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Chapter 11 Guess What…!


Everybody in the house looked up at the sound of the hyper active owner and sighed as the boy crashed into the kitchen. Well, more correctly right into Zoro who was sent into the wall with Luffy in his lap. Said boy instantly sat up, still in Zoro's lap and somewhat straddling the man and smiled at the green haired man. Zoro looked rather annoyed at the teen's tackling of him but a small blush grew on his face when he realized the position that they were in before he calmed down.

"What is it Luffy?" the man asked and Luffy shoved a card into the man's face and Zoro looked at it curiously before glancing at Luffy who grinned even bigger. "What's this?"

"I got accepted!" Luffy said happily and Zoro raised an eyebrow before looking at the paper again.

Now that the man looked at it closer, it wasn't a piece of paper but rather an ID for someone in a certain group. The paper was black with a purple skull with a large white mustache and purple bones shaped like a cross behind it. in bronze-gold letters next to it were Luffy's name and the name of the group that had given the teen the card.

"The Whitebeard Crew?" Zoro asked and the animals gathered around the two teens before Ace picked his brother up and out of Zoro's lap.

"Yup, that's the crew at Moby Dock High that I'm in that does the School Wars and everything." Luffy said happily and Zoro raised his eyebrow before handing the ID back to the boy.

"So that fight you had to go to was a test?" Zoro asked and Luffy nodded happily before looking at Zoro curious as to how he knew but Zoro just shrugged it off.

"Well at least we know a bit more about what this thing you're doing is." Nami said with a small sigh and Luffy looked at her confused as to what that was.

"She means that we know that you aren't in some gang but in an all about school competition." Usopp said and Luffy nodded.

"Yup, I beat the crap out of the other guys that I had to fight. They were easy to beat." Luffy said with a large smile and Zoro stood up and walked to the fridge.

"Sounds like you're having fun." The man said Luffy laughed.

"Yup!" the boy said standing up and walking over to the counter next to Zoro who now had booze and jumped on it.

"I wish Zoro could come with me though. It would be fun if you could fight with me." The small boy said and Zoro felt that heat rise in his cheeks once again.

"Watch it Marimo." Sanji growled and Luffy looked at the wolf confused as to what he meant before glancing at Zoro who glared at the wolf.

"I have no clue what you growled at me but I do know you did." Zoro standing above the yellow thing.

"Zoro Sanji told you to watch it but watch what?" Luffy asked rather confused and Zoro flinched but quickly dismissed it before going to the stairs that led to his room.

"Sanji what did Zoro need to watch?" Luffy asked and the wolf sighed and walked off to prepare dinner as the boy looked at the others in the room who like the wolf, ignored it.

Zoro stared out the window of his room and watched the trees blow with the wind that ran through them. The man sighed as he thought back to what had happened earlier and what Luffy had shown him. Once again someone he knew was involved in the School Wars and this time, it wasn't his sister.



A girl around fourteen looked up at the sound of her name being called and smiled at the small boy who ran up to her. Her little brother's green hair was almost too easy to spot but the two large kendo sticks in his hand were also notable. The girl put her own kendo stick down and looked at the boy who was slightly panting.

"Let's have a match." Zoro said with a grin and Kuina sighed before placing her hand on her little brother's head.

"Sorry Zoro, I have another fight today." The girl said and Zoro's face dropped making the girl feel down. "How about this weekend we have a match with real swords?"

"Yeah, it's a promise!" Zoro said and watched as the girl headed to the house to prepare for the fight she had ahead of her.

Zoro smiled as he watched the girl's back, determination written on his face as he thought about their fight. Kuina was the person he always wanted to beat for she was the only one so far other than their father who could beat him and he respected the girl for that. To Zoro, Kuina was his role-model, older sister and his goal. If he could beat her, then he would be more proud of himself than anything else.

"Neh, father?" Zoro asked the man who was sitting in his living room and the man glanced at him. "When is Kuina-nee coming home?"

"The fight is in the city so it will only be a day or two." The gold eyed man said before bringing his attention back to the paper that was in his hands. "Patience is something that you still need to work on Zoro."

"Yes father." Zoro said before walking away and deciding to spend his time training knowing it would take his mind off of his younger sister.

