Just a stupid drabble I thought I'd write down before I forgot it. Hope you like it.

I sneak into your room every night just to watch you sleeping. Because when you're asleep, you seem like the nice Seto that I used to know. The blankets are barely clinging on to one of your legs; your body sprawled across the queen-sized mattress.

I walk up as close to you as I dare, watching your chest rise as you breathed. The corners of you mouth twitched in a ghost of a smile. Maybe you were dreaming. You seemed happy. The hardness of your face was melts away when you're sleeping.

I pull the covers over you. It takes about three seconds for you to kick them off with an annoyed grunt, and I have to stifle a laugh.

You mumble something incoherent as you turn over, resting your head on your arm instead of your pillow. I sneak out as quietly as I come in. As I drift off into my own dream world, I smile to know that the old Seto still lives somewhere inside you.