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Of all the powers in the universe time is easily the most destructive and the least pliable. Time is the on going force that never rests. Every second hundreds and hundreds of your cells die and fade away, only to be replaced by new ones. Each day the lives of countless individual's end, their souls drift downward to the underworld to be judged, and the cycle continued nonstop. No matter how conscious of mind you are time cannot be stopped, nor can it be fully comprehended. Memories fade, all things age, and all things end

Jason realized all these things as he bolted across the marble courtyard towards his barracks. A curved red shield hung from his shoulder, and he held aloft a spear twice the length of his body, which itself was covered by a combination of leather and celestial bronze armors. The heavyweight didn't encumber him in the slightest. Since he was a small boy he'd been vigorously trained in the ways of combat, endurance and leadership. Now was where it all came into play. But his niggling doubts remained. How could they possibly fight something like this?

Campers scurried around him gathering weapons and forming into battalions, all bearing the same red shields, occasionally glancing upward at the sky, which had grown dark despite it being only around noon. A dome of shadow had encased the landscape which allowed only the enemy to enter, but prevented any kind of retreat. Animals and birds were visible from within the dome. Though from the way they moved it was clear something was wrong. Seriously wrong. No movement was made by any creature outside the dome. They were frozen in place.

Whatever was attacking them had powers beyond even the Gods, and somehow even had the power to let monsters inside, an ability only resident campers possessed. Periodically the glassy surface of the dome would recede and hordes of monsters poured inside. Everything from minotaur's, demons and hellhounds made up their ranks. With bronze weapons, claws and teeth, they ripped and tore at the outer walls, willing to do anything to have the camper's Ichor infused blood as their next meal.

However these glances were short lived. Commanders instantly took notice of their subordinates straying eyes and forced them back into battle mode. Above all Camp Half-Blood was a military institution, dedicated to the great Roman deities who inspired the greatest civilization in ancient history.

The children of Vulcan the smith God wheeled war machines forth from their barracks. They secured them down in the courtyard and began lugging forth ammunition. Ballista's, giant crossbow like weapons were placed in front where the spear-sized bolts they shot were locked into place along their frames. Behind this trebuchets were loaded with boulders coated in a fine combustible fluid. Preparations had been made for any kind of attack at any time.

Children of Venus cowered behind them, smoothening their clothes and hair. Very few children of the Goddess of beauty lasted long here. Either you stood trained hard, proved your worth and stood firm against all foes, or you'd be done away with.

"Sir!" Jason's battalion cried as they ran to his side. They were all dressed identically and moved a single cohesive unit. On their chests were engraved the heads of bloody eyes boars, the symbol of their father Mars, the war God. Of all the camps barracks, Mars was held in highest esteem.

It was the sons of Mars, Remus and Romulus who had founded the great city, and thus millennia later their half siblings would rule over their fellow demigods. Jason smirked as he took his place among them. Though he himself was not born of Mars, they owed him their allegiance. He had been the one to defeat the Titan Krios at the battle of Mount Othrys. He was the son of Jupiter, king of the Gods, and the most powerful half blood at camp.

"Mars barracks, to the hill!" he shouted. The centurions roared in response, hungry for glory, and as one they moved forward.

"Wait, Jason!" A short thick armed boy who wore a tool belt below his armored chest protector approached breathing heavily. In his hand he held a spyglass, the sign of the designated lookout.

"Leo," Jason said to his friend. He gave the signal for his men to stop and briefly broke rank. "What is it?" Glares launched like fiery arrows at the boy named Leo. It was a very rare occurrence for their leader to speak with someone as an equal, let alone with compassion. This boy was a Vulcan kid, and while he possessed great metalworking skills, there was nothing he had that merited him such prestigious friends usually had only by great warriors.

"They've broken through the south gate! Piper's battalions surrounded, everyone else is focused on the north!" A collective groan washed over the Mars campers and Jason's second in command stepped forward to lead. It was a well known fact that Jason cared very much for his girlfriend, Piper, the charm-speaking daughter of Venus(one of the few who could actually fight), and would hit the ground running whenever she was endangered. Jason's face darkened.

"Right," he dismissed his battalion to be led off to the frontlines and hastily began to make his way to the south with Leo clumsily hobbling behind him. The camp was set in a deep valley and was surrounded by mountain like hills on all sides. Mortals pay no attention to it, as the mist made it appear to be a deserted quarry with nothing but worthless stones and a pool of murky water at the bottom. Walls had been erected around the borders, which together with divine enchantments kept the place protected from monsters.

