Chapter one: Jerk!

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It was already the 2nd semester and I was sure I was going to get straight A's, that what I always do. I sat their eating my crescent with a honey toast on the side. I watched as my mother and father didn't even notice my present and was on their cells phones having a conversation.

"Yes Wayne, I'll print them out today and have it copied to your desk right away." My mother spoke, Sharelle.

She in her mid 30's and had long dark brown hair that went to the end of her back, though you can never see it because she always threw it up in a perfect bun. She had freckles threw out her nose, that's where I got those from, and the tan skin, well from my father, Jack.

Simple dad as I fit his description. Smooth light brown hair, prefect business man. He was working in a corporate office making big money for the "man" My father would say, meaning the suckers. My family wasn't the loving and caring kind, not that I needed it, frankly I didn't care one bit.

"What time are you guys coming home?" I asked simple, knowing the answers will be around eleven.

"Yes don't worry, excuse me sir- What?" My mother yelled at me. I just laughed. "Nothing." She rolled her eyes and began speaking to her boss.

As I was done Julie grabbed my plate. "How was breakfast Ms Fairbank?" I tilted my hand slightly.

"Good, toast was kind of burnt though."

"Sorry that won't happen again." I nodded simply and went to put my backpack on and grabbed my keys and left the house without a word.

As I was driving, I shut the radio off and began driving. I can't drive with the radio on, I find it directing and annoying.

I pulled up to her house. It wasn't nice like mine; not trying to sound like a little rich girl but it was true. My parents are high class, I just had a lot of low class friends, and I don't judge them on money. Her house was simple not "ghetto", yet not …like mine. It was a simple house you just always see. I honked twice and finally seen her wearing a amethyst V- neck shirt with torn up black leather skirt with of course her favorite combat boots, she had teal and black streets threw out her petite hair and of course nothing but eyeliner and mascara with the teal lip stick no one is willing to buy, other than my best friend, Gwen.


I sat their fixing my hair. "I need to re dye this again." I mumbled to myself looking into my bathroom mirror. I looked at my dead short hair with the teal fading into a darker color, I sighed. Suddenly I heard a honk. "Shit," I hurried and grabbed my notebook and history book and was out my door. I couldn't take my sweet time because Courtney would just start nagging to me how a prefect attendance always looks great on collage application.

Courtney Fairbank. A high school prep that cares about school then her own life. How in the heck did she become my best friend you may ask? IT all started out in 7th grade.

-Going to the past in middle school-

I was in class working on a test while the most popular girl, Heather lee sat next to me and whispered my name. "Gwen."

I looked up at her, shocked and smiled. "You know my name?" I asked. She nodded.

"Hey, you should dye my hair like yours, I like it a lot." Heather smiled at me as I nodded. Finally I would be popular I thought in my head. "Sure."

"Here's my number, I'll write it down on my paper and you can copy it kay?" She smiled at me as I nodded "Kay."

She started writing it out, but she wrote it so tiny I can barely see and read it finally, I lead closer to read the paper and it said. "510-675- HAHA! =)"

And that's when Heather shouted out loud. "Mr. Cloven, Gwen's cheating off my paper!"

My face went pale as everyone in the whole class room looked at me and I looked over at Heather who was smirking and erased the number on her paper.

"Knight, get your stuff and go to the vice principal now!" He yelled. I still had wide eyes and got up.

"Bye bye Gwenny." And laughed. I glared at her before I left the class room. "What a bitch."

I went to the office and sat down waiting for someone to yell at me for cheating and pointless things.

I seen the door open and see a girl with tan skin and brown hair getting out the Vice principal office, laughing. "Oh, Julian that it just wonderful taking your kids to Disney land!" She squealed, they both stop dead in their tracks as they saw me and looked at me. "What did you do?" The vice Principal said causal.

"I didn't do anything it was all-" I soon got cut off by the preppy girl.

"Don't blame others for your actions." She snarled.

I grunted. "Shut up."

The girl looked over the vice principal. "Julian, you can go to your lunch break, I can handle this one."

She nodded and left. The girl stared at me vacantly and pointed her fingers behide me. "Go to the counseling center." I sighed. "Great," And got up marching and taking a sit on one of the chairs.

"Name?" The girl solicited.

I didn't answer and looked away.

"I said name?" She cleared her throat as I just rolled my eyeballs; this girl is like the same age as me and trying to proceed like she is an adult? Please.

"Wow, it's not that hard to say your name, like so, Hi, I'm Courtney Fairbank."

"Gwen," I mumbled.

"Ok, we're getting somewhere." She smiled faintly and sighed.
"So who is to blame for your little mess?" She asked.

"Heather Lee." I spoke untailored.

She stared blankly and asked what I just answered. "Heather Lee?" I nodded.

"Oh, I dislike that girl!" She winded, I smiled barley. "Really?"

She laughed. "Yeah, Now, I do believe you didn't do anything, it was all Heather huh?"

I nodded. "Wow, why do you abhorrence her?"

"She's a snob, tried scattering nasty rumors about me. Didn't help me like her one bit, and we are both cheerleaders, she was one of those friends that you hate."

"So you two are friends?" I asked. She shook her head.

"No, we were when we were small, but she became richer high class spoiled rotten daddy's girl."

I started laughing as Courtney continued speaking. "But who am I to say "High class." I won't recline, My parents have a few coins and nickels here and their but I know not to get the wealth get to my head, My job is to just get on with education and become a famous lawyer, I don't want to live off my parents money."

