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Chapter One – East Diamonds

In which the intelligent reader meets the teens, and sees the East Diamonds.

The large plinth was covered by a red cloth, obviously of good design, and it wobbled slightly in the breeze. Everyone's eyes were glued to it as they stood shivering in the December air in the park. A blonde lady stood on the stage, a wide, fake grin plastered on her face.

The East Diamonds were the main tourist attraction in Albuquerque. Until recently, they had been placed in the museum, where they were gazed upon by all. Now, however, the museum was under reconstruction and they were to be put into the large safe in East High School. The council had decided to make a big thing of it, and have a large fair.

Troy Bolton groaned as the woman strutted about on the stage, her fancy glasses threatening to fall off her nose. He turned to the girl standing next to him.

"Why did they have to choose Darbus for the unveiling?" he asked in exasperation. The girl turned, and grinned, her eyes crinkling at the edges.

"Who else would they have chosen? She basically runs the school." A dark boy with a frizzy afro ran up and slung his arms around their shoulders.

"What's Darbus doing up there?" he asked, poking Troy in the back.

"She's doing the unveiling. Apparently she insisted."

Up on the stage, Ms Darbus said angrily, still grinning.

"Can we get this over with?" She snapped to a short man holding a camera.

"Yes, ma'am," he stuttered, and he raced off. Ms Darbus smirked slightly. She liked being called ma'am. Slowly, she eyed the crowd. There was Troy Bolton near the back with Gabriella Montez and Chad Danforth. The Evans twins were near the front, arguing as usual, craning to see the diamonds.

"We're ready for you now, Ms Darbus," a bearded man said, and she smiled.

In the front row, Kelsi ran up to the arguing Evans twins.

"Sharpay? Ryan? They're starting!" Ryan smiled at her.

"Thanks, Kelsi." The twins turned and watched their teacher advance towards the plinth. Everyone watched with bated breath as she slowly pulled back the cloth to show three glittering gems on a satin cushion. No one noticed a man in dark clothes pull away from the crowd silently and hurry out of the park.


"For the last time," he roared, banging his fist down onto the table, "that safe is impenetrable!" The others cringed slightly.

"Yes, chief," the small man said, cowering.

"For God's sake," another said, "the boss said it was simple. Get four kids. Swap them for the jewels. You're going to have to torture kids. Stop calling him chief!"

"I was just saying," the man said, looking cross, "if we're going to break into the school anyway, why not aim for the safe?"

"Because we're not going to. Any other questions?" No one spoke.

"Good. Now, are there any teachers who have kids at this school?"

"Yeah," the man said, "Coach Bolton- trains the basketball team and is head of sport- he's got a sixteen year old son called Troy."

"Excellent. We'll take him then." He got up, and walked over to the window.

"Synchronise your watches. East High School tomorrow. Troy Bolton," he said, licking his lips, "had better watch out."


The problem with Chemistry is that you're all in lines. You can't pass notes. So, Sharpay Evans had made up the system of getting up to sharpen your pencil and dropping pieces of paper onto other's desks. During Mr Antrack's boring lecture, she got up from her desk and dropped a hastily scrawled note onto Ryan's lap.


Rehearsing at Lunchtime.

Meet me in the drama studio.


"Miss Evans," Mr Antrack said loudly, "I am afraid that- what on earth was that?" A loud bang was heard as several people screamed.

"Please stay in your classrooms and lock the door. Four men have broken into the building and it is unknown whether they are dangerous or not," the intercom said in a loud scratchy voice.

Sharpay looked at Ryan in terror.
"This is a joke, right?" she said, sounding scared. Suddenly, the intercom sounded again, but the voice sounded completely different.

"Bring us Troy Bolton and no one gets hurt."

Everyone in the chemistry lab turned to look at Troy Bolton, who was standing with Chad in the corner.