At the southern most gates, where the repairs from a recent botched fire arrow practice session by the Apollo barracks had yet to be completed, the monsters had found their entryway. Jason hauled at top speed readying himself for battle. It was easy to see his girlfriend's battalion from a distance. Piper's second in command, eleven year old Martha, the camps only current daughter of Neptune, pounded at the ground furiously, sending quakes of earth at the oncoming beasts. Her fellows had formed into a circle of shields with their spears inserted between the gaps.

"Hold steady!" Piper barked. "Martha can't hold it forever, get ready to fight!"

"I can hold it as long as I have to!" Martha snarled back. She kicked the ground with her heel and sent a deadly spike of earth through a minotaurs chest, causing black blood to pour onto the ground before the monster disappeared in a cloud of dust. Jason stopped at the point where the marble courtyard ended and the ground became grassy terrain. There was no way in the world even he could take down an entire army singlehandedly. Slowly but surely Piper's phalanx was being decimated, and no matter how skilled she or her soldiers were they wouldn't last much longer.

Only a single plan came to Jason's mind; it was risky, rushed, and potentially dangerous to everyone involved, but it was all he had. It was a strategy that he and some of the higher powered half bloods had tried out. The basic mechanics were simple, but it was the execution that was tricky. First off only two of those involved were present, and second he didn't have the kids from the Minerva barracks to calculate his trajectory or how much energy he would need. With a sigh he told Leo to go help his siblings with the siege weapons and drew the gladius, short thrusting sword that hung from his hip.

With it he drew a line of blood across his exposed forearm in tribute. Craning his head skyward he closed his eyes in a silent prayer to the god of lightning, wind and rain,

'Father, grant me strength.' He tossed his shield aside and cupped his hands to his mouth.

"Martha, super soaker, super soaker!" Martha heard him, though she didn't turn to look at him. Instead she opened the leather waters skins that were strapped to her legs. Fluidly moving her fingers in intricate movements she artfully manipulated the water into a fine curtain of water around her battalion. There wasn't a lot of water, so the liquid was spread thin, but it was all that was needed.

"Do it!" she bellowed, straining to hold the curtain in position. Jason stepped back, took a breath and sprinted forward. Carefully he balanced his weapon over the arch of his shoulders and stretched his arms out like the wings of a jet. His speed began to pick up and with a mighty heave he flapped his arms once and kicked off from the ground. The wind lifted him upward and he soared over the battle. Midflight he broke from his glide and began to spin the spear between his fingers like the blades of a helicopter. Jason let the primal feelings well up inside him. Adrenaline pulsed through his veins, and his blue eyes flared with life.

With a roar he unleashed the power within. Lighting fizzed and arched from the tips of his fingers and the tip of his spear. Relentless energy charged through his every nerve, setting his senses ablaze. The bolts surged through the water, magnified a hundred fold by the moisture. Martha's haired frizzed up and she lunged forward, spraying the monsters with the equivalent of an electric fire hose. Shrieks and howls filled the camp. The plan had been supremely effected. Descending to the ground Jason shook himself vigorously to discharge the remaining electricity.

"Hey babe," he said stepping over the disintegrating limbs of a hellhound to where Piper stood. "Pretty awesome, wasn't it?" Piper rolled her eyes and waved her sniggering battalion away. She embraced him and kissed him firmly on the lips. As a hormone driven guy he would have taken it a bit further, but she pulled away.

"Oh yes," she said in mocking awe. "Awesome." They turned to follow the others to the thick of the battle, but were stopped by what sounded like the shattering of a thousand mirrors. The glistening dome high above cracked and broke apart. A high cackling began, and literally from nowhere a man with shining golden eyes appeared. He was about a head taller than Jason, and with him he carried a huge scythe. All spears turned to him, but with a flick of his wrist they aged to dust.

"Jason Grace," the man drawled. "Impressive work, though I would expect nothing less from you. Of all heroes I've ever met, only Persesus Jackson has ever posed a greater threat than you." No one there knew who Perseus Jackson was, but they didn't have time to ask. They shouted desperately to stop it, but nothing helped. One by one the campers around Jason froze in place, life leaving their eyes. Jason felt his own body begin to grow rigid, and a foreign presence enter his body. "You're the perfect pawn, my dead boy."

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