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This story takes place after the Water Seven incident. One Piece (c) belongs to Oda sensei, yada yada. Enjoy!


"Ne, Zoro."

The green haired swordsman opened one eye and looked at his captain. Luffy sat on his usual spot, on top of the galleon figure, looking down at him.

"Hm?" Zoro answered, enjoying the last rays of sun.

"I was just wondering… How do you see Sanji?"

"He's a pain in the ass", Zoro hmfed and made himself comfortable, planning on going to sleep where he lay with his back resting against the railing.

"No, seriously!" Luffy pushed. The swordsman could feel his intense stare, and sighed.

"Well, I guess he's needed…" he muttered, rolling his eyes. Luffy still stared at him. "… and… he's a good fighter, I guess… Why this now all of a sudden?"


Some silent moments passed, and Zoro couldn't get rid of the feeling that those moments were kind of awkward. When Luffy got his "serious periods", it was difficult to try talk it away. "It's just that I had this weird dream last night…"

Oh. There it was. A dream. Zoro would have known. "Luffy, it's just a dream, they use to be weird. Nothing real."

"But… But…" Luffy frowned and turned around, facing the ocean. Zoro sighed again.

"Alright, spill it out."

"I was in the kitchen," Luffy started, dead-serious, "eating apples. You see, there were lots and lots of apples, and you and Sanji were there too… But you didn't notice me, it was like I wasn't there… hmm, like I, uhh…"

"I understand, I have had those dreams too."

"What? Me eating apples?"

Nh. "Just go on."

"Yeah, you and Sanji didn't talk or anything, you… you just kind of…" Luffy trailed off and glanced at Zoro. The first mate cocked an eyebrow.

"What?" he pushed.

"… You were kissing."

A vein twitched painfully above Zoro's eye and he suddenly lost his breath. "What?"

"I said, you were-"

"I heard what you said!" Zoro hissed and straighten his back so quickly he hit his head in the railing. He grunted both in pain and annoyance. "Argh! Luffy, why would I…? With that… him…? Damn it! It was just a fucking dream, Luffy! You know that would never happen!" Zoro glared up at Luffy, who now held his stomach, laughing.

"AhahahI know! It was just a dream, Zoro, haha! Don't need to be so upset about it!"

Luffy continued to laugh, all while Zoro crossed his arms angrily. Really, he never thought Luffy of all people would dream something like that… He looked at his captain, trying to relax again.

`But on the other hand, though… Why wouldn't he be able to dream something like that?´ Zoro had never thought of Luffy as romantic, and this new side of the rubber man was a bit… spooky. He shook his head; best not to think too much of it, or he would end up in something he would regret.

Later that night. It had started snowing, and Luffy, Usopp and Chopper were very thrilled. They ran around on deck, throwing snowballs at each other and laughed their heads off.

"Don't they freeze?" muttered Nami and pulled her jacket closer around herself. She, Robin, Sanji, Franky and Zoro sat in the Aquarium Bar, drinking hot chocolate. Nami, Robin and Sanji played cards (Sanji lost all the time, strangely enough), Franky read a book of blueprinting and Zoro was halfway to dreamland, his mug of chocolate balancing dangerously on his belly.

And when mentioning halfway to dreamland, I mean that he thought of something that disturbed him from dozing off completely. The talk he and Luffy had earlier was still repeating inside his head.

"You were kissing."

The simple line was so annoying. It just had been a fucking dream, for heaven's sake! Zoro couldn't deny it, the discover of his captain's ability to dream about… romance, wasn't a very pleasant discover. That Luffy would fantasize such a… a…

`NO! It's Luffy! He's not a pervert! The only pervs aboard this ship is Sanji and Franky

"Is something wrong, Swordsman-san?" Robin asked. Zoro had made an annoying snort, which had resulted in that some of his chocolate spilled out on his white t-shirt.

"No," Zoro answered, a bit too aggressive, and placed the mug of chocolate on the table.

"Not that tone to Robin-chwan, Marimo!" hissed Sanji. Zoro ignored him, and pulled off his ruined t-shirt. Hmpf, doing the laundry just this morning, now he had to wash it again… "Argh! Just what do you think you're doing, shrimps-for-brains? If you have to strip, do it in the bathroom, not in front of the ladies!" Zoro caught a soup ladle just in time and threw Sanji a cold glare.

"What? Envious are we?" Zoro retorted and put the ladle on the table. In the same time the door swung open whit a "bang!" and Luffy, Usopp and Chopper barged inside.


Zoro took use of the sudden invasion, and while Sanji and Nami screamed their heads off about "Of course you're freezing, it's fucking snowing outside!" and "No I won't make more chocolate for you since you morons ate half of my chocolate supply!", he mumbled goodnight to Robin and Franky and sneaked of to the men's quarters.

Really. A lively night as this was common to the Strawhats, so why did it bug him so much this night? Zoro put aside his swords and lay down in his hammock, not minding to take off his trousers. The light rocking of the ship was doing its magic, and soon he was dozing off…

"Marimo… Marimo!"

Zoro was roughly awakened by that oh-so-annoying voice. Now what? He cracked an eye open and was about to hiss at the cook, but stopped dead in his tracks. Sanji was standing beside his hammock, holding a lantern, all while frenetically tugging his tie. His shirt was open, revealing pale skin in the dim light, and the chef had an almost impatient look on his face.

"What are you doing, Dartboard?" Zoro whispered in a pissed yet low voice; the other guys might already gone to bed.

"Shut up." The tie fell to the floor and was quickly accompanied whit the lantern as Sanji started to pull off his shirt. Speechless Zoro stared at the other man. `What am I supposed to do? What is he doing? Why am I not doing anything?´ Shirt off, Sanji loomed down over the swordsman, supporting himself whit his hands on both sides of Zoro's head.

"Oi Cook, go sleep already…" He was abruptly hushed as hot lips softly touched his cheek, caressing his neck and moving over his collar bone. Hands brushed his arms, and he caught his breath as those lips kissed his nipple. "Sa-sanji… s-stop…!"


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