This is a rewrite of a story I abandoned a while back because of the release of the final book in the series. I didn't want to violate the cannon, so now I've decided to redo it, now in cannon. So get ready for Percabeth, Percabeth spawn, and time travel. Here we go!


Three figures darted through the withering forest, the dead leaves falling around them in a defeated sort of rhythm, reflecting the melancholy of the world as a whole. Each of the trio appeared to be in adolescence, no older than fifteen or sixteen years old. However, one of the two girls, who bore electric blue eyes and wore a silvery bow on her back, was nearing the age of forty, her age held in place by the blessings of Artemis, her mistress and half sister.

"You got it on the way out, didn't you?" Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus and lieutenant of the hunters asked the girl to her left, chest heaving with the effort of running.

"Yeah," Minerva panted back, blowing a loose lock of jet black hair out of her sea green eyes. "Luke got the bolt, I got the trident."

"It feels really weird, carrying this around without having to worry about being vaporized," Luke, Minerva's younger twin brother ,by six minutes, said as he sped up, now running shoulder to shoulder with his companions, a cylindrical tube of metal in his hand that appeared to the naked eye to be a flashlight. However the three of them knew the mist was obscuring its true identity as the weapon of the king of the gods.

"Wanna trade?" he said gesturing to the fishing pole sticking out of his sister's backpack.

"No time to stop now, Luke," the huntress interrupted. "How much time do we have left before we're supposed to meet Bianca?"

"Half an hour," Luke answered reading the watch on his wrist, which read 11:15 A.M. The forest thinned and opened up unto grassy hills that lead down to the sandy beach. The sky was utter chaos, illuminated only by uncontrollable lightning that flashed across the sky, the sun and the moon long since extinguished.

The sea was much the same. With their controller gone the waves lashed wildly at each other like beasts, making the waters a deathtrap for anyone who would dare to attempt to traverse the sea.

"We won't have more than a few seconds to do this right" Minerva told them as they trotted down the hill to the beach. "Luke, you make the raft, and I'll steer," she said taking the fishing pole out of her bag, which transformed into a huge bronze colored trident nearly twice her size. "Aunt Thal'," she turned to the huntress. "Hang on tight."

Luke set to work quickly, moving his hands rapidly, calling forth translucent globs of sea water. He clenched his fists tightly, concentrating hard, forcing the salty water to freeze, and form into an icy raft with three rough handles to hold onto. The trio positioned the raft before the water and clambered aboard, each of them taking a handle. Luke was in front, Thalia in the middle, and Minerva took up the rear. She raised the trident, looking at it with a sort of apprehensive fear. This was her first time to hold, let alone use a weapon of such divinity.

"Here goes nothing." The trident shook slightly as its power began to flow through her body, and the raft moved forward into the water. Instantly, all three of them were hurled in all different directions. The waves licked hungrily at their now sopping wet bodies, as they desperately held onto the raft.

With a tremendous heave Minerva swung herself around, and plunged the triple pointed head of the trident into the cold, black water. Bubbling hot water spurted out from underneath the rafts bow, sending it rocketing forward. For what seemed like hours they bounced shakily across the tumultuous waves, that is until they crashed headlong into a rocky cliff face, the raft shattering into pieces on impact.

"Nice 'steering' Minny!" Luke called as he pulled himself up onto a flat rock, pulling his wet mop of dirty blond hair out of his stormy gray eyes.

"You try controlling this thing!" she snapped at him, pulling herself up beside him. The trident reverted to its fishing pole disguise and Minerva put it safely back inside her backpack. "So you can just shut up, Luke!"

"Both of you can shut up!" Thalia said from another nearby rock. "Let's just get back to camp; we don't have much time left." Drawing an arrow from her quiver she carefully tied a length of rope to the shaft. With careful precision she notched the projectile and shot it straight upward. There was a dull thud as the arrow made its mark atop the cliff. Thalia gave the rope an experimental tug.

"Come on," she said, beginning to climb, the length of rope swinging dangerously in the whistling wind. The twins leaped off their platform. Landing in the water they clawed their way up to the rope and began to climb, Minerva first, Luke closely after. It took several minutes for them to reach the top and even then it was difficult not to sprawl out on the ground and rest.

"Better keep going," Thalia said, getting up and starting to jog onto the nearby road, completely devoid of traffic. "Just another mile or two to go." The three of them moved forward, cutting through the occasional wooded area that dotted the countryside to save time. It was when they reached a wall of car wreckage roughly fifty feet tall that they had reached their destination.

The Golden Fleece glittered atop half blood hill, curled within the branches of Thalia's Pine. As of late, the fleece was the camps only divine protection from an eternal onslaught of monsters. They weaved through the barricade and sprinted to the top of the hill. There was a flurry of activity in the camp below, the two or three dozen remaining campers worked nonstop.

Several heads turned as they strode down the hill, but no one stopped working. There was too much to do, building up the barricades, healing the wounded, and preparing for more. Most of the camps population was dead, leaving the cabins empty for the most part. No one wanted to sleep alone, so there were sleeping bags strewn around the billowing fire in the center of the pavilion for those who had a cabin to themselves. As they strode across the browning grass, the three returning travelers couldn't help but feel a sense of relief wash over them. For once their plans had succeeded.

