Bees buzzed in the trees as the wind whistled through the forest. Goofy stretched as he took in the scenery.

"Gwarsh, it sure is peaceful here," he said.

"Sure is," replied Sora.

"Where do you think we are now?" asked Donald.

The three of them rounded a patch of brush and were knocked flat on their backs as a pair of beings ran into them.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" exclaimed one of them.

Sora wiped the dirt from his face and saw an anthropomorphic fox hurriedly gathering up the gold coins that were spilled all around.

"Nice going, Rob," said the bear next to him.

Sora shook his head. Either he was hearing things, or there were male voices coming from these two. And they looked for all the world like girls.

The fox and bear got up and took off.

The fox looked back and said, "Come with us, if Prince John's men catch you, they'll think you're with us."

"The Prince? Are you an outlaw?" asked Donald.

"I guess you're not from around here, but trust me, we're the good guys. I'll explain later, just come on."

As the pair took off, the three friends looked at each other. Sora shrugged and took off, Goofy ran off with a cry of "Wait for me!"

Donald just shook his head before following the others.

At Nottingham Castle, a very humiliated Prince John sat shivering in his quarters, the events of the day still fresh on his mind.

"That insolent Robin Hood," he muttered.

"Seems you've got somethin' of a problem on yer hands, bub," said a voice.

The prince shrieked and hid behind his bed.

"W-who's there?" he asked.

A rotund figure walked into the light.

"Name's Pete, and I've got an offer for ya," said the cat.

"How dare you sneak in here and frighten his majesty!" said Sir Hiss. "Allow me to call the guards, your highness, and have them escort this blackguard out."

"Hold on, Hiss," said the prince, regaining his composure. "I want to hear what he has to say."

"T'ank you, yer highness," Pete said, bowing elegantly. "Ya see, my mistress, Maleficent, is lookin' fer allies…"

"Where are you taking us?" asked Donald, growing more irritable by the minute.

"Just wait and see," the fox replied, smiling smugly.

Donald growled in annoyance, causing his friends to chuckle.

The group of five approached a waterfall, and the two natives ducked behind it. After a moment, the others followed suit. They found themselves in a tunnel that climbed upwards. When they finally reached the top, they saw the bandits' hideout. The pair had already changed out of their fortune teller disguises, now sitting around in their green tunics.

"What do you think?" asked the bear.

"Gwarsh, this is where you live?" asked Goofy.

"Sure is," said the fox, "I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Robin Hood, and my companion here is Little John."

"I'm Sora, and this is Goofy and Donald."

"Little John?" asked Donald.

"Catchy, huh?" asked the big bear.

"So, care to explain why the pair of you were running around with a bunch of gold, dressed as girls?" asked Sora.

"Sure," replied Robin. "You see, ever since our king, Richard, left, his brother Prince John has been ruling. He and those beneath him are ruthless men who tax the poor out of house and home. Little John and myself have taken it upon ourselves to take from the rich and give back to the poor."

"Well, that's a good cause if I ever heard one," said Goofy.

"We'd be honored to help you in any way we can," said Sora.

"What!" exclaimed Donald. "Sora, can I talk to you for a second? Look," he said as he pulled the boy over to one side, "these guys sound good and all, but what if they're with Maleficent or Organization XIII?"

"That's just a risk we'll have to take," said Sora, "and hey, if they are, I'm sure we can beat them."

"Good point, okay," replied the duck. He turned to Robin Hood. "We're in."

"Wonderful," replied the fox, jumping up and vanishing behind a tree, "now, with this new lot, we need to get it back to the peasants. You three will need disguises." Three sets of old clothes flew out from behind the tree.

"It helps to appears as harmless as possible," said Little John. "That way, no one will bother you."

The three slipped on their disguises, now looking like peasants themselves. Robin came out from the tree, wrapped in an old patched cloak with a pair of dark glasses and a walking stick.

"Come on boys," he said in an old wizened voice. "We've got places to be."

The four of them were soon on the move towards Nottingham, with bags of gold hidden under their disguises. They had just crossed a stream when something caught Sora's eye.

"Huh?" he turned towards where he had seen the motion.

"What is it?" asked Robin.

"I'm not sure, but think it was –"

Suddenly, dozens of creatures dropped from the trees above them. They wore armor that clanked as they moved, but the black underneath told them one thing.

"Heartless!" cried Goofy.

"Here, too?" asked Donald.

"What are these things?" asked Robin, shedding his cloak and drawing his sword.

"Bad guys," said Sora, drawing his keyblade. "Mindless drones sent by our enemies."

The Heartless began to surround them, waving their swords menacingly.

"Hey, who knows? Maybe these are friendly Heartless," said Goofy.

As if on cue, one of the Heartless leapt at him. Sora jumped in front of him and slashed it with his blade.

"Nope," he remarked.