The second life of Bree Tanner

"Hmm," a dead voice said from behind the smoke.

"Take care of that, Felix," Jane said indifferently, nodding at me. "I want to go home."

I closed my eyes.

"Wait!" It was the redhead. My eyes flew open. I saw him standing in front of his 'family,' staring at Jane, with his head turned towards me. A small smile was playing on his face. He looked... menacing.

"Stop, Jane. I have something to say."

"The decision has been made Edward. The child must be destroyed." Jane said, stressing the redhead's name-Edward- all the while smiling sweetly, a smile that made my cold, solid bold feel like ice.

"Perhaps you will feel differently when you hear what I have to say Jane." Edward replied, matching the tone that Jane used when she spoke his name.

"Firstly, you had better listen because this does involve your- ah – 'job'." He stared at Jane, challenging her to interrupt. When she didn't, he smiled and continued.

"Wouldn't Aro like to know where you have really been these past couple of weeks? You told him you were going hunting for Swiss blood. In Washington? I wasn't aware that Seattle had Swiss visitors? How lovely. Anyway, I don't expect Aro will be too thrilled."

Jane looked as if she wanted to kill him. But she didn't even make him Pain. I was waiting for him to crumple. Her tiny little hand was curled into a fist.

"What is it you would like Edward? In exchange for –hmm- silence?" she strained every word, fighting to stay calm.

"Bree. We would like Bree's life. We shall teach her our ways and you will never hear of her again. Jane looked set to object, but pursed her lip.

"Very well. Take her. But if there is any news of deaths in this area, I will come and kill her personally. Clear?" She turned to leave, and the rest of the Dark Cloaks followed suit.

I was stunned. They had saved me. Me. A vampire who had come here to kill them. "You didn't know any better." Edward was replying to my thoughts.

I lay there and they stood there, waiting.

Finally, the pixie-like one opened her eyes and said " They've left Washington." She stared at me. "What do we do?" she asked.

Esme rushed over to me. We take her home and teach her right, that's what. Come here child, let's go home." The others turned to leave. They left in one direction, but Esme and Carlisle took me a different route. And then it sunk in. I was alive.