

As he went flying towards his peers, Kuruk drew water up towards him, slowing his descent until he gracefully descended towards the crowd. Before he could begin bragging about his latest feat of waterbending, the crowd suddenly dispersed at the arrival of Kabloonak, chief of the Northern Water Tribe.

"Kuruk, the elders of the tribe and I have to talk to you. It is time you learned more about your destiny." Kabloonak's voice was not harsh, but it allowed for no dissent. Kuruk followed reluctantly. Why did he need a destiny when there was so much more fun he could be having?