Zoro looked at the tree in front of him and raised the kendo sticks that were firmly placed in his hands before aiming for the ropes that were tied to the trees. Zoro became concentrated and began to strike at the rope, aiming not to break them but just to hit them. Zoro stopped after a few minutes and grabbed one of his weights before putting it in his mouth and continuing the same training.

Zoro stopped and took a deep breath, the ten year old having begun to get better stamina knowing that that was what a good swordsman would need. Kuina even though she was fifteen, had enough stamina that even father was impressed as to how long she could handle training. Zoro was determined to become strong like the girl but in his own style.

Two days passed and Zoro paid no heed to his sister's empty room or anything as he continued to prepare for the match that the two of them were going to have that weekend. A smile grew on Zoro's childish face as he the thought of maybe even defeating his rival and proving that he also deserved his father's praise. Zoro rammed his kendo sticks against the wooden posts in front of him at a high pace, determined to become strong enough to beat that girl whose back he always followed.

Zoro had become so into his training that he hadn't noticed the presence of the three boys who he talked to the in his class who had appeared at his training ground. Zoro stopped training and looked at them, all three holding expressions that showed that something was wrong but none wanted to tell him. Zoro looked at the three boys curious as to what was wrong.

"Zoro, Kuina, she, she…"

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN SHE DIED!" Zoro screamed at them before running off of the grounds, dropping his kendo sticks and sprinting pass the boys.

Zoro ran through the dirt road and woods that led him to his house and came up to the back garden. The boy panted as he looked at the dojo's open back door and quickly ran into, his shoes coming off immediately and jumping over the breaks in the floor before running down the hall.

The green haired boy ran into the living room and looked at his father who was standing above a girl who was lying on the floor. A pure white face mask covered her face. Zoro's eyes widened when he noticed Kuina's hair sticking out from under the fabric and anger filled him as he rushed forward.

"She was attacked from behind as she fended off four others. The blow killed her instantly." A man said as Mihawk grabbed his sons shoulder as the small boy began to yell at the girl.


"Zoro, calm yourself." Mihawk told his son though he understood what the boy was feeling.

"Humans are very fragile creatures, Zoro."


Zoro sighed and looked at his door before glancing at the dream catcher that Luffy had made for him and noticed that one of the feathers had gotten caught when he closed the door. Zoro got up and opened the white wooden thing and unhooked the thing before placing it back in place and smiling a bit.

"I wonder what it was like for you when your guardians died." Zoro asked Luffy though the boy was not there.

"Did you yell at them like I did? Or were you much more mature and accepted it as it came?" the man asked closing his door again and looking out the window. "Though, you don't look like the type who could be mature about it."

Zoro sat on his bed and glanced at the white sword that was resting against the wall in easy grabbing reach in case of an emergency. The man laid back and stared at eh most interesting thing in his room to him at that moment and that was his ceiling fan which was not running.

Zoro sighed as he though back to what had happened to his sister that day and then to what might happen to Luffy. Sure the teen was older than what Kuina had been and he was probably even more used to the violence based off of what he had grown up in, but Kuina was the first daughter of the sword prodigy and even though Zoro was his son as well, she had been called a prodigy as well.

Luffy couldn't be called a prodigy really even though the man had only seen the boy fight with the animals who which he lived with. The fact that Luffy could handle a fight with a bear and a wolf at the same time would impress nay person and Zoro himself was impressed by this fact but for some reason, the teen couldn't help feel as protective of the boy as did the other animals.

It was as if Luffy was his little brother now, but maybe it wasn't just that. Zoro shook his head and stared at the ceiling once again and waited for the wolf to yell at him about dinner and Zoro could hear everything that was going on. Usopp was drawing and Nami was yelling at him for it while Robin and Franky were discussing something that the man couldn't make out. Luffy and Chopper were watching TV with Brook and Sanji was obviously cooking.

He would just have to wait and see what would happen to Luffy as the boy made his way through this war. Maybe even if Zoro was lucky, he wouldn't have to worry about Luffy and the teen would be perfectly fine and nothing bad would happen.

But really, this was Luffy we are talking about.

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