Pets my boyfriend loves

Chapter 1 Welcome to My Home:

Luffy smiled as he walked down the trail that led to her house. Even thought the city he lived in was very industrial, Luffy lived in a farm style house. The reason for was waiting for him. Luffy kept everything he owned inside the five story mansion he inherited from his father who had passed away not too long ago. The property was about a hundred acres and all was fenced in and private property. This property included a cliff surrounded beach and woods. The backyard itself was an acre of field.

The black-haired boy jumped along the path happily. He was walking home from being at school. The kids always looked at the teen as if he was someone else, someone not human. There were reasons for this. Luffy was the last of his kind; an ancient tribe called the D that had the ability to talk to animals. He also lived in a huge mansion on the opposite side of the city as the school and he makes it to school on time, every morning.

Luffy didn't mind. He liked the hike through the city. The sites were amazing and he always enjoyed the company he had of the pigeons and random dogs and stray cats. He always picked up something new and interesting. He would get weird looks however when he would randomly start laughing or talking to a random animal on the way to and from school.

Luffy walked up to the ancient old style wooden house that he lived in. The widows were closed and the door securely locked. Luffy sighed and opened it. He walked in and closed the door.

"I'm home!" the boy said tightly closing his red-brown eyes as the yell rang through the mansion like a bell did in an old church. Luffy took his flip-flops off and put his bag on the vanity so that he remembered where it was. It wasn't too long before sounds of footsteps sounded around him. This came along with the flapping of wings and hooves on wood.

The first thing to hit Luffy was wolf. This was followed by a small orange cat, a brownish kappa, a small reindeer, a beautiful stork, a song-bird, a horse and a blue bear. Luffy laughed as the animals tackled him onto the ground. They began to lick, peck or rub against him. Luffy laughed even harder as Ace, the horse helped him up by grabbing him by the collar of his shirt.

Luffy was a person who had the right to own any animal that he wished. That was the honor the D family had. It was also part of his job, a job that Luffy loved doing more than anything else in the world. The song-bird landed on Luffy's shoulder.

"I bet you guys are hungry, huh?" Luffy said walking into the over sized kitchen. Ace stood by the door while Sanji, the wolf sat on the table. "Oi, I said not to do that." Luffy got the thing into the chair and watched as the Stork named Robin landed on the counter sticking her head into the curious object Luffy was pulling out of the fridge.

"Robin, you know what a soda is, now get down." Luffy said gesturing to the floor. The bird obeyed and Luffy stared at his friends. He started with Ace.

The red horse was older than Luffy and had been with the boy since birth, it was practically an older brother and they all joked that he was Luffy's 'official' guardian now that his parents were dead. The mane of Ace was the same color as Luffy's ebony hair and for a bizarre reason; the horse had black dots similar to freckles on his face.

Franky was a bear that Luffy had rescued from a poacher. For the bizarre reason and all the animals were bizarre by something, it was a light blue with slightly dark blue stars on the lower part of both arms. His nose was always cold and gray. The bear stood on all fours with the kappa on top of him.

That was Usopp. Just him being a kappa pretty much sums up why Luffy wanted him. Usopp enjoyed the fact that he was taken in by the D family. In the city, there was little water except for the sewer, but that was deemed out. The nose of him wasn't the beak, but a rather long one above his mouth.

Luffy let her gaze fall to the yellow wolf who was goggling over an orange cat. The wolf was Sanji and his left eye was covered by over grown hair that he refused to get cut. A curly eyebrow above his right eye always interested Luffy. The cat he was flirting with was Nami. She was solid orange, fancy cat. Slick and stealthy and always finding a way to get into the oranges from the orchard that Bellemere ran. She loved them.

Chopper was a reindeer with a blue nose that Luffy had picked up. He was standing next to the purple stork. Robin and Chopper were rarely apart. Robin had pretty much deemed herself the caretaker of everyone even though some had been there longer. She was just more responsible, even more than Luffy.

Brook began to hum a song and Luffy listened happily to the little song-bird. Brook was the color of bones minus the black feathers on his head that reminded Luffy of an afro.

Luffy laughed as almost all the animal began to sing the song Bink's Sake. Luffy joined in and in a language only he could understand they made a choir of rhymes.

The doorbell rang and Luffy looked at the clock on the stove. "Oh crap." He said opening the backdoor. All but Nami and Brook left for the backyard. They knew what was going on.

Sanji and Franky ran towards the woods with Chopper at their paws. Usopp dived into the pond and Robin stood at the edge. Ace ran into the stables. This was something that Luffy didn't want to happen.

After Luffy's father died, the teachers at his school thought that he might not be able to take care of himself and thought about child care. Luffy objected saying that he had pets and that he had to keep up with his family tradition. The tradition was something none liked that didn't understand.

Luffy opened the door and a strict woman by the name of Hina came in. She was followed by Smoker. They were teachers by day, cops by night. Luffy greeted them and they both raised an eyebrow at the white song-bird and orange cat that were on his shoulders.

