Author's Note: Okay. You've convinced me. Here's another chapter to add to this drabble, but believe me when I tell you this is all I'm planning on writing on this tangent. At least I think it is . . .

Chapter 2 – A Change of Plans

Harry was straddling his hips and looking at him in a lewd manner.

And Severus was letting him—largely because the young man's fingers were currently tangled in his hair—thereby sending his eyes rolling back into his head with the blissful sensations created from the light touches those fingers were sending throughout his body; with particular attention to his groin.

He had been all set on throwing the teenager out of his quarters following a "talk" between the two of them, but—unfortunately?—the talk's occurrence had been derailed by movement of the boy into his lap, followed shortly after by those wondrous fingers of his into Severus's locks.

"Let me wash your hair," he heard Harry whisper into his ear.

Severus's past lovers had suggested similar things, but he had always scorned their offers; sensing that their desires to do so were based more on his appearance and subsequently, their reputations, as opposed to any real wish to do good for him.

Harry's request was somehow different, and he found himself nodding briskly in reply, not trusting himself to actually try and form words in this state.

Harry somehow maneuvered them both into his bathroom, and then he heard his tub begin filling up with water.

His tub was a magnificent object constructed from black marble with a silver faucet and silver hot and cold knobs. It was a circular pool more than it was a tub, six feet long at every direction; while the depth could manipulate itself for its users' comfort, based on what activities were taking place there.

And what activities might those be, Severus?

Somewhere between getting them into his bathroom, and getting the water on, Harry had also managed to divest them of their clothes and now he felt himself being put into the tub with the lad not too far behind him.

In fact, he was now laying against the teenager's chest—the naked teenager's chest—in between his legs, while his fingers continued to pull new and arousing feelings out of him.

It's a rather good thing that Voldemort has no idea what this does to you, his inner voice remarked sagely.

The water was a perfect temperature, further relaxing him into the embrace that by all rights had no right to be there.


Harry looked at the man between his legs with no small amount of pride for himself. He had long suspected that Severus was the type of person to respond positively to something simple as having his hair played with, but had not had a chance to put his theory to the test until the previous night.

And he's not even drugged this time, he thought with a smile as he slid them farther into the heated depths of the water surrounding them. He leaned Severus's head back to get the long tresses underwater, even as he reached around with one of his legs to caress the man's half-interested cock with one warm foot.

With their bodies as close together as they were, Harry didn't have to listen for the gasp that came from the man's previously clenched lips following that little move.

He grinned again before he got to work on truly washing the man's hair.


Late Sunday night found Severus Snape lying in bed with one Harry Potter wrapped tightly around him. They had both foregone wearing pajama shirts, but both were wearing the bottoms. The covers were pulled up tightly around each of their shoulders, adding to the feeling of utter warmth and safety surrounding their bodies.

Severus looked down thoughtfully at the worn out teen that was firmly nestled in his arms. He really wouldn't have thought it possible, considering the amount of energy they had expended the previous night, but that afternoon's bath had only led to more of the same.

There was also the somewhat disturbing fact that he had not intended for them to ever do that again, and yet here they were—both completely shagged out.

Earlier that evening he had made a note to himself to stop thinking of Harry as "the boy," or else his sense of morality really would crumble into nothingness. He looked down at the boy—the teen—and was amazed at how completely relaxed he looked in this position here in his bed. And the sex really was fantastic, especially following that amazing bath where Harry had gotten him off only using his feet.

However, it was from looking at the young man—who was literally clinging to him now—and understanding how desperately the Gryffindor needed him in his life to provide him with support, that had caused Severus to make the decision not to try and end it as swiftly as he might have liked to in other situations.

Although, I've never actually been in this exact situation before, he reasoned logically to himself.

He felt that the entire experience was going against his sense of himself as a professor, and yet it also felt entirely right to him all the same. Lily's son had been mistreated—horrendously so—and now it was up to him to pick up the pieces and remold the young man into someone who would be able to continue on in the world without causing any more undue pain.

In that sense, Harry literally was no longer just a boy. He was a man with hard eyes who was searching for something to make the quality of his life better—or at the very least, a way to make his existence more worthwhile. Therefore, if Severus Snape was able to fit that need, then perhaps it wasn't wrong for them to have a relationship in this way.

Perhaps you just don't want to go back to being celibate, his inner voice chided him.

And maybe that was true as well.