-John's Diary Entry-

Dear Diary-Thing,

It's been a year since me and Dave and got out of all that shit with Korrok and Shit Narnia. Man that stuff was fucked up. Anyway, Dave is supposedly engaged to Amy now. I don't know if I'm buying that though. I mean, she's cute, yeah, but Dave doesn't seem all that into her. And I should know. I'm his best friend. Not her.

I've never had a diary before…never really been my 'thing', you know. Not much of a writer or a story teller. But if I ever did write a book it would be kick-ass awesome.

So, I guess since this is a diary, I'm supposed to state my deepest thoughts here, right? Why am I asking a question, you're a freakin' book, you can't answer me…or, well…actually you probably could if one of those flyin' wig monster things shit on you.

Note to self: Don't let the wig monsters shit on anything.

I got a DUI and can't drive now, then, with the amazing luck I have, some cop moved in next door. Watches me like a fuckin' hawk anytime I go outside. I can't even have a smoke out side without him there, just…staring. Then when I'm drunk, I'm basically confined to room since he always finds out, somehow, I think he stalks me, and forces me inside my room then he just sits on my couch and watches my TV and drinks all my non-alcoholic drinks. Not that I care about those, I just keep them so I don't look like a fuckin' drunk.

I guess…I've been thinking a lot lately. Haven't really got out of the house much either. Kinda just been stuck doin' nothing. I could go to Dave's, but I can't stand to see that stupid nubby-handed chick all over him. She should've stuck with the fuckin' lesbos.

That stupid Amy ruined everything. If she had just stayed in Utah like we'd planned, the world would be perfect…kind of…right now. I would be sitting on Dave's couch playing video games while he keeps trying to convince me that I should drink some water for once. Then maybe he'd sit next to me…then…oh, goddamnit I am not gay!

I gotta stop thinking like this. Every fuckin' time I think about Dave, it always turns into something fucked up and gay!

I don't like-like my best friend. He's my friend and that's all. That's it. Period.

Shit. I need to stop lying to myself. Why would I think about him like this if I didn't like him? I've had a thousands girlfriends and I could have sex with any of them at any given time. But no. I sit on my couch and masturbate to the thoughts of Dave.

FUCKIN' DAVID WONG TURNS ME ON! OKAY! OKAY! What more do I have to say…I'm fuckin' bi-sexual for my best friend. And he'd probably slap me or punch and kick me out of his house if he knew. He'd probably kick me out of his life.

Then I'd have to kick my self out of my own life.

I'm gonna tell him sooner or later. I will. I swear to myself I will. That's what the rope hanging in my living room is for. I know he'll hate me after I tell him. Then I'll have nothing to live for. But he's got a good life ahead of him. He'll get a lot of money if Arnie publishes his story in the paper. Then he's got that fuckin' no-handed bitch Amy.

May they have a good life together, the bastards.


-Dave's POV-

I sat on my couch and stared at the clock on my wall. Amy should be getting out of classes soon.

Three solid hard knocks on my door, not that of Amy, but of—

"Hey, Dave what's up!" John said as he barged through my house like he used to before he just stopped coming to my house.

I don't know why he just left. He was over here every day…then…nothing. Never saw him again. He called every now and then when he was freakishly drunk, kept saying he had something really important to tell me but he knew I'd hate him for it. I just hung up on him, he never knew what he was saying when he drunk, so why listen to him ramble on?

John walked out of my kitchen with one of my beers open and in his hand. He saw me staring at him and asked, "You want me to get you one?"

I shook my head, "What do you want, John?"

"I can't just come over and see my best friend without a reason?"

"No. Not when you don't come over for months. And when you call your drunk as fuck." I looked him deep in the eyes and I knew he was planning something. Something that actually almost brought me to tears. "I-I wanna talk to you, John. Not whoever you become when you're drunk. I want to talk to you…and you'll understand. You gotta lay off the beers sometimes. There are like a thousand drinks in the world and you drink only one. You're gonna get some kinda disease from it you know."

John shrugged and walked to my door. He opened it and started to leave, turned around and stared me down, "It doesn't matter. I got a rope hangin' in my livin' room for a reason. I was gonna come over here and tell you one of the most important things my mind has ever realized to be completely true about myself, but if your just gonna be like that, I'll kill myself with out a reason for it." He left and closed the door.

"What the fuck!" I said out loud before following after him, "What the hell was that!" I yelled after him. I didn't see his car, obviously, so he must've walked here.

"I don't know, man, you tell me." He kept walking along the sidewalk in front of my house, heading back toward his place.

I ran quickly down the steps on my front porch and followed after him, "I said, what the hell was that? Kill your self, what are you on?"

"I'm not on anything."

"Sure, and I'm the most attractive guy ever born."

"You are."

"Thanks but—" I took a double take, thinking about what he had said again, "What?"

"I said you are. You are the most attractive guy ever born. That's all there is to it."

"John…stop fucking around."