"Smokey, pretty-lady, welcome." Luffy said using the nicknames he used on them at school. The one called Smoker sighed as he walked into the mansion.

"How do you get to school every morning on time? Hina impressed." The pink haired woman said remembering the drive it took the two of them to get to the secluded place. Luffy grinned and walked to the kitchen. Luckily, Sanji remembered that they were having guests and started coffee.

The two of them accepted the cups and sat at the table. The stared as the cat pranced to the basket of oranges and carefully examined them before she picked one out. The orange feline rolled it back towards Luffy and boy picked it up and pulled out his pocket knife.

Smoker watched as he quickly and skillfully peeled and sliced the fruit. The teen arranged them on his plate and watched as the cat ate them. Brook came down and took a slice for himself. Nami hissed but allowed it because of the guests.

Hina raised an eyebrow again and Luffy smiled. "They like fruit and other stuff. The cat's name is Nami and the bird Brook. They are some of my best friends." Luffy said taking a piece for himself. Nami swiped him on the hand.

"Best friends?" Smoker said not believing it. Luffy shrugged and licked the small wound. Nami was greedy, that was all. Hina was about to begin the conversation as to why they were there when something caught her eye. A flash of red that was big and fast.

"Do, you have any more animals?" the woman asked remembering that Luffy was part of a family of ancient Native American roots. Luffy nodded.

"There are wild animals and I have a horse." Luffy said carefully. Nami rubbed against her arm. She was hoping that it would keep her mind off the question and back to the reason they were here.

Smoker looked around the kitchen. There were no instant ramen cups littering the floor and no dirty dishes in the sink. The kitchen was particularly clean and stench free. Not what he would expect from a teenage boy who lived alone.

"May I walk around?" he asked. Luffy got up and walked towards the archway door.

"This house has many doors that shouldn't be opened and those that can't be open. I'll show you around. Pretty-lady, do you want a tour as well?" Luffy asked his teacher respectably. The woman waved her hand no and went back to giving attention to the orange cat.

Luffy walked towards the stairs knowing that Nami could handle it. Brook still had his seat on Luffy's shoulder. "We aren't going to look at the rooms on this floor?" Smoker asked as he followed the boy up the stairs. Luffy shook his head.

"Father was the only one who could enter those rooms. He went in a lot to do stuff, but I can't find the keys. I don't want to leave them un-kept, but since I don't know where he kept, the keys, I can't do anything." The teen said entering the second floor.

Smoker looked at the dusted paintings and artifacts. All were ancient American Indian style. Some of the paintings were even on animal hide. Not many though. A particular dream catcher was above two of the three rooms in the hall. A dark green one and a blue one. Smoker stopped at the closed doors and looked at the boy.

"Father and Gramps' rooms. There locked. I have the keys, but I mainly only go in there to dust and make sure they don't start smelling. They wanted them locked when they died so I respect that." Luffy said continuing to walk down the eerie hall.

"How do you know that?" the silver haired man asked as the stopped in front of a spiral staircase. Luffy looked at him and smiled.

"Because, they were locking them as they were killed." Luffy said nothing else but kept walking. He skipped past the third and fourth floor saying that they were off limits. Smoker didn't press knowing that the family was filled with mystery as well as death. It was like a plague in the name.

They came up to the final floor. Smoker stood and looked down the hall. Only two doors were visible. One was wide open with a red dream catcher above it. Unlike the others however, this one had different colors in it. The main color was red, but black, orange, yellow, brown, light blue, pink, purple, and white were mixed in as the form of beads.

Luffy walked in and Smoker followed. The man realized right away that it was the teen's room. There was no bed but the carpet was plush and there was a pile of pillows in one corner. The window was wide open. There was a slant roof and it overlooked what the man figured was the back yard.

There was a shelf full of knick-knacks and mangas. There were also CDs and a stereo. The floor was bare except for a book and piece of trash here and there. A large pirate flag was above the pillows. The walls were white but in few places were amazing, decent and just plain childish looking drawings.

"You draw?" Smoker said looking at an amazing painting of a caravel with a ram head and of another he thought was a lion. The cop was surprised at the skill.

"Nope, I suck. I love to though. Some are ones Father did." Luffy said walking to his window. Smoker went back looking at the drawings when he heard Hina scream. Luffy was looking out the window.

Before Smoker could stop him, the thin boy was out the window and sliding down the roof slant. Smoker ran to the window in time to see the boy disappear over the edge. He looked at the backyard. "Shit…!"


Luffy ran up to the wolf in worry. One of his legs was becoming red. It was cut. "What happened!" the boy asked it frantically. Ace was behind him with Robin and Brook.

'I'm sorry, Luffy.' The voice was quiet. Luffy knew that his friend was in pain.

"What happened, you don't need to apologize!"

'Someone was able to set a trap in the forest. I got caught by it. It only grazed me, but Franky is in a cage. The bars are too strong for him to break.' The yellow creature said before finally not being able to stand, collapsed by his weight.