"Oh wow, that's pretty sweet; I just want to become an artiest."

"Really?" She asked. "Do you have any... occupation you can show me?"

"Just wait until you witness my notebook."I unzipped my backpack and showed her my work, ever since that day I made a best friend name Courtney Fairbank.

-Back to present-

I get into Courtney's dirt brown orange impreza. I open the door hearing nothing, Courtney doesn't like music while driving and we both had a different taste in music in mind.

Mine was mostly. A day to remember, Gothic mind explosion, The Devil Wears Prada, Escape the fate. As her was to. Johann Pachelbel, Tomaso Albinoni, Antonio Vivaldi, and last but not least, Beethoven.

"Hey," I greeted. She nodded. "Morning." She waited for me to fasten my seat belt and started driving.

It was quite, we weren't mad at each-other, but we mostly do take pleasure in the quietness since I am mostly Goth.

We notice a female in her vehicle; she was about in her late 70's with white frosted hair and oversize glasses and was behide me and Courtney. She got on the other lane and rolled down her widow "Hurry up Grandma!" She cried and soon cut us off. I giggled a little bit as Courtney yelled back. "Oh be quite Lady!" and growled.

"Ah Courtney I don't understand. You have loads of cash, why don't you purchase you a fast speeding car, like those one in Tokyo!" I shrieked she shook her head.

"You have any idea how secure those cars are? I have one of the world's safest cars in the humankind."

"And the slowest." I teased.

"Oh Haha, very amusing." She sacristy said as we pulled up to school.

"And the color." I started again just to get Courtney barmy.

She slapped her hand into her forehead and said. "Orange is the symbols of balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, a born leader, and very beautiful"

I started laughing. "You so made up the last one didn't you?" She started laughing also. "Yes. And your point?" We got out, talking about today events and what classes we can't wait to attend, which for me is all of them, well besides fine art class.


I gather all my supplies and went to world history. I sat next to Bridgette who gave me a small wave. I waved back.

"Hello Bridgette, what's up?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Nothing really, have you seen Geoff?" She asked.

I exhale noisily. "You know Bridge, if you focus more on your studies then Geoff's cowboy hat, you might pass this class."

She was socked, even let out a soft wheeze. "That was rude."

"I'm blunt, but honest." I replied as she turned her weight over the other direction and yelled. "Geoff!"

Geoff comes walking in with a shit eating grin, like always. But something was different than any other day, behide Geoff was a new guy behide him. He had a lime green hat on his hair, wait that's not his hat, it's his… hair? Gwen's hair is better than that dense green hair. I smirked. And what's with those piercing all over his face! I thought doing your ears was the only place you ought to do it at, for it being normal, and his guy was far from that word.

Geoff and this … guy walk up to us, well Bridgette. As the two air blond's starts making out, his guy constricted his eyes at me, which were teal. "I didn't know you like to stare at people making out?"

My eyes grew slightly bigger. "I don't!" I yelled, he chuckled. "Sure."

I looked over somewhere else as seen him shift his body towards me. "So, have a name?" He asked.

I disregard him as he laughed. "Ok then, Miss Pole up your butt, nice talking to you." And with that the punk and Geoff took their sits behide me, as the bell rung. The rest of the class didn't go well, he heaved my hair and kicked on my chair multipliable periods and keep on putting paper on the back of my back, I ripped them off reading "Hi miss pole up your butt!" but as a good student, I didn't talk to that jerk and tried to pay attention in class which wasn't working out well.


I sat in class, physics. The teacher was going on and on about why you should never misses this class. I sighed as I doodled in my notepad and wrote I'm so uninterested. I felt my phone vibrate. I flipped my phone on and notice it was a text from Courtney, I was astonished, this girl never texts in class.

"Arrggghhe!" She put.

"What?" I asked.

"I'll tell you after class, this boy, not boy, MONSTER is driving me crazy!"

"Ok." I texted her as she stop texting me.

I wonder who was bugging her that much to make her text me during class, even I was alarmed; his guy must have really pissed her off.

-After class

I soon heard the bell and made my way to our locker, which we shared by the way. Top is Courtney's as mine was on the bottom. I bend down as I place my book bag in the locker and heard Courtney stomping the hall way with a very pissed off looked I was even scared.

"Hey Court." I said she disregards me and threw her world history book in the locker slamming it.

"That jerk!" She cried.

"Who?" I asked.

She hurried and took a sip of her green tea she had in our locker and breathed slowly and looked at me.

"I don't know his name, and I never want to know, he is a …" She trailed off as I finished it for her.

"A … jerk?" I said.

She nodded. "Yes! Yes! Where on the same page, aren't we!" She grabbed my shoulders as I looked at her.

"What are you talking about?" I asked narrowing my eyes at her.
"Well… he just looks, like your other acquaintances, you know?"

I started laughing. "You think I'm going to be friends with this fool? Yeah right, beside I don't even think I'll like him if he's just a jerk."

She smiled as she hugged me. "True, you do have good quality type of friends."

"Like who?" I asked giggling.

"Well, me, duh!" She joined my laugh as we heard the five minute bell ring.

"Well off to class!" she cried.

"Of course Courtney." I sighed.

"What?" She asked.

"Pleases may we ditch?" I asked.

"Yeah right, you're funny." And with that Courtney walked off upstairs as I sighed. "Lame."

"I'll ditch with you if you want me too Sweet cheeks?" I heard a voice appear behide me.

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