"I'm not 'fucking around'." Then John did something I never thought he'd do in a billion years, even on the Soy Sauce, even drunk out of his mind, even if someone waved a hundred dollar bill in his face. John kissed me.

My eyes opened wide and I felt his right arm wrap around my lower back as he held me close.

John pulled away and I blinked up at him, shocked and speechless.

"And that's why I'm going to kill my self now. See you in…where ever people like us go when we die." John took his arm off me and started to walk away again.

I just stood there. Still speechless. Still didn't have a single fucking word to say after my best friend just kissed me and tells me he's going to kill himself now.

"W-wait!" I heard myself say and felt my feet carry me forward to chase after him. He stopped walking and turned around. "Don't…don't kill yourself. Why would you do such a stupid thing?"

He didn't say anything. He just stared at me right in the eyes.

"I mean…so what. You like me. What's the big—"

"I love you. There's a difference." John corrected me. This line made my face start to turn red all over. I bit my lip and decided that this is the moment I should decide whether I like him back or not. My answer: I don't know.

"Okay…so…you're…in love with me. So? Uh…that doesn't mean we can't be friends right?"

"HEY GUYS! WHATCHA DOING!" I turned to see Amy waving at us from in front of my house. I hadn't even heard her get here…how did she get here? Did she walk? Oh well…she was here now, so it didn't matter.

"See ya, guys…" John said drearily as he turned back around and started back to his house again.

Amy ran up to me and asked, "What's wrong with John? Didn't get 'it' last night, did he?" She asked in a giggly voice.

"Hey…uh…I'll talk to you later, Amy…just go wait inside, okay? Me and John got stuff to worry about…uh…important stuff…you know…flying stuff…with…bird talons…um…terrorizing the local…um…day care center! I've gotta go save the babies of [Undisclosed]! Children are dying as we speak!" I turned and ran after John.

When I caught up, he didn't turn around, "Flying things with bird talons at the day care center, huh? I didn't even think this damned town had a day care center."

"…probably doesn't…"

"Why'd you follow after me?"

"Because you're my friend and I don't want you to kill your self. And if you do, I at least want to be the last person you talk to before you die."

"Shut up. Don't say things that make me think you actually care about me."

"But…I do care about you, John!" I practically yelled at him.

He turned his head slightly and looked at me, "Thanks, but I don't mean as a friend."

"I-I know…and…n-neither do I."

Apparently, I had made up my mind. Do I like John? Answer: Yes.

"Sure." John said, barely audible as he pulled his lighter from his pocket along with a cigarette and started to light it.

I reached up and grabbed the cigarette, burning my hand as I did this and threw it down on the ground, "Aw, fuck it, John. Stop being so hard on yourself. You sound like me. Now…just…kiss me." I leaned closer to him, but he did nothing. "I said, now kiss me." I closed my eyes and waited. Nothing. "I want you to fuckin' kiss me, John!" I said, actually pouting some.

No one knows how much of a girl John makes you feel like. And if someone told him that, he'd never shut up about himself again for the rest of eternity.

"Why?" John asked, looking down at me, "Why should I kiss you?"

"Because…because I love you too…?" I asked him with a questioning look on my face.

"Really?" John asked, he made it sound like he thought I was lying to him.

I nodded, "…really…"

Finally John leaned closer and kissed me. I was thinking it would just be a short, quick pop kiss like the first one. I was wrong. I could feel John's tongue start to lick my lips, asking for entrance. I did nothing. Then his teeth started to squeeze my lip and bite down on it hard. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop but he was already in. His tongue explored my mouth in ways I had never even thought of with Amy. But right now, Amy was the last thing on my mind.

John pulled away, "I shouldn't be kissing an engaged man." He said, as if it was totally normal, like we were talking about the weather or sports.

"Shut up…what Amy doesn't know won't hurt her!" I said as I pushed my lips back to his.

"But what Amy does know might hurt you quite a bit, you BASTARD!" Amy almost screeched as she grabbed the back of my shirt collar and pulled me away from John.

"WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING! TURNING ALL BI-SEXUAL ON ME!" She screamed at me as I lay on the side walk.

"Amy! Calm the fuck down!" John said, stepping between us.

I leaned up on my elbow and stared up at Amy and John.

Amy looked down at me, "So, I guess you were lying when you said you wanted to get engaged, huh?" Tears were coming to her eyes now, I felt like just breaking down and going to John's house and using that rope he said was hanging in his living room.

"Well…seems like you've got a choice here, David…Amy…or me." John said, smiling down at me as if he knew what my answer would be.

I did actually think about this for a long time. A very, very, very long time. Really, those two and half minutes were the longs minutes of my life.

"Amy…" I said, and I really thought John would pass out for a moment, "I'm sorry…but…I guess…I'm breaking up with you…"

The next thing I knew, John had me in his arms bridal style.

"SEE YA LATER, BI-OTCH!" John said as he carried me away.

I looked around awkwardly in his arms, what had I gotten my self into? Now I was with John and who knew what Amy would do now.

I know what I promised Jim…but…I disserve to live my own life, too, right?


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