Those Pesky Little I Love Yous

Summary: Inconvenient, awkward, heartbreaking, or magical. Everyone has had their run-ins with those three little words.

A/N: I've been into themes lately, and I've picked "I love you" as a theme for this story. So, for each character, I've written five instances in which they had run-ins with those three words, whether they said it, didn't say it, or had it said to them. Each instance is just a little snippet into their lives, and this actually gave me a chance to write some other short stories I'd thought about doing. Some will contain spoilers from all through out the four seasons.



The girl helps him up after he takes a nasty spill on the playground. He looks at her, and Gus may be only five, but he knows a pretty girl when he sees one. He means to say thank you. What he actually mumbles out is, "I love you."

She stares at him. "You're weird," she says, then runs away. But he swears he sees her smile before she turns away from him.


The funny thing is that Mira isn't all that different from that girl on the playground. She's beautiful and her own personal hurricane, and he's saying I love you before he can even consciously remember her name. There's a wedding somewhere in the drunken haze of his experience with Mira, but for the life of him, he can't even remember saying "I do."


He's fourteen and his mom still tells him that she loves him. Even in front of all his friends. And sometimes in that voice that's generally reserved for babies or puppies.

It's a hard life.


Shawn's leaving and Gus doesn't know exactly how he's supposed to feel about that. Shawn's been his best friend for years, more like a brother than a friend, really. Gus wants to tell Shawn that he loves him like a brother, but he knows Shawn will only laugh and mock him. So he tells Shawn to be careful instead, and to not to do anything too stupid. They share fist bumps and a totally non-gay bro hug, and then Shawn disappears into the horizon, riding his motorcycle and not looking back. Gus isn't entirely convinced he'll ever see him again.


But he does tell Shawn he loves him, that day in the bank. He really thought he might die, okay? And maybe the hug they share that day did seem a little gay, but at least Shawn doesn't say anything about it afterward.