A/N: I edited this chapter slightly cause several people said the lack of division was annoying, sorry about that folks, all I can say is that the chapter was written very late at night :)

The Doctor was thrown to the floor at the Master's feet, and he looked up at his former friend with disappointment and more than a little sadness in his eyes. Martha, Jack and the Doctor all listened as the Master rambled on about the machine that Lazarus had invented in an attempt to keep himself forever youthful. As they listened the Master outlined what he was going to do.

"So I shrank it down," at this he brandished his laser screwdriver, "and tripled the output of the machine so that it could de-age someone by, oh say…900 years," the master looked up at the Doctor at this and put a hand to his chin in mock-consideration, the Doctor just looked on with sadness written in the very depths of his eyes. "Ohhh, if only I had the Doctor's biological code… wait a minute, I do!" He walked over to the table and with a flourish unveiled the Doctor's hand, "I've got his hand!" The Master held his screwdriver up, "and if Lazarus made himself younger, what if I do the same to you?" At this the Master paused, "what if I de-age you by 900 years, how old are you now Doctor, 907?" The Doctor said nothing, just watched as the Master pointed the screwdriver directly at him.

Martha and Jack looked on horrified as they realised what the Master was planning to do. "900 years Doctor, what do you say," with this the Master pressed down on a button on his screwdriver and watched as the Doctor flailed and vibrated in pain. Throughout the process Jack handed his vortex manipulator to Martha and told her to run. Martha looked, anguished at the Doctor's obvious pain, but determined to carry out the mission that the Doctor had given her before they entered the room {A/N: just imagine that the Doctor already gave Martha the plan}.

The master finally let go of the button and looked curiously at the pile of The Doctor's clothing which housed a small bundle. Martha and Jack watched as he approached the bundle and said, "Hello, Doctor?" in a sing-song voice. Everyone in the small room watched as the pile of clothes were flung aside and a small child poked his head out from under the clothes. He was wearing just the t-shirt that the Doctor wore under his shirt and jacket, but where it had fit the adult Doctor it now hung way past his knees. Clad only in the t-shirt he stood up and looked around. He had messy brown hair, much like the adult Doctor's, but his were instead a stormy grey, which roiled and churned as the child regarded his surroundings curiously.

The child looked at Martha and Jack, who were staring at him in shock, as his eyes rested on Jack they widened and he stepped back slightly before his eyes continued around the room before finally resting on the Master who was regarding him with a tilted head, a small smile quirking up on his lips. Much to the surprise of everyone in the room the child beamed at the sight of the other timelord, and walked over to him. Martha and Jack both watched in horror as the Master bent down to the child Doctor's level, "hello," he said and leant back on his heels waiting for a response. The child's smile grew impossibly wider and he said, "Numi Tiar, Koschei," and he reached up and flung his fragile arms around his neck.

The Master looked smugly around the room over the head of the small child and stated, "I had forgotten about how adorable he was at this age, and…" here he looked smugly at Jack and Martha, "he seems to remember nothing of the past 900 years of his life," The young child pulled back at this and at the Master's choice of language and looked around the room, pointing to Jack, Martha and the other sin the room with a sweeping gesture, he looked up questioningly at the Master and asked, "Meim'Idne?" The Master smiled indulgently at the child and said, "Yes, they are human, and the stunted little apes don't speak Gallifreyan…" Both Jack and Martha looked up at the news the child Doctor was talking in his native tongue which neither had heard before but which was beautiful and lilting, almost musical. The Master continued, "You can speak Earth's English, can you not?"

The young child looked trustingly up at the Master, he tilted his head as though deep in thought and seemed to struggle for a moment then smiled and said in a strangely and heavily accented voice, "Yes, but not very well, Koschei, where are we?" The Master smiled over at Jack and Martha, "and why are you a grumlie?" added the small child as an after thought. The Master smiled down at the child and said, "all in good time, but first you cannot call me Koschei anymore," The small child's head snapped round from where he had once again been uneasily studying Jack, "Why? It's your name!" Everyone in the room looked at the Master at this and Jack and Martha exchanged a look of incredulity. "Not anymore," the Master explained indulgently, "I have been through the naming ceremony now my name is the Master." The small boy looked shocked at this and said incredulously, "Meyopapa?" At the Master's nod of confirmation the small boy let out and unexpected chuckle, turned to the Master and said, "I bet the elders had a field day at that!"

All the humans in the room looked on astounded as the two timelords laughed away and spoke a few lines of their native tongue together. Jack spoke up, "what the hell have you done to the Doctor," he asked, "and why is he talking to you like you're…" at this Jack tailed off uncertain, "friends?" finished the little boy whom none of them could think of as the Doctor. "Because we are," the boy exclaimed, "Koschei and I will always be the best of friends no matter what," with a beaming smile at the Master the young Doctor slipped his small hand into the Master's larger one.

The Master looked round radiating smugness like he had won a huge prize, although he hated the Doctor as an adult, this forgiving young child, who was once his best friend was impossible to hate, and if he could turn the young Doctor against the humans then their morale would be completely broken.