The winter holiday had fallen at Hogwarts. Happily choosing against going home to the Dursleys' I was one of the only boys left on campus. Ron, sadly, had had to return home because Charlie and Bill (Ron's older brothers) were coming home for Christmas. Hermione and I were the only Gryffindor' left, except for a fourth year named Derek. Hermione and I were sixth years. I was silently reading, the only one in my circular dorm room. My four-poster bed was tidily made and the curtains drawn back.

A small tap at the door quickly drew my attention away from my studies. I walked over to the door. Behind it Hermione stood. I was a few inches taller but she easily reached my lips. Her lips oh so soft on mine. Her tongue very carefully darting between a part in our mouths' frantic embrace. I carefully lifted the dingy black robe from her curvy frame. She was pushing me lightly back into a chair. Straddling my hips lightly. She looked at me with her big chocolate eyes; her gaze met mine, our breathing heavy. With one scared, careful, finger she reached out and touch the lightning scar on my forehead.

Her graze felt light upon the tender spot. It was tingling lightly as it normally did. Her breathing hitched slightly as she felt its rough exterior. Her breast held perky in my face. She had not been wearing anything under that tattered black robe... My hands reached around to the warm skin of her back. My cold fingers making her jump slightly. Carefully unhooking the clasp of the silky purple bra. It fell away from her slowly. Looking at her succulent rosy mounds, I could help but taste. My lips wrapped around her left breast, my teeth grazing slightly, she immediately began to moan.

The harder I bit down the faster her hips would grind into me. "Let's move to the bed Hermione." She did not object and I swiftly picked her up. Laying her gently on the bed, she watched as I threw my own robe to the side. Her hands quickly finding the buttons on my shirt and retching me free of the annoying thing. I was still standing. Hermione on her knees on the bed. Her teeth found a weak spot; my ear lobe was being nibble, my hand very slowly moving towards the silver material covering her pearl...

"Please Harry, go farther! I want to feel your fingers inside me..." That was all the encouragement I needed. I quickly removed the silvery material, my fingers thrusting very softly into her. Afraid that I might hurt her. Her hands wrapped around my neck, pulling me on top of her. Her nimble fingers working over the button of my jeans, trying anxiously to remove them.

When they had been thrown to the floor, Hermione's legs spread wider. However, I had a better Idea. Both of us naked I now had full use of every part of her. I did not want her in the boring missionary. I pulled her up, walking her to the wall that separated two large windows. Pushing her against the wall, her bum poised right over my tip, I massaged her breast with my hands, my teeth on her neck. "Potter, I want you so badly. Please take me!" Her begging was growing louder, as one hand had moved to massage her clit. She bent over slightly, allowing me access to her gleaming pussy, very slowly I thrusted into her. Being gentle and hoping not to hurt her. Her cries and pleas became louder as we thrusted together. Her hands had snaked around to fondle my sack; my teeth on her earlobe, one hand on her breast the other on her clit.

Hermione climaxed fast, but I followed soon after. Too tired to do anything more, I carried her over to my bed. We settled down happily together, falling asleep with Hermione curled up to my chest.

*I have only read books 1-5 so if anything is wrong then please ignore it!*