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chapter 1...
Aight, so this is yet another high school story. I know right? Well, I decided that because I'm in HS why not make a story that I can picture more? Well...neph. never mind...Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Summary: When Jakel Highschool's two most popular and dangerous brothers transfer to Shikon High, known for it's high violence, Bankotsu, the most ruthless of the two, meets a woman named Kagome Higurashi. He forms an interest in the cheerleader but will she turn out to be another bitchy diva, or something much more?

Hope you like :] pce!

Kagome woke up. She yawned and stretched. She stood up and headed to the shower. She stripped down and took a warm relaxing shower. When she was done she brushed her teeth, threw on her clothes- A white sleeveless shirt, black ripped jeans, ankle high socks, a pair of black and yellow sneakers, her class ring, a leather bracelet, and leather choker. She put on a bit of makeup and tied her hair into a ponytail. She walked into the living room, grabbed her bag and car keys, said bye to her mom, dad, and little brother. She walked out to her Toyota Supra and started the ignition. She backed out of the driveway and drove down the road.

She occasionally glanced at the vanity mirror to insure her hair was in place. She pulled into the parking lot of her high school and switched off the ignition. she climbed out and threw on her cheer leading jacket after a chilling breeze swept over her giving her goosebumps. She briskly walked into the school building.

A black 1970 Dodge Challenger roared as the driver pumped the gas and pulled it into the lot. It slowly growled as it idled. Then the driver revved the engine again the car shook and spat red fire out of it's exhaust. The car rumbled as it's engine was shut off. A man with piercing sapphire eyes climbed out of the car and adjusted his jacket. He reached into the back of his skin tight jeans. Possibly adjusting a weapon. Or his wallet. He walked over to the trunk and opened it. He grabbed a black bag and swung it over his shoulder. His long braid blew in the wind as another long gust of cool fall air smashed against him.

"Jakotsu, hurry the hell up. I don't want to be out here all fucking day." He said.

"Hold on Bankotsu jeez. I wanna make sure my makeup is still intact." Jakotsu said.

"Dammit Jakotsu." Bankotsu whispered. He grabbed a bottle of Bud Wiser and popped it open with his thumb. He drank it and smashed it onto the pavement.

His passenger, Jakotsu stepped out of the car.
"I'm ready Bankotsu." He said smiling.

"It's about fucking time." Bankotsu snarled. He was already half way to the school.

-1 hour, 50 minutes later-

Bankotsu ran the words over and over again inside of his head but he still was not able to process them. One of the veins in his forehead was protruding.

"Fuck this!" Bankotsu shouted. He picked up the text book and hurled it against the wall.

"Mister Diamonar!" The teacher shouted. "I suggest you do not use such foul language and violence!"

"Tch. Whatever." Bankotsu said as he tried to make himself more comfortable.

A while later the bell rung signaling the end of 2nd period. Bankotsu almost pushed his desk over as he sprinted out.

He mumbled under his breath about his previous class. While he was looking down he bumped into a really big jock with black hair.

"Watch where your going asshole!" he shouted.

"Maybe you should watch where your going jackass!" Bankotsu shouted.

"Fucking worm! Do you know who I am? I'm Naraku, the captain of the football team!" Naraku shouted back.

"So what you stupid bitch?" Bankotsu asked.

"Why you piece of shit!" Naraku screamed as he lurched for Bankotsu.

Bankotsu dodged the attack and slammed his fist into Naraku's stomach. He than grabbed Naraku's hair and pulled his head down so it connected with his knee. Bankotsu stood him up, and speared him under his ribcage. He made a clawed hand and pulled, breaking a few of Naraku's ribs. He kicked him back, probably breaking his nose and jaw.

-many, many hours later-

Kagome sat in her car trying to start it. It let out only loud hisses. She slammed her back against her seat.
She popped the lid and got out. She stared at her engine for ten seconds and realized she was screwed.

She jumped when Bankotsu dipped his head in.

"Need any help?" Bankotsu asked.

"Uh..yeah." She replied.

Bankotsu smiled and started searching for the problem. He came back up with a slight frown on his face.

"I found it." Bankotsu said. "Everything is completely severed. Uh..If you drop by the shop I'll try to fix it up but you will be looking at a very big bill."

"And this compared to any other mechanic?" Kagome asked. "How much cash are we looking at here?"

Bankotsu looked her up and down. He smirked. "For you. I'l do it for free."

"Bankotsu, I'd feel much better if I paid." Kagome said.

"1,050 dollars american." Bankotsu said.

"...Is that free offer still available?" Kagome smiled.

"I'll give you a ride. I'll come back later with the truck." Bankotsu said.

"I live like a mile away. I can walk."

"No, you won't." Bankotsu said. "Let's go." Bankotsu walked to his muscle car and opened the passenger side door. "Jakotsu, your sitting in back."

"Awww. Bankotsu, I don't wanna!" Jakotsu whined.

"Jakotsu, sit in the back or your running the fifty miles." Bankotsu said.

Jakotsu whined and climbed in the back.

"Yo, what's your name sweetheart?" Bankotsu asked.

"Kagome." She said as she walked to the car.

"I'm Bankotsu. Nice to meet 'cha."

"Dido." Kagome climbed into the car.

Bankotsu leaned back into his seat. He turned on the ignition and the car roared to life. He revved the engine and the car grumbled and shook. He backed out and slammed on the gas and shifted. The car roared and it did a wheelie. Kagome screamed/laughed.


Bankotsu pulled up to the drive way of Kagome's friends house.

"Here we are." Kagome said.

Bankotsu handed Kagome a pack of matches.
"My number and address is on the back."

"Thanks. I'll drop by tomorrow." Kagome closed the door and walked to the door.

When she looked back the car was gone.