The reindeer ran out from the woods. Hina and Smoker watched in shock as random animals began to appear. The cat that she held in her arms ran to the injured wolf.

Smoker wasn't sure what was going on but bolted forward when he saw the teen run into the forest. He ordered Hina to stay and even though she protested, the woman listened and watched as the horse carried the wolf on its back into the house. Hina stared in shock as the stork easily opened the door for it. All the animals minus the song bird that went with Luffy entered the house. Hina almost fell when she saw a kappa try and follow the group.

"Hina confused."

Smoker had trouble keeping up with the teen. The boy was his top student in gym, but he was much faster here. If it wasn't for the weird sound of the bird, the man wouldn't have been able to find him. They were at the bottom of a semi hill.

Luffy was standing in front of an iron cage. Inside was a blue bear that seemed to be happy about the boy being there. "Don't worry Franky. I'll get you out soon."

Smoker wasn't surprised about him talking to animals, it was the fact that it was a bear and that it was blue. Smoker left his thoughts by a clink. The padlock on the cage had been picked and the bear came up and nudged Luffy in the stomach. The teen giggled and rubbed its head with great affection.

"Come on, let's see how Sanji is doing." He said before walking up the hill. Smoker followed without saying anything. The teen was probably going to explain after he figured out whether or not the other animal was fine.

Hina was glad when the boy and Smoker entered the house. A little taken back by the bear but still glad. She had watched as the animals got first-aid and a reindeer fixed the wound.

"How is he Chopper?" the teen asked consulting the animal.

'He will be fine in the morning. Won't be able to run for a couple of days, but that's it.' Luffy smiled and looked at his teachers

"Your cat, horse and bird aren't your only pets." Smoker said stating it more than asking.

"I don't have any pets. These guys are my friends. I don't own them or anything. Well accept Ace." Luffy patted the red horse on the head, "He's my older brother."

Smoker sat down and Hina next to him. "Explain." They said in unison. Luffy spent an hour explaining how that they were all rescued by him and his father and how they were his family more than anything else. Smoker sighed as the doorbell rang. Nami jumped on the windowsill of the kitchen and meowed at Luffy.

The boy's red-brown eyes lit up and he ran towards the door. Smoker looked at the wolf who was sleeping on the table. The song-bird was humming a calming tune while gently sitting on his shoulder. The stork was in the chair along with the reindeer. The cat had decided the curl up next to him.

Smoker got up and Hina followed. The boy obviously couldn't take care of himself. They would have to trust that the animals could. They walked to the door and met a red-haired man. Being cops, they knew who it was automatically.

"You guys are leaving?" Luffy asked as he kept his grip on the man's torso. They looked at him and the red-haired man did a small bow.

"The name's Shanks, I'm Luffy God-Father to say. I come by about once a week to check on him. He's quiet attached to me." The man said while prying the teen's grip off of him.

"Shanks!" the boy said obviously embarrassed. Shanks laughed and messed up the boy's already messy hair.

"Sorry Lu." He said chuckling at the kid's rejection of the name.

"We're his teachers and just came by to check up on him." Smoker said nodding slightly. Shanks smiled and let them walk out.

He walked to the kitchen and looked at the table where a sleeping Sanji was getting his bandages changed.

"What happened?" the red-haired man asked going through the fridge.

"Poachers again." Luffy said petting Sanji on the head like a person would do their dog. Ace walked over to the newcomer and nudged him in the head.

"Hello to you too Ace." He said petting the red horse's forehead. Shanks couldn't 'hear' the animals, but he basically understood what they meant.

"Chopper said he's fine, so I'm just gonna let him sleep and let him tell me if anything is wrong." Luffy said with an ear to ear smile.

Shanks smiled and wondered if Luffy was putting on an act or not. He knew Luffy was worried about the wolf, he loved all the animals. "Well, I just came here to make sure you were alive and to get something edible." Shanks said lifting up a tub of food. Luffy laughed and waved as the man left.

Luffy looked at his animals and sighed as his stomach growled. "Since Sanji's asleep, it looks like tonight's instant ramen." The boy said grabbing a few beef flavors and beginning to cook them. The others had ways of getting food. Luffy didn't ask and they didn't tell.

"Tomorrow I don't have school, but I need to go somewhere so you guys are gonna have to be here without me for a few hours." Luffy said sitting down with his large bowl of food. The animals nodded understanding exactly what the boy meant. 'I'm buying food and supplies, you can't come.'

Luffy looked at his family and smiled. Life would screw with them a lot and there was nothing they could do about. "Guess we just gotta screw with life."

Yeah, I should have been working on other fictions when I was writing this, but I couldnt help it. I went through it so hopefully there aren't any grammer or spelling mistakes. I also seperated it a bit so it's not as confusing. Also, Luffy isn't being OOC with then cleaning. It is actually done by the animals, he just couldnt say that. Luffy, clean? He would make it a bigger mess. I'm still working on the second chapter but I hope you like this one. Zoro will show up eventually. I don't exactly know when though, but when do I ever?