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He's eavesdropping outside his parents' bedroom. He figures his Dad might be proud of him if he knew; cops do have to be able to sneak and snoop and hear well, after all.

The words are quiet, his mother's. "How come you never tell Shawn you love him, Henry?"

"What?" demands Henry, already on the defensive. "Of course I love him."

"But you never tell him."

"Come on, Mad. He knows I do."

"I do?" wonders Shawn.

"You know you and him are everything to me."

"I do," Shawn confirms to himself. He thinks about going in and telling his dad that he loves him too, but then he decides that he'll probably just get in trouble for being out of bed. So he sneaks back up to his room and cuddles with his pillow. He yawns and thinks, I love you too, Dad.

But he doesn't say it.


His parents are fighting again, and so Shawn sneaks out. He goes to the convenient store where a friend that's a few years older than him works. He shows his ID for the purpose of the security camera, but Todd doesn't care that he's underage and sells him the beer anyway. He gets drunk as he walks to Gus's house, and he sneaks in through his friend's bedroom window. Gus isn't surprised; he is fairly used to Shawn's nighttime visits by now.

"Fighting again?"




"I need to tell that guy to cut you off."

"Aw, man, it's good. I swear."


"Gus, thanks for...you know. Not kicking me out...I really, really love you, man."

The words are slurred and sloppy, and Gus just sighs and wishes his friend could find a better escape.


When Abigail says those three words, Shawn freezes momentarily. But then he smiles, works his mouth around the only acceptable response. "I love you too," he says, and he silently hopes it sounds more sincere than it feels.


Juliet collapses against him. The night was hard and long and dangerous, and ripped them all through their cores.

But it's over, finally, and everyone is safe. Yin has been killed in the struggle, and Juliet is wrapped in his arms.

"I love you, Shawn," she whispers to his neck.

He pulls her even tighter, kisses her head. "I love you too, Jules." And he's never meant anything more in his life.


When Juliet tells him the news, Shawn is overwhelmed with happiness. He hugs her and twirls her, kisses her, then kneels down to speak to her tummy. "You may be just the size of an olive right now, but I love you already, Little Person."

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