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about a week later

Itachi pulled me off to the side in the hallway.

"Finish packing, we leave at dawn." okay at least he was back to being an asshole. for a moment I seriously thought he had like a secret crush on me or something wierd like that. I thought our little meeting had gone unnoticed. boy was i ever wrong.

"what was that?" Madara demanded.

"Nothing i've just got a mission coming up and he was just reminding me to pack." I grabbed a few shirts for my bag. Mada closed the drawer.

"Need I remind you ,you're MY girl, not his." I cringed as my stomach turned, I knew what was coming but I still didn't see it.

(Itachi's POV)

i heard the screams and my heart skipped a beat as I ran back toward her room. when i got there madara had beaten her to the ground and was kicking her like she was a dog.

"Get up!" He snarled lining his foot up with her ribs.


"You..." He just then noticed I was standing there.

"Me..." He smirked. I felt the anger boiling inside me.

"You MONSTER! what? does beating up on someone weaker than you give you confidence? do you feel that you have to threaten and abuse the woman who loves you just to keep her by your side? What is wrong with you?" i was trembling.

Madara smirked again.

"actually... I could care less about you or any feelings that you may have for this wench." he kicked her one last time before leaving. I knelt down where she was. She cringed. Oh it was on. if I ever caught Madara Uchiha off guard ever again I was going to kill him.

"Itachi?" her voice was so weak. I tried to help her up.

"Shh.. it's okay, he's gone now." I preoccupied myself with smoothing her hair while she cried and shook in my arms. "More importantly, are you okay?" she managed out a short 'yes' in between sobs. I looked at her chakra. surprisingly she only had a few cracked ribs. I checked the baby... it took me a moment... I didn't know what to look for... when I was certain they were both fine I offered to let her sleep in my room that night.

(Deidara's POV)

when i woke up it took me a minute to remember what had happened only hours ago. Itachi looked at me.

"You ready?" I nodded.

"Let's go" Konan walked with us to the entrance. it was a teary goodbye. she turned to leave.

"good luck" she looked at me..."And be careful."