If you had asked Troy Bolton what he would be doing at ten thirty on Friday 13th July, he would not have said this.

Four kids huddled together in the corner of a van, wrists tied and mouths gagged. A boy with light brown hair was bleeding heavily, the only one with no blindfold. A boy and a girl with blonde hair leant on each other and a girl with dark brown hair was crying, her blindfold becoming wet.

If you asked Gabriella Montez if a psychopath would come into her school on the morning of Friday 13th July, choose her and three others and drag her out of the school, she would have laughed.

A tall man glared at a bunch of terrified students.

"You!" he hissed, pointing at a boy with light brown hair. As the boy stumbled forwards, a dark haired girl grabbed his arm.

The man smirked.

"I'll take you too."

Four Teenagers

They crept down the corridor, the girls supporting a boy and another blonde boy walked ahead, looking left and right.

Two Priceless Jewels

We have four students in our possession.

Unless you give us the East Diamonds, they shall die.

One Chance

The door swung open, and they ran out of the room, helping each other along.


Zac Efron

"I can't go on."

Vanessa Hudgens

"It hurts…"

Ashley Tisdale

"You sick freaks!"

Lucas Grabeel

"I want to go home."

With Friendship

"Come on, guys, think of it as a play!"

"Don't plays usually have signup sheets?"
"I never signed up for this one!"


"Gabriella, I love-,"


"I love turnips."

"You love turnips?"


"I hate you Sharpay!"

"That's nice."

"Can you two please stop your arguing and help me with Ryan? I think he's unconscious."


By Blackie

Out August 2010

I do not own High School Musical.