okay heres the angsty one

yes i know hes really a guy

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(knock knock knock)


(knock knock knock)

"wonder who that is" Konan thought to herself as she walked to the door.

"who is it?"


"Dei-chan?" the blue haired woman wasted no time opening the door and letting her best friend and the only other girl in the whole akatsuki gang inside.

"thank you for letting me in Konan..." Dei's voice trailed off

since when did she not say "un" at the end of a sentance?


"Mada hit me again..."


"on my face...and my rib..." Konan looked at her friends face. there was a fresh cut on her visible cheek. she could only hope the damage to the left side of her friends face was as minimal. when she brushed the bang aside her heart sank as she saw the bruise causing the eye to swell. it was large, and fist shaped. Madara did this.

"Dei you've got to get away from him."

"it's not that simple. especialy now..."

"Dei if you stay with him you're going to get yourself killed. what do you mean "especialy now"?"

"Konan, you've got to help me escape."

"what's going on?" Konan looked at the blonde with concern. The bomb artist looked up.

"swear you wont tell anyone? not even Pein?"

"Dei... you're shaking and starting to scare me... whats wrong?" she took a deep breath.

"I'm pregnant...please help me."