Prologue: The Scent of Blood

Summary: Can you hear my c r i e s? S a v e me…

The dark and humid midnight sky was stifling the young woman. She lay there on the damp ground of her caged prison and waited for death to come.

I feel so hopeless.

The chains that held bruised her small wrists felt like ice to her ashen skin. The kunai knife that was buried deep within her abdomen seemed to slowly chip away at her life, she could feel the hot wetness on her kimono that was caused from all of the blood that was lost. Closing her eyes to shun away the inevitable, she tried to think back to a time when she was happy and whole.

Sasuke… The first man who had ever made a mark within her pitiful life. She knew that she still loved him. All he wanted was my happiness and a second chance to love me…

But how can he now when she had already belonged to another?

Almost immediately her thoughts went to Gaara. The sand that blew through his hair as his gentle and pale jade eyes gazed at her lovingly, the scent of summer that came from his body. I love you…

She sobbed to herself. She needed to see them again, to feel safe and warm.

If only I could have gone back in time and made my decision, would Sasuke and Gaara still be safe? Would I still be with Gaara and the safety of his arms?

Her pale, lavender eyes opened as they gazed out into the small window from above her cell and watched as the fireflies danced around the full moon. How envious she was of the fireflies that danced freely without a care in this cruel, murderous world.

From the front of her prison, the sound of keys and a gentle click was heard as the captor worked on opening the cage. Her body convulsed with pain as she panicked and tried to back away from the man, causing the knife to bury itself deeper from within her. He watched her struggle and laughed cruelly, enjoying her reaction as he opened the cage.

"Now now, Hinata-sama, I can't have you die on me just yet." He came closer to where his prisoner sat and smiled, his face half covered in the shadows. "You seem to be the vital key in order to obtain both Sasuke and Gaara…"

With swift movements, the man grabbed a hold of the kunai and yanked it away from her body as she let out a blood curdling cry of agony, about to lose her consciousness as she summoned the last image of her beloved and fell into the dark abyss of oblivion…

Please… forgive me…

AN: What else can I say about this? Hmm… This is a re write of the original, this time instead of being in First Person, it's Third Person.

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