Rumia of the Darkness

In the human village of Gensokyo, parents warn their children.

"Go not into the darkness," they say, "for that is where the youkai lurks..."

"Go not into the darkness," they say, "for you may never return..."

Good children heed these warnings. Remain inside after dark, they do. For only in the village are they safe from the youkai that lurks in the darkness.

Bad children, however, do not heed their parents words of warning. Instead, they see it as a chance to prove themselves.

One young boy does just that. A human boy sneaks out after dark, when good little boys and girls should be asleep. He leaves the village into the forest beyond. No concern does he have for the youkai that lurk within.

"I am not afraid of the darkness!" the boy proudly stated.

"Is that so~?" the darkness replied.

The boy went into the darkness, never to return...

Just a random idea that popped into my head. Short, meant to be a fable. No doubt it's been done before, done better even, but oh well.

For anyone reading this and having no idea who Rumia is, she's a darkness youkai (demon/spirit thing) in the form of a young, blonde-haired girl. She's fairly lazy/childish, not too bright, and constantly surrounded by darkness. But she does still eat humans and claims it's a youkai's job to attack humans. "Is that so~?" is her catchphrase. She's also somehow become my favorite touhou character. I want to write a fic about her but I'm busy enough as it is so that'd probably end up being a side project.