"So, you made it back," said a voice as they approached the fire. It was Clarisse, her tangle mass of black hair unwashed and unkempt, decked out in full armor as usual, face cold and stony.

"Yeah, we did" Thalia said. "And we got everything we need. Where's Bianca?"

"The little creep hasn't gotten back yet. Dear Gods she freaks me out, gothic and covered in pink." Thalia shuddered; she was a Goth herself and knew that pink had no place on the human body. Ever. Suddenly the shadow cast by the flickering flames literally jumped at them, materializing into a short dark haired girl.

" That's not very nice!" She was younger than the others, only around ten. Her skin was very pale, and she wore the strangest combination of clothes, all black, with streaks of pink and a bright red bow on top of her head. Her strange appearance was completed by a gray iron sword on her hip

"Oh good, you're back" Minerva said. "You got it, right?"

"Of course I got it," Bianca Di'Angelo the second replied, pulling a dark metal helmet literally out of nowhere. "I just wish my grandpa had some slightly better style. This thing is so two millennia ago." Everyone rolled their eyes. Luke looked around anxiously.

"Where are Sally and Zoe?" Minerva gave Clarisse a dark look.

"Don't worry about your bratty little sisters, their asleep in your guy's cabin."

"You left them alone?" Minerva nearly exploded, rounding on the much older (and taller) woman, a fiery rage in her eyes. The daughter of Ares raised her hands in defense.

"Of course not. I'm not stupid. Chris is watching them. Probably wasn't a good idea considering he'll probably just end up falling asleep along with 'em." Minerva's glare lingered for several moments before she turned in the direction of cabin three.

"You get things set up," she said to Luke. "I'll go get the girls ready." Clarisse kicked aside the sleeping bags around the fire, only a few of which had people inside them. Luke gathered what he needed, which included an eagle feather quill, a large pewter ink well and a celestial bronze chisel and hammer. Moving in a circle around the fire he chiseled out a circle in the dirty marble tiles that covered the ground around the flames.

With this done he dipped the quill into the ink and with the greatest of care drew out three symbols in equal intervals around the edges of the circle. First he drew a spinning wheel, the symbol of the fate Clotho. Next he drew a ball of string, the symbol of the fate Lachesis. Lastly he inked out a pair of scissors, the symbol of the fate Athropos.

"Well," he said standing up. "That should about do it. You guys ready?"

"Do I really have to wear this thing?" Bianca asked. She looked distastefully at the helmet tucked under her arm. "I love black and all, but there just isn't enough color."

"You're a disgrace to Goths everywhere," Thalia told her, shaking her head. "Yeah, I'm ready, give me the bolt." Luke tossed her the flashlight which he'd clipped onto his belt. As it reached her hand its disguise faded.

"Let's do this," Minerva called to them as she exited cabin three, bringing with her two small girls with tired eyes. They appeared to be about four and seven, and had small bags containing what few belongings they could fit hanging loosely around their necks. Thalia, Bianca, plus the twins and their sisters each took their place behind the fated symbols, their faces illuminated by the fire, tension evident in each of them.

Looking uneasy, Bianca plopped the helmet onto her head, and her eyes glowed scarlet. The lightning bolt burst into life, its holder barely able to contain its might within her grasp. Luke held the trident, and Minerva stepped into the circle, drawing a silvery knife from her belt.

"O sisters of fate, weavers of destiny, we who bear the blood of the Eldest Gods," with this line she ran the blade swiftly across her forearm, blood drizzled into the crack of the circle, filling it to the brim. "Beseech thee to accept this offering of power, so that the balance of divinity and mortality may be restored to the world."

Bianca's eyes flashed brighter, Luke stabbed the trident into the marble at his feet, and Thalia hurled the bolt into the fire with all her strength, where it twirled and convulsed with power. The flames bloomed with a rainbow of color, the blood that outlined the ritual burned gold, and the three godly symbols faded into dust, joining the plume of energy.

"Nice light show," a calm voice spoke into the night. The half bloods turned to see a tall young man with sandy hair and venomous golden eyes step towards them, a massive scythe in his hand.

"Ian!" Minerva yelled from within the circle, her anger magnified by the power that swirled around her. Ian chuckled.

"You have your mothers temper, Minny, and your father's recklessness. A potent combination isn't it?" He lifted the scythe, the tip blazing. Clarisse stepped forward; spear raised at the ready, Ian smirked.

"Do you really expect to defeat me alone, daughter of Ares? Is stupidity dominant in your bloodline?"

"She's not doing it alone," Thalia said, leaving the circle, drawing her spear and activating aegis on her wrist.

"Aunt Thalia no!" little Sally and Zoe wept.

"You don't have to do this!" Luke bellowed.

"Yeah, I do" she said, looking over her shoulder at them. "I'm your godmother. It's my job to protect you. Now go, fix this mess before it can start." They stared for the longest time at her, even Bianca, who was tactless at the best of times couldn't help but feel great sadness fill her. So with a heavy heart, the twins grasped their bawling sister's hands, and took the plunge alongside Bianca, into the past.